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* SHELLY PALMER talks about OSCAR's low ratings. * SAG's NY board urges it to start AMPTP talks. * NBCU and MPAA weigh in on network throttling. * THE TVB says Broadcast TV revenue down 4.4% in '07. * WILLIAM MORRIS and AT&T team up for new media fund. * MICROSOFT to widen online software testing. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
5 Mar 2008
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BY ANDREW HOWARD You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Movie-streaming website Zediva has been called a clever end-run around studio copyright claims. Hollywood is less than impressed. Six of the biggest film studios are now suing the Santa Clara-based company. CNBC explains why Zediva’s unique approach has the studios crying -- ‘thief”. DAVID POGUE: “In California, they actually have a building filled to the ceiling with DVD players. One movie in every DVD player. When you hit play on the website, you are actually operating a physical DVD player in California and they are just pumping you the signal. I can change soundtracks, or turn on subtitles. They don’t let you see the outtakes or features yet, but they are working on that. You can watch on and off for two weeks instead of 24 hours and you pay only two dollars to watch a movie or ten for ten bucks.” Zediva considers itself a “renting” service, so it doesn’t pay royalties or fees to the movie studios. A Mashable blogger writes, building a company on a legal loophole? Not a good idea. “Through this convoluted scheme, the company thought it could avoid negotiating contracts and paying any money whatsoever to the film studios, since physical DVD rental stores don’t need studio agreements to run their businesses.” A reporter for CNET adds - loophole startups hardly ever work - and this one - definitely won’t. “Lots of better loophole-business models have come along that appeared to have a better claim on legality than this operation. Most of those were sued into oblivion. I'm not a lawyer but I'm predicting this one is headed to a permanent injunction and forced shutdown.” As of now - Zediva’s website is closed to new members- claiming registration is “temporarily full.” But it looks like the company will fight to stay in business. According to The Wrap... “Zediva has previously saidthat it is not obligated to pay licensing fees to movie companies because it is streaming DVDs not sharing files. Under the First Sale Doctrine, Zediva says it can rent or re-sale the discs it owns.” But a PC Magazine blogger writes- good luck with that, Zediva. The movie industry is tired of what it deems “copyright schemes.” “In recent years, Hollywood has moved aggressively to block what it sees as unauthorized use of its content, even if the services that did so were supposedly consumer-friendly.” So is Zediva a great way to watch movies? Or -- is it a rip-off artist? Follow Newsy Newsy_Videos for multisource tech video news in your stream. Get more multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
9 Apr 2011
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PSA MPAA SIFE contest making commercails with anti-piracy messages. Music by local band - The Belefonte Winter 2007
26 Sep 2007
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Google mejora la búsqueda de vuelos comerciales; la web de denuncias anti-corrupción China se cae por demasiadas visitas; El gobierno de Japón alerta sobre la presenica de OVNIS; Tiendas intentan hacer caja gracias a la escasez de la Wii; TorrentSpy pierde el primer asalto contra la MPAA, por su propia culpa. La chica que limpia el cristal del iPhone.
20 Dec 2007
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Trailer from the new movie 'Mad Money' was killed by the MPAA for Queen Latifah's mention of crack! Those people are out of control!
9 Jan 2008
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* MICROSOFT inquires about FACEBOOK buyout. * GOOGLE hesitant about YAHOO search deal. * TORRENTSPY to pay MPAA $111 million. * VERIZON to honor open source agreement. * CABLEVISION buys SUNDANCE CHANNEL. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
8 May 2008
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* Shelly's commentary on APPLE's 3G iPhone. * WIMAX partners form joint licensing organization. * ICAHN urges YAHOO to sell for $49.5 billion. * COMCAST slapped with three Class Action lawsuits. * MPAA wants FCC to block DVR on select films. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
11 Jun 2008
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MPAA wants to fine anyone 150K without proof, iTunes sells 5 billion, and Kid Rock says steal my music. Find water on Mars with Deathstar Lego or Lego Kennedy Space station. Coool Birthday Cake.
2 Jul 2008
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It seems no one can figure out why the MPAA was so harsh on the new film “Blue Valentine." MPAA gave the movie the pornographic rating of NC-17.
14 Oct 2010
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Aggressive Growth stock strategist, Bill Wilton, discusses Fabrinet (FN) and Motorcar Parts of America (MPAA).
17 Feb 2011
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In today's show we talk about new trailers for the Avengers movie, Bully and its battle with the MPAA, and how the sun could destroy EVERYTHING!
1 Mar 2012
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Meganerd, is one of ytcracker's songs off his free album 'Nerdcore Entertainment System (NES)'. Gotta love that 8-bit sound. With footage from DGTV1. (note: it is not ytcracker pictured in much of the film) ytcracker: www.ytcracker**** more nerdcore: www.rhymetorrents****
12 Feb 2007
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Another ytcracker song, Warez Loder. This song comes from his "Nerdcore Entertainment System (NES)" album.
9 Feb 2007
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Digg Revolt. Kevin Rose dishes about Digg's new features, the online mob and digital Maoism. Also talks about DiggNation and its cable TV numbers, including the time he vomited on the show.
10 May 2007
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Digg Revolt. Kevin Rose dishes about Digg's new features, the online mob and digital Maoism. Also talks about DiggNation and its cable TV numbers, including the time he vomited on the show.
10 May 2007
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