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Captured a video of Shelly and Ed on the night they qualified for Black Diamond in our Monavie business! Shelly signed us up that first week and we are keeping our eyes on our Black Diamond Destination as we wish for all our team!
8 Aug 2007
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MonaVie has 8 ways to get paid, here's an overview,. Work hand and hand with a group of committed professionals to help you max out ALL 8 ways. Visit JDwithMonaVie**** to get started...
26 Oct 2007
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MonaVie releases the income disclosure statement for the first half of 07 Visit: www.JDwithMonaVie**** to get started with a team that wants to help you succeed so we can succeed.
28 Oct 2007
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MonaVie is making the news and changing peoples lives. Join my team as MonaVie gets traction in the market place visit: www.JDwithMonaVie****
28 Oct 2007
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MonaVie is super high in antioxidants see how they work then visit www.JDwithMonaVie**** to learn more and join my team.
6 Nov 2007
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"Say no to Drugs and Say Yes to MonaVie for Life"
12 Nov 2007
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*******www.secret-berry**** MonaVie can help us age healthy This video shows a dog with arthritis that can hardly move.Then it's owners give it a tablespoon of Monavie *******secret-berry****
18 Nov 2007
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0:32 acai berry monavie the superfood that can create health and money in your life, tray it dink it share it.
29 Mar 2008
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0:30 acai berry monavie the superfood that can create health and money in your life, tray it dink it share it.
27 Nov 2008
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What are those clumps and chunks in my MonaVie? How do I get rid of the big pieces? Once in a While you may come across a precious bottle of MonaVie with a little extra chunkiness. I have the solution for you! Watch this instructional Video on how to de-clump the most nutritional functional beverage on the market.
30 Mar 2008
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*******www.MonaVmasterminds**** If you've seen the power of the MonaVmasterminds, and you're serious about creating success with MonaVie, then it's time to take action and secure a spot in our quickly growing team.
3 Apr 2008
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22 May 2008
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