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Virgin Mojito or Mint Lime soda is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink to have it with snacks like French fries or served to guests during parties. Along with the best-ever vegetarian recipes and appetizers you can offer this to your friends and family members during birthday parties and make sure to enjoy this with them. #virginmojito #MyMoMsPride #kidsfavouritedrink #MocktailRecipe #MintLimeSoda #apperizers #MyMoMsPriderecipes #Pickle #chutney #foodie #indianfood #homemade #vegetarian #rice #healthyfood #cooking #indiantradionalfood #indianfood #yummy #dinner #homemade #delicious #vegan #lunch #healthyfood #foodlover #indian #cooking #tasty #vegetarian #rice #foodies #spices #takeaway #veganfood #healthy #indiancuisine #love #spice #recipes A little about virgin mojito: A non-alcoholic beverage made with mint leaves, sugar, lemon, soda, and salt (optional) is easy to prepare within 1 minute. We all like to have lemon juice with our evening snacks, then why not add a little twist to it and prepare a virgin mojito or otherwise called mint lime soda.
25 Jan 2021
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Try delicious Restaurant style Pad Thai Noodles for today's perfect meal This vegetarian pad thai noodles is continental veg food recipes that are simple to prepare with all the healthy fresh vegetables. The vegetables are stir-fried to get a perfect texture. You need to use the following ingredients to get that authentic taste - 1 bundle of Hakka noodles (easily available in supermarkets) 50g Tofu (cut into pieces) 2-3 spring onions 1 carrot finely chopped 5-6 beans Coriander leaves finely chopped 3-4 green chillies 1 cup Roasted Peanuts and ground to a coarse powder 1 tbsp Oil (or for stir-frying) 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper powder 1 Small-cap (1 tbsp ) soya sauce Notes: You can sprinkle more peanuts powder if you want. You can add other veggies and herbs like onions, mushrooms, garlic cloves and dry red chillies as required. Usually, flat noodles' are used to prepare Pad thai noodles, but we used Hakka noodles to add more flavour to it. If you're a non-vegetarian, you love this by adding shrimp and chicken. These pad Thai noodles or phad Thai noodles makes a filling meal is one of the popular dishes in Thailand, included on the menu items in every Thailand restaurant. We have first tasted this dish in Wonton restaurant to satiate our hunger prangs and came out of the restaurant with stomach-full. So during the lockdown, we tried this and showed to you the recipe when it turned out exactly how we ate in that restaurant. In the first place, Phad or pad thai noodles mean stir-fry, that is the reason why noodles are stir-fried with other veggies and soya sauce. If you want to make easy and healthy Indian recipes, that is easy and quick to prepare, mouth-watering, then this is the dish you need to opt for that defines all the words. Cravings can never be stopped when you have quick and easy recipes like pad thai noodles where its taste can beat nothing else.
7 Apr 2021
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Bobbattu or pappu bakshal, traditional Indian food recipes are also known as obbattu, holige, or Puran Poli is a sweet flat chapati (bread) made primarily with wheat flour, chana dal and sugar. It is being believed for long periods, that Puran Poli is native to Maharashtrian regions and a Marathi cuisine, But it is basically a Karnataka recipe prepared in various ways, but our favourite is pappu bakshalu prepared during festivals like Diwali, Sankranthi and Ugadi. According to the various regions, this pappu bakshalu, easy and healthy Indian recipes are known with different names like in Bobbatlu in Telugu Obbattu or Holiga in Kannada and Puran poli in Marathi Pre-cooked chana dal is used to stuff with the wheat flour outer layer that is sweetened with sugar. These quick and easy recipes (sweets) can be served by smearing a dollop of ghee and have it cold or hot. We usually love to have hot. Othere ingredients include 1 cup wheat flour ½ cup water (or as required) ¼ cup oil (to soak) for stuffing: 1 cup chana dal 3 cups water 1 cup sugar Ghee for frying and serving Know the difference between Puran poli and Bakshalu or pappu bobbattlu Pappu bakshalu is made with whole wheat flour and cooked chana dal mixed in sugar without adding turmeric to it. but Karnataka style Puran poli is made out of all-purpose flour by pressing with hands instead of rolling. They add turmeric to get that yellow texture. Tips to make perfect bobbattu, a continental veg food recipes to have during festivals Knead the dough very well to get the elastic-like texture While mixing the wheat flour dough, use oil for a better texture and to ensure the dough is not sticky. Chana dal has to be cooked and ground well after cooling, otherwise, there will be a possibility of breaking As Bobbattu, the quintessential sweet in weddings is primarily made of chana dal is good for your health too. This chana dal exfoliates your dead skin.
14 Apr 2021
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