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Ty Roberts CTO of Gracenote gets interviewed by Robin Good during his last visit to Rome. In this third clip Ty talks about the future of the music business and what it may take to get there.
7 Feb 2008
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George Howard of Loyola University, New Orleans and ArtistsHouse continues his course “Music Business 101” with a discussion of how to use common-sense techniques and entrepreneurial strategies to get your music heard.
2 Sep 2008
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George Howard of Loyola University, New Orleans and ArtistsHouse continues his Music Business 101 series with an introduction to the all-important art of marketing your music to the people who need to hear it.
2 Sep 2008
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Music Biz Answer Guy Steve Sits Down To Answer The Question How Do I Get A Job In The Music Business?
16 Oct 2008
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The Midlands Audio Institute is a part of Midlands Technical College Continuing Education. We offer a vocational certificate in Audio Engineering from one of the nation's leading technical schools. We offer courses in Pro Tools, Reason, Waves Plug Ins, Live Sound, Music Business, Digital Music Production, Music Theory and more for the serious audio engineering student. In less than 12 months you can be on your way to a new career by getting certified through our certificate program! Visit us at www.OnlineAudioClasses**** or call 803-782-6910
26 Mar 2010
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*******www.RapRich**** If you want to discover how to make money in the rap business, then check out this video. You will learn tips to make money as an independent hip hop artist. Click here to download now: *******www.RapRich**** In today's times, it is getting more difficult to succeed in the rap music industry. Here's why... Record labels replace rappers over and over again. Your managers don't really know how to get you gigs and make money. There is more competition every single year because of new artists coming out over and over again. Here's good news. Click here to download now: *******www.RapRich**** The SOLUTION is to learn basic business and promotion skills to succeed in the hip hop rap business. You don't have to dependent on a record label. You don't have to dependent on an incompetent manager. You don't have to depend on luck. Instead with the Rap Rich course, you can discover simple step-by-step tips on how to make money as an independent hip hop artist. This course is for anyone interested in becoming successful in the rap music business whether you want to be a rapper, song writer, DJ, producer, or future record executive. Click here to download now: *******www.RapRich**** To your success, Mike M *******www.RapRich****
12 Mar 2010
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*******businesscarddesignideas****/ Looking for design inspiration for your music business card? View this video and be inspired! *******businesscarddesignideas****/
3 Jun 2010
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Loren Weisman is an accomplished music producer, author and speaker based in Seattle, Washington. For more info on Loren, visit: *******www.lorenweisman**** *******www.facebook****/lorenweisman ***********/lorenweisman *******www.twitter****/theartistsguide The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business is a detailed analysis of the subjects that all musicians should understand in order to pursue a successful career in music. *******www.artistsguide****
16 Apr 2011
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*******www.musicmarketingclassroom****/partners How to work in the music business is a conversational and eye opening guide to getting set up in the music game through the back door. Video homepage: *******
25 Feb 2012
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This is a must listen to. The sequence from music business 101 real talk. Veteran industry promoter, artist, speaker and film director Kamal Imani manifest the perfect 4 step success formula for artist and musicians who are trying to succeed in the entertainment business. Check it out! Make sure you check out Beat 100 and Bless The Mic Magazine For more information/to book Kamal Imani contact Mr. Barksdale at 201-923-9213 Facebook Kamal.Imani
2 Jan 2013
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The music business control by one of the law.
12 Sep 2018
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Ty Roberts CTO of Gracenote gets interviewed by Robin Good during his last visit to Rome. In this clip Ty introduces himself and Gracenote, Gracenote, the invisible company helping your computer identify the title of all your record CDs.
9 Feb 2009
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