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Tuesday 29th November, more snow fall. We haven't had very much snow up here but further North and East you can see the fields are covered. Where the snow is landing over the sea it looks like a white mist.
30 Nov 2010
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Snow/blizzard and sunshine spot over Penwith. They were not joking when they said "more of this to come". The snowfall clouds are so patchy that one minute we are in the sun and the snow on the rooves is thawing, and the next minute we are in a freezing blizzard.
3 Dec 2010
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In this clip one of the crew either have a steering problem, or an idea. Either way they were still fourth in line. A most beautiful May day overlooking Mounts Bay in cornwall UK.
23 May 2010
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The most beautiful day for the Powerboat racing, not an ash cloud in sight, little bit of chop on the waves and a slight breeze. Short view of the race showing St. Michael's mount in the background and the nearly resident tugboat!
22 May 2010
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A bird's eye view of a part of the race. One of the crew either "has a plan" or had problems with the steering, in any event they stayed fourth for this part. The television helicopter is also just visible. It is a perfect day for powerboat racing, St. Michaels Mount in the background, and the almost resident tug!
23 May 2010
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Mounts Bay in Cornwall is hosting the World Championship Powerboat races and I am lucky enough to be able to watch it from my roof!
23 May 2010
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