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26 Jul 2016
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30 Jul 2016
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1-Ruling on buying clothing and other items during kafir festivals in order to benefit from discounts on prices during the Christmas season 2-Her husband takes her salary; does she have the right to take from him what she is entitled to without his knowing? 3-Should he pray at home so that his children will pray with him? 4-Can she take off her Hijab in front of people who have learning difficulties? 5-Delaying making up Ramadaan fasts until the next Ramadaan begins
16 Jul 2010
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1-Should he follow the local people with regard to starting and ending the fast? 2-Should she tell her fiancé that she lost her virginity or should she cancel the engagement? 3-The prohibition on fasting in the second half of Sha'baan 4-If a person buys land in order to protect his wealth, does he have to pay zakah when one year has passed? 5-Ruling on praying by gestures because of a headache
27 Jul 2010
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Fujitsu hat auf der VISIT den neuen Q1500 Mini-PC im Retail-Look mit schönem Cover vorgestellt. *******
26 Nov 2009
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