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I am bamboozled like the guy in the background and can't take my eyes off of this hot and talented Lady here.
18 Mar 2019
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dancing king
4 Sep 2007
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She is one amazing belly dancer. How does she move like this?
14 Sep 2006
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This is awesome...the way these guys can move like this. It's not as easy as it looks....if you don't believe me go ahead and try it. Please rate it if you like it :o)
8 Feb 2007
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This funny commercial spoof says it can teach you how to dance like a white guy! I have never seen dance moves like this in all my life.
4 May 2007
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www.katerina***.za .Watch as one of the worlds top belly dance instructors teach you how to swing your hips like Shakira. In this amazing video she teaches you the Hip Lift moved. If you want to impress your friends then learning how to shake your hips like professional belly dancer will definitely help you! Learn more moves like this at:www.katerina***.za
16 Oct 2008
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ForRent**** "Ready2Move?" Video Contest:Does your furniture talk or sing to you? Do you enjoy it? If not, you may be ready to move, like this contestant! Find an apartment any time, any place on ForRent****.
19 Jun 2009
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First time I saw this music video.. I was speechless! guys requested this one :) DOWNLOAD THE SPOOF SONG: ******* BUY SHAKIRA'S REAL VERSION MP3: ******* READ MY BLOG ENTRY FOR SOME TIPS ON HOW I MADE THIS VIDEO: ******* -------------------------------- MY EXTRA VIDEOS ON MY 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! *******youtube****/otherijustine FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: *******twitter****/ijustine READ MY BLOG: *******ijustine**** FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/ijustine MYSPACE: *******myspace****/ijustine Thanks for watching, commenting and subscribing :) xo -------------------------------- LYRICS: Cut a hole in my leotard Dance and dance and move like this You don't even know the words Watch me move, watch me move, watch me move I like to dance, doesn't matter where it is I'll booty shake it in the street Move like this now, a little bit awkward Mistaken for a little tiny baby seizure I've been moving this booty from Monday to Tuesday to Friday and Saturday Not getting enough hydration ..and I think think I might pass out I'm starting to feel like I might need a nap ..because I've been dancing so much I'm gonna go somewhere cozy and take a little nap ..and tell you about it What the hell is a she wolf? I don't even know the words What the hell is a she wolf? I'm feeling little bit out of breath
26 Sep 2009
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27 December 2008 Viruses *******www.desteni***.za - BernardPoolman in discussion with viruses in Portal with International visitors 2012 Bernard: Lets start with the viruses. (Sunette breathes and leaves body, Viruses come in) Bernard: Give a bit of an overview of your experience from the (inaudible) process, from the first awareness. Viruses: Uhm. Well, which first awareness? Before Process or after Process? Bernard: Before first awareness. Viruses: First awareness, umm, was in 1987, when it was like this wave that came through as an experience of us, viruses, and that experience, or that wave, that movement was our first moment experience of awareness experiencing just that movement that was our first moment experience of awareness. Bernard: What happened from then? Viruses: Umm Bernard: A historical view. Viruses: To give a more practical perspective, its like youre a statue and all of a sudden, theres like this liquid movement inside you. That would be the experience and as the statue, you go Oh, shit I moved (laughs). That was the experience. And, then it was like the switch kinda turned on, and you go I moved that experience, that realization I moved and, then we just started going into this movement, this motion, it was just like this, just like that the whole time, just experiencing that and then it was like we were enclosed within this existence that was just like this piece of rubber almost, that just moves like this the whole time. That was our reality that was all that existed was just this piece of motion, this movement, that just went bom bom bom bom nothing else existed and as we continued with that movement, we started like the experience was like opening your eyes and you start seeing reality around you. That reality, our first reality seeing what is beyond our own existence was a cell of the human body. I mean, you dont know what youre looking at, its like opening up, it was really like, literally opening up your eyes for the first time, like waking up for the first time. And it was like this blue, light blue coloring and these sparks that was just going off in this bubble, with lots of little mini bubbles and sparks going off around the bubbles that was like, quite in awe of reality because, to us it was quite big, I mean...
