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Our topic is a popular investment choice: Mutual funds. Simply put, a mutual fund buys and sells stocks, bonds, other securities… But how does it raise the money for all this buying? By selling shares in the fund to people like you. The mutual fund hopefully goes on to make money, keeps a chunk to cover costs, pays the managers…THEN whatever profit is left, is paid out to you – the shareholder. There are gazillion types of Mutual funds, but they ALL have the same 3 features: 1 – They all state an “investment objective” for what the fund wants to achieve 2 – Every mutual fund has a manager – or managerS – who run it 3 – All of them offer a “reinvestment plan”, so you can plow your profits right back into buying more shares Now all this is just an appetizer of information… for the 8-course meal on mutual funds, you need a professional. Of the investment kind. From Wall Street E, of course …
4 May 2008
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******* This is a Q and A session for What are Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds Investment options.
2 Aug 2008
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*******thewaytobuildwealth**** You read that right, actively managed mutual funds suck! High fees, short tenured management, success leads to failure, paradox of choice; there are many reasons why mutual funds suck and Ethan Bloch spends today's episode explaining them. Learn more - *******www.thewaytobuildwealth****/2008/11/mutual-funds-suck-episode-12/
23 Nov 2008
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*******thewaytobuildwealth**** Two weeks ago Ethan Bloch explained why actively managed mutual funds suck. Today he's smothering on another layer of suck sauce by explaining the high fees associated with most mutual funds. Links and more info - *******www.thewaytobuildwealth****/2008/12/mutual-funds-suck-20-episode-18
9 Feb 2009
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Discover all the new tools that allow you to harness the new Zacks Mutual Fund Rank. Zacks**** Product Manager, Jon Knotts, walks your through all the resources.
17 Apr 2009
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Looking at possibly investing in mutual funds? Learn 3 key questions to ask yourself first! Money Coach, Patti Handy, shares some great tips.
5 Jun 2009
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Active mutual funds are masterful at hiding the losers. Observe the incredible vanishing mutual funds!
11 Dec 2009
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*******www.janpetreczko**** Inside this video I discuss what mutual funds are.
26 May 2010
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*******www.janpetreczko**** Inside today's video I discuss buying and selling mutual funds.
10 Jun 2010
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LnT Mutual Funds India offers great options for mutual funds investment with options like Hedge Mutual Funds,Tax Saver Funds. Visit www.lntmf**** for complete details on Tax Saver Mutual Funds,Hedge Mutual Funds,Equity Income Mutual Funds and Debt Mutual Funds in India.
13 Nov 2010
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Mutual Fund Managers Underperforming Benchmark S&P 500 Index 90% of active mutual fund managers underperform each year. these funds are 100% long in all market scenarios. Why is that good for the mass affluent—or anyone else for that matter? Yes, mutual funds are 100% long in all scenarios this is why they but stocks at the highs before they fall. SMF has accurately called tops and bottoms in equities and markets throughout 2010 and 2011, go watch the videos! Hedge Fund & Mutual Fund Managers Underperforming the S&P 500 Index Chasing Performance as "Mutual Fund Managers", "Pension Fund Managers" and "Hedge Fund Managers" continue to underperform the broader markets. Watch this live "stock index analysis" video and economic analysis presented by StockMarketFunding CEO Mario Marciano. If you compare "Index Funds vs. Actively-Managed Funds" you'll find the "higher expense ratio" funds that are actively managed have not provided the value shareholders have been paying and have been pretty lousy at picking stocks relative to the S&P 500. The S&P 500 encountered resistance near the 1230 zone, which marks the 50% retracement level between the July high and August low. This was after a Consumer Confidence Index reading of 44.5 for August; it was the worst level for the Index since April 2009. Stocks rallied higher on options expiration Friday September 16, 2011. Ben Bernanke indicated futures stimulus and/or QE3 is coming and stocks rallied as options expired for the monthly expiration. The S&P 500 index closed higher by 6.9 points or .57% to close at 1,216.01. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index closed higher by 76 points or .66% to close at 11,509. The Nasdaq 100 closed up 19.53 points or .85% to close at 2,306.09. The Dow Jones Transportation Index closed down -.2 points or 0% to close flat at 4,664.6. Those concerns translated into losses for crude oil, which settled lower by 1.6% to $87.96 per barrel. Futures sold off furiously throughout the morning, notching lows at $87, but managed to recoup some losses heading into the close of pit trade. Natural gas, which ended down 1.7% at $3.81 per MMBtu, added to yesterday's losses following this week's bearish inventory. Futures put in lows at $3.79 in early afternoon trade and finished just above those lows. Today's SMF Stocks to Watch list SMF Short & Weak Stock List RIMM ISRG NFLX MA FSLR GMCR STRA CF SOXS FAZ WLT OPEN SOHU CLF ETN POT ILMN SLBSI WTW BTU FFIV SHLD OXY DDD SMF Long & Strong Stock List AMZN AAPL AGQ AZO CME AAPL HANS CRM BLK WYNN CMG GOOG MCP IBM UA ACN GLD ROST
22 Sep 2011
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With everyone pushing you to Spend, it's tough saving for living your dream in real. Sqrrl Away makes every day saving easy, make your Sqrrl account and start investing in mutual funds from today.
9 Jan 2018
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