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Music video for Effect is Monotony by Tasmin Archer. Directed and animated by Mat Sandbrook (mattsandbrook******)
23 Jul 2007
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monotony music
10 Dec 2016
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The Diamond Q1 uses DNSe™ 3.0 technology to deliver optimum sound for your music.
19 Dec 2009
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Schweppes Short Film Festival
5 Apr 2009
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Sony Ericsson s500i commercial music
3 Oct 2009
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To see the full article by Bernard Poolman I mentioned at the beginning of this video: Interviews from the farm 27: Children Die for the Sins of Men - *******www.stumbleupon****/su/1RclzA/www.desteni***.za/a/interviews-from-the-farm-27-children-die-for-the-sins-of-men For more information regarding an equal solution for all see: desteni***.za desteni-money**** For more videos regarding the matrix we are encased within see: Matrix 1 - Veno: ***********/watch?v=3UF0sTFnLOQ Copyright Desteni Politics Aus 2010
24 Mar 2010
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To avoid the monotony of feeding my cat daily, I built a simple gravity fed troph style feeder, but it's design restricts the cat's ability to gorge itself. Spend better quality time with your cat, don't just be it's bowl filler.
22 Sep 2007
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Es wird kompliziert Wenn nichts mehr passiert Geschlafen wird am Jahresende Monotonie Ist die falsche Therapie Weil man sich spurlos verschwendet Ist mein Konto schlank Wechsel ich schnell die Bank Jedes Ändern ist ein Anfang Ist die Arie aus Verlass ich das Opernhaus Ich hab die Geschichte nicht verstanden Und kommt erstmal der Sinn abhanden Bleibt in mir kein Stein auf dem anderen Denn wenn ich mich verlier Und es fällt mir Schwer mich wieder zu finden Dann folg ich stur Meiner Spur Durch mein Empfinden Durch alle meine Sünden Bis auf den Grund meiner Natur Wenn es einfach wär Wär alles verkehrt Hauptsache, es geht an die Reserven Gibts ein Problem Kann ich nicht widerstehen Such mein Heil in anderer Leute Scherben Kanns mir schnell mit mir verderben Mein ärgster Gegner werden Denn wenn ich mich verlier Und es fällt mir Schwer mich zu finden Dann folg ich stur Meiner Spur Durch das Empfinden Durch alle meine Sünden Bis auf den Grund meiner Natur Bin mein Grund, meine Natur
9 Feb 2009
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The importance of physical fitness cannot be over emphasized. Both men and women must realise its importance and assiduously pusue doing physical exercises until it becomes a habit and one cannot do without it. If properly strructured exercises are practiised from a young age, there is hardly any need for dieting for maintaining optimum body weight. In the present day, with the many types of fitness videos available, exercising is no more a monotony, but a pleasure.
6 Aug 2008
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*******www.instablogs**** Media in Pakistan The arrival of private TV channels, news websites and private print publications has certainly broken the monotony of few government dominated media channels, the sole means of information available to the public of the country a decade ago. Nonetheless, the goal of maintaining a free media still remains an ideal yet to attain, as the Musharraf government imposed its own biases on certain ethnic population of the country especially in Baluchistan. This dictatorial policy has not only thwarted the coverage of problems related to the troubled regions but also violated the basic human right to present human problems in one’s own society. At the present moment journalists all over the country need to get more organized and strive together as a single body for freedom of speech against authoritative oppression. Jew-Muslim Hebron clash The violence in Hebron is a never end story. It has started long time ago after the Israeli occupation that took place in 1967. Since that time, Israeli authorities took every needed action to enhance and increase the Jewish population and touch by building big settlements and taking many lands that belong to Palestinians by force. When it comes to Hebron, it is always about history and religion for both Jewish and Muslims. The core issue for such conflict is always the old city of Hebron and specifically, the Ibrahim Mosque (according to Jews it is called Abraham cave), which is the heart of the old city. And the cause of most of the conflicts between settlers and Palestinians population. Mexican Doctors protest drug crime Hundreds of doctors wearing surgical masks, demonstrated Friday in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas to protest a wave of kidnappings and death threats targeting the medical community. They also held a 24-hour work stoppage. Doctors have been caught in the middle of Mexico's drug war, for treating the wounded. Some speculate that drug cartels are targeting businesses and the medical community to supplement income amid a government crackdown. The City's Medical College says 32 doctors have received death threats, and six have been kidnapped in the last year. *******www.instablogs****
17 Dec 2008
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Success University on Fox News reports home based online business success through Success University. If you're still looking for the right MLM opportunity to work from home, Success University is the rocket fuel for success! Why? Personal development is a trillion dollar industry - people want better lives, greater wealth, and financial independence rather than the daily toil of the crushing monotony of the 9 to 5. *******top5percent.successuniversity**** Watch this video and see for yourself how Matt Moris, CEO of Success University has gone from rags to millionaire riches before the age of 29! Your level of Success that you experience in your life is in direct proportion to the knowledge that you put into your minds. Are you ready to take it to the next level? See you on the inside, Elle Wong Network Marketing Success Mentor *******top5percent.successuniversity**** ellewongpygmail**** skype : ellewongpy
