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Video footage of the luxury Motor Yacht Lady Moura. A 344.5 foot yacht owned by Nasser Al-Rashid.
28 Oct 2008
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A cidade de Moura (Baixo Alentejo - Portugal) retratada nas décadas 30 e 80 do Século XX, com a observância das naturais diferenças.
23 Oct 2009
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02- PART 2: Beginnings and application of the auto-hemotherapy practice: We went to the X-ray. And there was no obstruction anymore. And so he continued to live until he was more than ninety, walking along this street, the General Roca street. He was more than 95 when he died, without ever being operated on. As a reward, he decided to give me a present of two works: one from Dr. Jesse Teixeira and the other from Dr. Ricardo Veronesi. There is a gap of 36 years between these two works, one is from 1940 and the other from 1976. But it gives the impression that one was made for the other, to combine, one to the other. Why? Because while the work of Dr. Jesse Teixeira was limited to the action of auto-hemotherapy in avoiding post-operative infections, the work of Professor Ricardo Veronesi, who is a teacher at the University of Santos , immunology had already advanced much further and it had been discovered that the Reticulo-endothelial System (RES) has many other functions besides fighting bacteria, much more than that. The main functions of the Reticulo-endothelial System are (in italic, text taken from the work of Dr. Ricardo Veronesi). Dr Luiz Mouras comments and explanations appear in brackets): 1) Clearance of foreign particles from the blood or tissues, including neoplasics (cancerous) cells, toxins and other toxic substances. 2) Clearance of steroids and their biotransformation. (Elimination of hormones, i. e., the steroids). 3) Removal of micro aggregates of fibrin and prevention of intravascular coagulation. (This is why I have auto-hemotherapy, to prevent infarctions and thromboses, cerebral thromboses, infarctions of the coronary arteries, because it prevents intravascular coagulation, it removes a possible clotting that might have happened, as it removed the fibrin that clotted the femoral artery of Dr Garofalo. This is why I use auto-hemotherapy). 4) Ingestion of antigen, its processing and delivery later to the B and T-lymphocytes. (The antigen that produces an allergic reaction, and has a great action on treatment of allergies.). 5) Biotransformation and excretion of cholesterol. 6) Iron metabolism and the formation of bilirubin. 7) Metabolism of proteins and the removal of denatured proteins. (Abnormal proteins.). 8) Detoxification and metabolism of drugs. (Imagine, the metabolism of proteins and removal of denatured proteins! Now today when it is known that the encephalitis that causes mad cow disease is caused by a prion protein that is denatured. So then, auto-hemotherapy could help in the treatment of this disease.). Being responsible for so many and such important functions, it is easy to understand the role played by the Reticulo-endothelial System in both a favourable or unfavourable determinism of so many different morbid processes, such as infectious, neoplasics (cancer), degenerative and auto-immune ones.. This was when I started using auto-hemotherapy on auto-immune diseases. Very well, now the sad thing is that what Professor Jesse Teixeira discovered in 1940 that in 1976 was still being studied in first world countries in rats didn't have the dissemination it should have had here. (Then Dr. Luiz Moura reads out another passage from Dr. Ricardo Veronesis work. And he makes comments in brackets): Degenerative diseases: The Reticulo-endothelial System plays an important role in the homeostasis, i.e., it maintains the organism healthy... (more)
14 Jan 2010
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Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana de Moura hits the beach, showing off her smoking hot bikini bod.
24 Mar 2011
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Hallituna - Tuna Mista da Escola Secundária de S. Lourenço, interpretou em Outubro de 2010 o seu original "Moura de Portalegre", baseado numa lenda da cidade de Portalegre. Com letra de Bruno Anacleto e música de João Alexandre e Eduardo Gual, um original composto em 2009.
26 May 2012
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9 Dec 2008
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57- To Patients, 58- Emotion, 59- Behaviour, 60- Optimism. To patients First: a positive mind. Because a negative mind worsens the suffering. The Immune System declines when a person is negative in relation to their suffering. If a person believes in the cure, the person has every chance of winning over the disease. When a person thinks that the disease has no cure, the persons chances of cure are already very reduced. Therefore, thinking in a positive way is very important. The mind has enormous power of both cure and destruction. The increasing cases of autoimmune diseases stem from a negative mind. In that case of scleroderma I described at the Cardoso Fontes Hospital, her unconscious mind generated the disease. She had a mentally disabled son, her husband had abandoned her, and left her unable to work. Her mind created the disease so that the whole family would help her, because she was completely destitute, without anything, with a mentally handicapped son and without being able to work and having to care for him. The disease was the solution to her problem. And the auto-hemotherapy was the solution for the disease. Relationship between emotion, health and disease Pleasant and good emotions generate health. Bad emotions: fears, fear of violence, hatred, anger and sadness generate disease. Everything that is gratifying to a person, tranquillity, safety and love generate health. A simple example: a person suffers from psoriasis and is on holiday goes to have a swim in the sea, stays in the sun, is on the beach, the psoriasis disappears altogether; then the person goes back to work, on the following day everything bursts out. Why? If the person really liked their work, the effect would not be that much. But if a person goes to work in a job they dont like having contact with people they dont get on with, the person is not happy there so the psoriasis diverts the persons attention to their body. The unconscious represents 90% of us . We are only 10% conscious - 10% rational and 90% irrational. And this 90% answers to our wishes in the way it can. It somaticizes diseases to divert attention from the mind. In reality, many times disease is not the problem, it is the solution. But afterwards the person doesn't accept it, because it brings suffering, then the person wants to cure the disease. What makes a person change their behaviour? The most important is not to cry over spilled milk. What has no remedy is already remedied. This philosophy completely changes life. Chinese people consider that disease is guilt. They consider disease as something the person creates. Our negative side, always waiting for the worst, is a factory of diseases, favouring a low level of the immune system. An optimistic view of things - always seeing something good in everything bad that happens, this changes our health very much.
