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30 Apr 2009
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My solution to the housing crisis is to incentivize banks to streamline the short sale process by offering them a percentage of the deficiency out of the Government’s $75 Billion Dollar Mortgage Modification Fund on top of what the home sells for on the open market. The borrower receiving the short sale principle reduction would then agree to pay back that percentage to the US Taxpayers through a long term, low interest payment. The bank(s) agree not to pursue the borrower for the deficiency. The percentage that the bank(s) receive can be worked out; be it 10%, 20%, 50%, or whatever. Everybody wins. The banks have a financial incentive to make the short sale process easy and not pursue homeowners for the deficiency. The borrowers receiving the short sale get out from a bad financial situation but are held responsible for a payback of the Government funds they use to do so. This will minimize the number of people who are not in danger of going into foreclosure taking advantage of the program. For the US Taxpayers, this program will speedup the recovery, drop foreclosure rates significantly, and ensure that they are paid back for the bulk of financial assistance they provide. Undoubtedly there will be people who take advantage of the program. There will also be people who stop making their deficiency percentage payback payments. What’s your opinion? Email us at MyOpinionThePrecisionTeam**** For more stories like this and other North Scottsdale Real Estate information visit *******www.North-ScottsdaleRealEstate****
10 Mar 2010
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PREO is the free, online support site for homeowners with underwater mortgages. PREO helps you with your lender and realtor to sell your home and end the threat of foreclosure. This video introduces you to your options and the steps to take to list a short sale.
16 Jul 2010
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PREO makes it easy to buy foreclosures and short sales. This FREE, national, online marketplace has all the tools you need to find a great residence or investment below market price.
16 Jul 2010
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PREO makes it easy to buy foreclosures and short sales. This FREE, national, online marketplace has all the tools you need to find a great residence or investment below market price.
30 Jul 2010
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Learn about the Financial Crisis. Its causes, solutions and even ways to take advantage of it are explained in this presentation. For more information visit Foreclosuredeals****.
8 May 2011
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11 Aug 2011
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Tent cities have sprung up outside Los Angeles as people lose their homes in the mortgage crisis.
9 Feb 2009
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*******live.pirillo**** - Many people in the country have been hurt by the mortgage crisis. People are getting foreclosed upon; they can't make their payments. Because of this, we are all feeling the pinch and we are tumbling into recession. Many people are trying to sell their homes themselves. Here are some tips to work without a Realtor, to save you some money.
3 Jun 2008
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From a business perspective,tThis is another classic example of the importance of using an 800 toll free number rather than an 888, 877, 866, or 855 number. Many people subconsciously say 800 rather than 888 as in the example of President George W Bush in the video. President Bush during a 2007 mortgage crisis meeting advised people to call 800 995 HOPE, instead of the actual number, 888-995-HOPE. BUSH: "The most important thing you can do for your family is call 1(800)" People can get their own toll free numbers at www.true800****
3 Apr 2008
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Senator McCain is extremely out of touch with the lives women are living in 2008. John McCain opposed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (equal pay for equal work). What about Reproductive Choice? McCain has pledged to overturn Roe VS Wade and he supports a Constitutional ban on all abortions... Economic issues??? 1. Subprime mortgage crisis? John McCain OPPOSED legislation that would help working families KEEP their homes. 2. The minimum wage increase? McCain voted AGAINST the minimum wage raise Congress passed in 2007. What about Iraq? McCain thinks women do NOT care that their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters are fighting a war in Iraq. (He thinks 100 years is just fine) What about Iran? McCain was singing his favorite song: Bomb-Bomb-Bomb Iran. (After all, women don't care about war - they simply hate Barack Obama so much that little things like wars, fair pay, Roe VS Wade, losing their homes and permanent Bush tax breaks for the wealthy don't matter). WOMEN of AMERICA: John McCain is DANGEROUS for All Women! Give Hope a Chance - Choose to vote for your Hopes and not for your FEARS! Vote for Barack Obama in 2008. 1-20-09: George Bush's last day in office. No third George Bush term for John McCain! Category: News & Politics Tags: Women support Obama McCain Dangerous Mr. Danger II
8 Apr 2011
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Nation magazine contributing writer Kai Wright, discusses his July 14 article about the mortgage crisis and its affect on the Black middle class. ( ) For his story, Wright traveled to Atlanta, Georgia where he met George Mitchell and many others like him who had fallen victim to lending scams and looming foreclosures, a problem that has plagued millions around the country. Mitchel, age 77, was approached by IndyMac lenders, among others, and was convinced to take out loans he didn't need or understand. He doesn't even remember signing the papers and now faces losing the home he and his wife bought forty years ago. Wright explains that home equity is one of the main sources of wealth for many middle-class African-Americans who used home ownership as a means of attaining the American dream. Today, that wealth is being stolen from them through predative loans and a national rhetoric of "borrower responsibility." Watch Wright explain the depth of the problem and what it means for the future of the black middle class. PHOTOS BY: Christopher T. Martin www.christophertmartin****
12 Jul 2008
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