10 Mar 2009
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A segment you'll only find on Metacafe. I cut this segment from the final program because I was already running close to my 1-hour limit, and this segment really didn't go too in-depth on the topic of parents of different ethnic backgrounds mixing together; many of the people featured in the program touched on that in a segment that was included in my final version of the program. I also wanted to add more clips to break up the monotony of sound bite after sound bite, so this segment wouldn't have helped the cause. View the full-length program by clicking the link below ***********/watch?v=uavvmp-44n8
18 Apr 2009
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There are so many exercises to choose from, especially since it has become popular to be an exercise guru. So many physical fitness majors have entered the market and developed their own fitness routines. Maybe the most interesting of all work outs are belly dancing routine exercises. Being taken away to another culture breaks any monotony and makes any work out a real experience. *******www.dvdfitness****
6 Apr 2009
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San Diego Landscapers *******Landscaping-SanDiego**** San Diego Landscapers: Understanding the Basics of Landscaping; a San Diego Landscapers Guide More than creativity, landscaping requires knowledge in terms of the different elements and principles that govern them. This is basically important to ensure that your landscaped design possesses beauty, symmetry, and harmony-making your garden or your yard simply astonishing to look at. Elements There are actually five elements that any landscaper must know when it comes to landscaping design. These include form, line, color, scale, and texture. San Diego Landscapers tip: An object is said to have a form when it has a shape and a structure. When we talk about landscaping, it refers to the contours of a tree or the structure of the branches. Usually, forms of shrubs are indicated by their growth, trees by their branches. San Diego Landscapers tip: It is the line that directs the movements of the eyes. Lines, in landscaping, guide viewers what areas they must look at. A landscaper must be able to take advantage of this element since it is this that captures the attention of a person to a particular design, object, or space. It is also the line that helps people notice the unrelated items in your design that create imbalance. San Diego Landscapers tip: The power of colors lies in its ability to convey varying emotions, personalities, and moods of your landscape. So far, there are three properties that govern colors. These include value, hue (chroma), and intensity. When we speak of value, we refer to the brightness of an object. Hues stress the color's strength while intensity marks the dullness or the brightness of an element. San Diego Landscapers tip: The relationship between the overall environment and a specific item is measured through scaling. Landscaping design employs scaling in order to identify and infer the interrelationship of adjacent elements. San Diego Landscapers tip: The quality of the surface of an object is referred to as texture, and is identified by the way we feel when we touch an object. Almost all elements in landscaping design have varying and sometimes distinct texture. The smoothness of a rock, the roughness of a tree bark, the shiny surface of a leaf-everything determines what texture is. San Diego Landscapers Principles Along with these elements are the different principles too that govern any landscaping design. Unity means developing a central theme in your design that can promote symmetry and relatedness among all elements present in your garden. Balance, on the other hand, defines the quality or the sense of visual symmetry in an asymmetrical area. Proportion defines the relationship whether between the different elements present in a design or between objects to the overall all landscaping design. For example, a large tree may not be proportional to a small garden, but it will be if planted in a park. Emphasis, sometimes called focalization, aids the eyes to a prominent area in your landscape. A massive architectural structure in your backyard, for one, can already create emphasis. Sequence, meanwhile, dictates the flow of your landscaped design. The progression of size, color, and form, albeit gradual, can already control the principle of transition. This may consist of planting rows of trees with leaves whose texture ranges from coarse to simply smooth. Like a beat that carries away a person to wide array of different emotions and movements, rhythm in landscaping guides a person's eye to the different parts of the design. Repetition in terms of texture, shape, scheme, form, or line produces rhythm. If implemented properly, rhythm can remove the monotony as well as confusion in your landscaping design. Hopefully, with all these knowledge and theories guiding you in your landscaping plan, you can come up with something that will practically serve the purpose of your design: to create an effective visual impact to the viewers.
29 Apr 2009
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Belly Dance jewelry is amazing, so beautiful but not that expensive from most dealers. You have your choice of metals, either gold or silver. You could also obtain genuine sterling silver, for a steeper price if you prefer. There are several charms available on these necklaces. How about a belly dancing beaded bell necklace for jangling through your exercise routines? It sure would break the monotony, if all of your belly dance items are embellished with coins or beads in the first place you could update your wardrobe with the bells. These bell enhanced jewelry items are available online and almost anywhere that belly dance items are sold. *******www.dvdfitness****
11 May 2009
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