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The mother gazelle acts like any mother Animal in its situation
24 Apr 2007
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A commemoration of mothers and motherhood. A slow spiritually sounding melody that is worldly in nature because the song represents all the loving and positive qualities found in devoted and caring mothers all around the globe. Song Storyline: This song was exclusively written in dedication to my one-of-a-kind mother, but is also a special tribute to every loving mother throughout the world. Visit my Mother's Day Tribute at: www.primroseoriginals****. Also, visit my STOREFRONT at www.lulu****/carlosmiddleton
3 May 2007
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Mother's Day is in May. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother, do not forget to show her how much you care. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world!
2 May 2007
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Today’s busy families have given birth to a generation of stay-in-the-car moms. A survey from mamasource**** of 15-hundred mothers shows that American moms make, on average, at least three trips a day just toting kids around. Among the daily typical trips are those to school, ballet, soccer and the mall. As a result, moms are spending more and more time than ever before behind the wheel of the family car, SUV or minivan. Stay-in-the-car moms want to make sure the kids are occupied, and that the interior of their cars stay organized and clean. Some say that, in just a week, cars can look like garbage cans with toys and food scattered over the seats and floor. Mom expert and best-selling author, Stacy DeBroff, offers quick tips on organizing and keeping the mom mobile clean with car-friendly tools made specifically for use in messy family vehicles. Produced for Honeywell
9 May 2007
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Send this link to your mom for mothers day, She will love it
13 May 2007
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14 May 2007
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harry potter has gone crazy and believes that his mother is still alive and wants to get her a Mother's Day gift. ***********/richalvarez *******www.rmastudios.sitesled****
15 May 2007
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Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday, Earth Day, EVERY day . . . Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, this song/video was just released for Global Love Day for people of all countries, all nations. Written by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer & Tam Katzin (from the humanitarian pop band Light Euphoric), Corroboree celebrates the spirit of life on planet earth and is a song of inspiration, unity, harmony, love and peace.
17 May 2007
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One again, Aaron has forgotten Mother's Day
19 May 2007
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Mary the Mother of .......
1 Jun 2007
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A spiritual song + video clip, in loving tribute to Saint Mother Teresa, from a CD Album which has been blessed by late Saint Mother Teresa & His Holiness the late Pope John Paul II Profoundly idealistic, the altruistic work and extraordinary devotion of Mother Teresa have deeply marked the composer of this song. It was in this spirit that, already in 1986, he had composed this Concerto For Mother Teresa, directly inspired by the charisma and the abnegation of the founder of the Missionaries of Charity. This song is part and parcel of a CD album entitled Concerto For Mother Teresa, which content is made of 17 spiritual songs - for solo voice, male choir, piano and symphonic orchestra. This CD Album has been blessed by Mother Teresa (to whom this CD album and this title is wholeheartedly dedicated) and His Holiness Pope Jean-Paul II. A cassette of this song was sent to Mother Teresa at the end of 1996, and she wrote back a few months later (9th May 1997) this beautiful and touching letter: Dear Sir Thank you very much for your beautiful gift! I am sure it expresses the love you have for God and for His poor. Keep the joy of loving through sharing. God love you and bless you as you reach out to many hearts to comfort them through your music. Let us continue to work, making Jesus loved, known and cared for, more each day, in each other and in His poor. Let us pray. GOD BLESS YOU. MOTHER TERESA, Calcutta (India) Mother Teresa said once those touching words: People are not hungry just for bread... they are hungry for love. People are not naked only for a piece of cloth... they are naked for human dignity. People are not only homeless for a room made of bricks, but they are homeless being rejected, unwanted and unloved. MOTHER TERESA Concerto For Mother Teresa (English lyrics) When one Madonna’s crying For all the people dying A voice full of emotion Bespeaks her love's devotion Who lies in dust forsaken Her love is there to waken The miracle of coping Reviving faith and hoping Mother Teresa A shower Of love and devotion Mother Teresa A tower Of light in the ocean Where shattered lives Need mending Her toil seems never ending A gift of love she showers Bestowed with healing powers When overwhelmed by sorrow When hope has no tomorrow When promises are broken She dries the tears unspoken Mother Teresa A shower Of love and devotion Mother Teresa A tower Of light in the ocean A wasted body quivers Awaiting death in shivers A torch at heaven's portal A mother's love immortal Profondément idéaliste et humaniste dans l'âme, l'oeuvre altruiste et l'extraordinaire dévouement de Mère Teresa ont fortement marqué le compositeur, arrangeur et interprète et co-auteur de cette chanson. C'est d'ailleurs dans cet esprit qu'en 1986, déjà, il avait compose, à son intention, le "Concerto For Mother Teresa", directement inspirée du charisme et de l'abnégation de cette femme d'exception. Morceau emblématique de l'album " Concerto For Mother Teresa", cette chanson est donc entièrement dédiée à cette femme d’exception. Voici d'ailleurs la traduction d'une lettre que Mère Teresa a écrite au compositeur, peu après avoir reçu la copie cassette de cette chanson composée à son intention. Cette lettre a été rédigée de la main même de Mère Teresa, quelques mois avant sa mort : Dear Sir, Merci pour votre magnifique cadeau ! Je suis persuadée qu'il exprime l'amour que vous ressentez envers Dieu et ses pauvres. Gardez intacte la joie d'aimer par le fruit du partage ! Puissent l'amour et la bénédiction de Dieu accompagner votre musique, dont le rayonnement essaime son pouvoir consolateur au sein de nombreux coeurs ! Continuons à oeuvrer pour faire connaître et ressentir chaque jour plus intensément l'amour et la sollicitude bienveillante de notre Seigneur Jésus, afin qu'il puisse régner dans le coeur de chacun d'entre nous et dans celui de chacun d'entre ses pauvres ! Prions ensemble ! Que Dieu vous bénisse ! MÈRE TERESA Rien sans une parcelle d'amour ! MÈRE TERESA Le coeur d'une Madone “Concerto For Mother Teresa” (French lyrics) Le coeur d'une madone Est si grand qu'elle donne Un amour qui résonne Et dont l'aura rayonne D'un chagrin qui égrène Elle adoucit la peine D'un coeur qui se désarme Elle séchera les larmes Ave Teresa Amie Des vies Qui fuient Madre Teresa Amie Des heures Qui pleurent Pour ces âmes en détresse Que la douleur oppresse Que le tourment désole Elle prie et les console Quand tout espoir chavire Rongé par la discorde Elle offre son sourire Plein de miséricorde Ave Teresa Amie Des vies Démunies Madre Teresa Amie Des heures Qui pleurent Un corps lassé frissonne Quand la vie l'abandonne Mais dans ses yeux rayonne L'amour d'une madone Mother THERESA Me Mère Teresa faith hope religion devotion altruism altruistic love catholic Catholicism abnegation care understanding Calcutta India Vatican angel angels mercy miséricorde foi altruisme amour altruiste
14 Jun 2007
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Baby Einstein Creator Julie Aigner-Clark Serves as Contest Judge and Spokesperson To celebrate Moms' ingenuity, Whirlpool brand announced its third annual Mother of Invention Grant Program, a competition that recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit of moms by awarding them the tools they need to turn an idea into a viable business. Moms are invited to submit their ideas for an invention, business or service no matter where they are in the creation process. The grant program's judging criteria is based on Whirlpool brand's own product/innovation guidelines. Submissions will be weighted with scores in the following categories: creating a solution to an unmet need; uniqueness in the current marketplace; offering a practical business solution; and the story behind the creation. And for the third year, Julie Aigner-Clark, creator of Baby Einstein, will be a guest judge and program collaborator.
15 Jun 2007
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