24 Jan 2010
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55- Medicine: Medicine is the art of curing. I have only one commitment to my patients: easing their suffering and, when possible, curing them. This is why I don't respect the so-called scientific standards. For me what proves something is the effect of the treatment. If it brings benefits to the patient it is a scientific treatment, even if we don't know what is the mechanism of action of this treatment. I use resources whatever they are - to benefit patients, so they are relieved of their suffering and, if possible, cured.... To doctors and future doctors: Always check, never accept anything like this is a thing of the past, this is "something backward', ' it is out of fashion'. If possible, always add the old to the new. And always check that no harm will come to anyone going to use the treatment. For example: the cupping-glass, which was in disuse, is now being used again in Japan. It was a great technique used in the 19th century. Pneumonia used to be cured with cupping-glasses. It was not even known why, but they were applied to the lungs and the patients were saved. There were no antibiotics at that time. The pneumococcus was the same as exists today, and it cured the pneumonia. Only later on, Reich, with bioenergetics, explained the reason for the cure. The cupping-glass pulled the blood loaded with energy, the energy potential was raised above that of the microbes. And the energy that was being used by the microbes to reproduce was removed from them. With this the cupping-glass cured the pneumonia. But before Reich published his books in the 1940s, as it worked the doctors were using the cupping-glass without knowing this, without knowing why. The great lesson is to consider as the first objective of medicine the patient's relief and cure. And after that our satisfaction as a scientist. Whether we want it or not, every physician should want to know the reason why things happen, to satisfy themselves. This is for personal satisfaction. But this is not the physicians commitment. It is the relieving of suffering, this is the only commitment of the physician.
7 Jan 2010
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54- Two cases of dysrhythmia and convulsions: In these cases, two children had a proven dysrhythmia. They were dysrhythmic, their electroencephalogram was abnormal and they had convulsions called epileptic convulsions. The phenobarbital doses being given were so high that the children were no longer having convulsions, but they were practically unable to study or ride a bicycle. They were in no condition to do anything else. I used auto-hemotherapy on these two children to eliminate the excess of barbiturates that were impregnating their brains. It happens that - following the desimpregnation - the children started to have a normal active life, they could play as much as they wanted and ride a bicycle. They stopped having convulsive crisis, and one of them certainly had no convulsions for over 20 (twenty) years. And the other one, from here in Maua, for about 3 (three) years, more or less. If later I had ordered an electroencephalogram for these children and compared it to the previous one - before they started using barbiturates this comparison could prove if it really works by correcting the brain waves, restoring them to a level of normality. This is something that in future could be very easily proven. I only thought, as a clinical doctor, about solving the problem that existed. Besides, the other result was unexpected; it was not even the objective of the auto-hemotherapy.
7 Jan 2010
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53- On Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis? Polymyositis, as well as dermatomyositis and rheumatoid arthritis are autoimmune diseases. In every disease with an autoimmune origin i.e., its origin is a corruption of the Immune System that attacks its own body as if it were a foreign body - the use of auto-hemotherapy is valid. Because, firstly, if the application of blood is diffused in several places (better still) it diverts the immunological attack towards the blood, thus reducing the pressure of the attack on the tissues that are being attacked. I had an experience with a dermatomyositis patient, but I have had no polymyositis cases yet, however it works in the same way. This reason is because it will first cause a diversion. The second reason why it works in autoimmune diseases is because the blood reaches practically each cubic millimetre of our body, except the hair on the head and body. Each square centimetre of the skin and each square centimetre of any organ always contain blood. The bones have less, but there is blood in the bone marrow. As the blood is everywhere, and as these autoimmune diseases are an inversion of the immune function, when the Immune System is diverted, firstly it reduces the pressure of the aggression. Secondly - and this is very important, but I cannot prove it, because only laboratory research can do it - because the blood contains the same elements the Immune System is attacking, whichever auto-immune disease it is, it will create a kind of perplexity. It will create a doubt, saying: Why am I attacking myself, if this blood contains the same elements I am attacking? Then the Immune System looks to see what is its own and what it is not. It means that the Immune System was attacking the body as if it were a foreign body, and it will end up recognising these areas as its own, through the elements of the blood, which are identical to those of the attacked areas. But I cannot prove this. That is just an intelligence exercise to try to explain the reason for the cure of autoimmune diseases, permanent cures. The improvement can be very well explained: the aggression is diverted towards the blood applied into the muscle and naturally it reduces the aggression in those places where the Immune System is attacking. That is one part, but the other, that of the cure, the only explanation is the induction of what is called immune tolerance. This is what happens in allergies, where I have had excellent results. Allergies are an immune intolerance against substances that attack and end up affecting its own organism. Auto-hemotherapy is an excellent therapeutic resource for such cases.
8 Jan 2010
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52- Sports and auto-hemotherapy? When Beckenbauer hung up his boots, he said he attributed his physical performance to auto-hemotherapy. Before each match he had auto-hemotherapy with 10 (ten) ml and he attributed his health to it as well as his physical resistance in the matches. This was his statement when he stopped being a footballer and became the coach for the German national team.
7 Jan 2010
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51- And on gout? The same, because it removes the uric acid. In gout uric acid exceeds 7 (seven) mg per litre, reaching 8 (eight) mg, 10 (ten) mg per litre. Uric acid crystallises within the tissues as needle like crystals and this is the reason why it is tremendously painful. Auto-hemotherapy will cause these crystals to be seen by the Immune System as a foreign body. And it will eliminate them.
7 Jan 2010
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