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What does the Bible actually say? Have we had a good service if we run,shout,and jump know the truth, we are going to be like God. The reward is in the spirit.
18 May 2008
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many think the kingdom is just one kingdom, having a form of Godliness denying the power ,casting out devils, living below what God wants for us
9 Feb 2009
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Tired of the women of Jerusalem, looking for his true love the bride , he’s coming again, Can only see him thorugh the saints, he is coming back for the ones without spots.
9 Feb 2009
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preachers walking in the wide way, didn't dig deeper, false in one form or another, carnal minded...
1 Aug 2008
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glory shall be revealed the light, discern, the body of Christ a spiritual light, two witnesses, the woman will bring them in, caught up into heaven, revelation 12, shine like the SON, gain the knowledge of the Lord, needful to suffer awhile, make ye perfect, repent
22 Aug 2008
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God so loved, we need to know what he is saying, truth will make you free, death,burial resurrection is your salvation, revelations, Jesus died not the spirit, we are buried in Jesus Name, the keys were given to Peter, the Bible is to be revealed to us it takes the Holy Ghost to understand the mysteries, we must get out of the carnal mind to understand spiritual messages, we are buried with Jesus the spirit did not die, only the flesh so we are to be born again in his Name
22 Aug 2008
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lamb that has seven eyes and seven horns worthy to open the seals Jesus in the Holy Ghost not in person, but working through the saints, the revelation woman clothed with the sun (son), Jesus baptizes you with Holy Ghost and fire, the seals are prophesy for the last days
22 Aug 2008
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casting out devils in his name "Jesus" faith in operation, false prophets, don't make up your own religion, his name is Jesus, search the word and know the will of God, grow, its easy to go to heaven
9 Feb 2009
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Daniel says he is a peaceable man, Revelations says he is a King! This is a great in depth bible study see what you come up with
18 Oct 2008
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the promise of the father, you will receive power, have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed, who is the father
8 Nov 2009
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Jesus lived and died under the law, grace came in the day of Pentecost, the feast of weeks,transfiguration a great light that will go around the world,the ,types and shadows, in the evening time there shall be light, Jews and Gentiles will be coming in, Jesus in the glorified, a great change taking place with God's people, right about now
17 Mar 2009
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revealed unto babes the divine nature
6 Apr 2009
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