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This simple 2 minutes tutorials shows how to multiply any number between 11 to 19. Calculator is not necessary. If you don't believe, watch and train yourself with the numbers.
18 Jan 2008
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This is a cool multiplication tick that i got from my math teacher. i used it on the state exams for the 7th grade lat year and thought it would be cool to use on multiple choice book 1 question #s 22, 35, and 49!
9 Mar 2008
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This is Amazing! Watch how to transform a multiplication into a simple counting of points through the drawing of a square shape. It works with any numbers if you keep the right partition. All your friends will be impressed..
25 Jun 2008
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2nd operation done, I can guess your age. Try to do it by yourself with another numbers and you will see The same result. Check it out!
5 Dec 2006
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This is a clever way to find out 9 * x using your 10 fingers
12 Feb 2007
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Watch how this nerd multiplies numbers so fast. It seems he has cracked the Da Vinci code of Math.
27 Dec 2007
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Learn math easily
20 Apr 2017
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compress the video without knowledge, and the result that is just the sound is a little late with what you see in the video. not syncronyzed but you can enjoy the video! Look this: Chorinho Brasileiro ***********/watch?v=3xLT93COQtY Easy Mental Multiplication Trick ***********/watch?v=AtgCJv4DNrY You can see the Canal Street Blues played by me ***********/watch?v=oxG_F8tQuYk This is the music of soundtrack from Age of Empires II. I'm playing in Kurzweil SP 88 X, using the voices piano and strings. The result is a great music and marcheal, its just a little late the sound with the video, but still it goods!! enjoy the video!! Enjoy!!! MSN and email: allygemellihotmail****
12 Dec 2006
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Add or subtract fractions in a graphical way. It's a simple application of the first graphical multiplication trick. In fact, you will combine three multiplications to get a common denominator. The final drawing will have a "M" shape. The upper part shows the numerator, the lower shows the denominator. This trick is NOT meant to be efficient or even useful in everyday life, it's just a graphical, esthetic way to put a calculus. I have also added some info about multiplying by zero since it has been asked before. If you don't understand the video and haven't seen the first multiplication trick, you might want to check it at: www.metacafe****/watch/296904/easy_mental_multiplication_trick
17 Dec 2006
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Michael Batts tries multiple tricks to help baby Isabella sleep. See what happens next.
30 Sep 2008
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Always thought my mental Math was hopeless. Thanks to this nerd I can now multiply numbers in few seconds. So can you. Just see this fast mental multiplication trick. There are more such tricks on his website.
11 Oct 2008
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two digit multiplication trick to solve very quick.
26 Oct 2008
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