1 Mar 2010
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Watch-A mountain can move like this? ***********/watch?v=aYYrS78ZVII
19 Sep 2010
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BY ALEX SCHUPP ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource tech news analysis from Newsy. Just days after Twitter broke the news of Osama bin Laden’s death to the world, the social networking website is back in the spotlight. HILARY RUSSO, ANCHOR: “Twitter has made an offer to acquire TweetDeck for anywhere between 40 and 50 million dollars. TweetDeck is a popular third party software application used for Internet social networking services. According to Reuters, the cash-and-stock deal could close in less than ten days and would represent Twitter’s largest acquisition to date.” (FNN) The acquisition comes after what seemed to be a final agreement between TweetDeck and social media company UberMedia, but Twitter outbid its competitor. TechCrunch explains that Twitter needed to retain a dominant market presence over its rivals. “They simply couldn’t allow UberMedia to have so much market share in this space. The company has acquired UberTwitter, EchoFon and a number of other Twitter-related startups. Adding TweetDeck to the UberMedia stable of products would give them too much leverage...” But a columnist for PCMag argues the purchase is not an act of expansion, but a calculated demolition deal. “If the majority of Twitter users view their tweets though third-party tools … they’ll never see Twitter partner ads, promos, or Quickbars. Twitter loses control not only of the conversation, but the ability to monetize millions and millions of eyeballs and social activity.” According to a writer for GigaOM, Twitter’s relationship with third party developers is already strained, and defensive moves like this one only make it worse. “Many of the moves it has made — shutting down UberMedia’s apps, tightening its restrictions on the API, telling people not to bother making new clients, and so on — have not just ruffled feathers in the developer community but made some seriously question their relationship with the company.” A SocialMediaToday reporter explains Twitter’s decision to purchase TweetDeck was a forward-thinking plan, not a defensive act. “The move to buy TweetDeck might be seen as defensive…but others might view this as Twitter wanting to finally control its product, brand, [and] audience...” Though the acquisition is not yet official, TweetDeck users are already pleading, in 140 characters or less, to save the third-party app. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource tech news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
7 May 2011
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Who knew a slug like Jabba had moves like this? Make sure not to miss future B-SIDES! Subscribe here: *******youtube****/breakoriginals or Follow us on *******facebook****/Break Featuring Richard Ryan as Han Solo - *******youtube****/RatedRR WheezyWaiter as Obi Wan - *******youtube****/WheezyWaiter Ashley Pittman as Slave Lea - ************/107958067285263037110 Lawrence Green as Luke Skywalker Jason Bond as Porkins Edward Joyce as Rancor Trainer Shawn Nier as Boba Fett Thanks to Team Unicorn and the 501st Legion! Download our version of the song for free: *******www.gamefront****/files/20879914/Moves_Like_Jabba_1_mp3 LYRICS: [Han Solo] Oh! He's Jabba the Hut He's a gangster 90% percent butt High Blood Pressure On this pleasure barge, he always lives large with pig bodyguards He never wears clothes Cuz he's baller He puts on these shows Girl's wear collars She danced for a bit Got dropped in the pit Now she's rancor sh** cause he rolls like this Lick you with his tongue On the trap door Don't get it on your face He has cold sores Move like Jabba I'm eating food like Jabba Wish I could mooooooove... like Jabba No Jedi mind tricks can control him The force bounces off his double chin With them moves like Jabba He's got big boobs like Jabba I gotta moooooooove... like Jabba [Slave Lea] My little bro, is a jedi knight and you got my man stuck in carbonite So fat and greedy Prolly got diabetes Like Willfred Brimly So eat them frogs Cuz this won't end nice Grab this chain, ooh Jabba, take your life You put me in this slave outfit My little bro will see this Can't believe we kissed Ohhhhhh oh oh! I think he liked it [Han Solo] His big slimy tongue will seduce you laugh like Salacious Crumb when he shows you All these moves like Jabba I'm getting nude like Jabba I gotta mooooooove... like Jabba Goes to Space Buffets and eats it all That's why he's got really high Cholesterol With the moves like Jabba We've got the moves like Jabba I've got the moooooooves... like Jabba Did you make it this far? Type in the comments below: DIABETUS!
24 Oct 2011
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