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This is what it looks like when you stop doing hard work and start doing smart work. Hatsoff to that clever driver who uses an earthmover to move on water.
14 Jul 2018
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I would like to introduce Pumpabike. An ingenious machine, which is neither a bicycle nor a water jet, yet it is capable to run at amazing speeds propeled only by your own muscles! The key lies in its revolutionary but very simple construction. Underwater wings provide stability and at the same time are responsible for motion, which allows to swim. You just have to push yourself on Pumpabike away from shore, a platform, a boat or any other on-water stable construction. Having done that, all you need to do is to jump as if you were pumping... to move on water's surface up to 30km/h!
3 Feb 2007
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Carolina Restoration Service prepared document of ways to dry out and move on water damage areas. We provide water damage restoration, removal and repair services in Raleigh, Apex NC and surrounding areas. No matter when you call, Carolina Restoration Services is ready to help with water damage in Raleigh NC. We arrive quickly to assess the damage, provide water damage restoration, water damage repair, water extraction and water removal services, and determine what steps need to be taken. Call us +1 919-469-1955
29 Aug 2019
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