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Let's enjoy with the mystery of science
In contention for this year's dramatic prize at Sundance Film Festival, 'The Mysteries of PIttsburgh,' is a film adaptation of Michael Chabon's highly lauded novel of the same name.
9 Feb 2008
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Sex, mystery, cheating, deception, and murder..._
10 Mar 2008
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Rogues Tavern is a creepy murder mystery in a creepy old hotel, the bar of which is frequented by a gang of smuggling jewel thieves. A detective and his newlywed bride come to stay at the hotel for their honeymoon. When an innocent man is found murdered with his throat torn out, the detective goes to work looking for culprit. His wife, sometimes smarter and more capable than he is, helps along as everyone staying at the hotel becomes a prime suspect. The house is unpleasant, and the first obvious candidate is the part-wolf canine that stays tied up outside. But while the dog is present, more murders occur. Rogues Tavern is enigmatic and enjoyable, with a cast of veteran actors on hand to work with an intriguing script. You’ll be guessing until the very end!
7 Dec 2011
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*******www.TheCharismaZone****/ Mystery Promo
9 Feb 2008
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Mystery on Chick Bait (Peacocking)
1 Dec 2008
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Discover the mysteries of the Manor by finding the hidden objects!
4 Mar 2008
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The title says it all: Murder on the High Seas is a dark, stormy, deception-drenched thriller. A story of secret lovers, money and greed is only the setup for this tantalizing mystery. Natalie Moorhead is a society lady with a dark side, who must flee from her ex-lover just getting out of the clink and who is also the son of the man she’s blackmailing. Beset by dangers, she decides to take a boat voyage for safety. Anything but safe, the situation aboard the sea vessel quickly turns murderous and everyone is a suspect. Well shot and well produced, Murder on the High Seas is sure to turn every viewer into Sherlock Holmes, as the killer (and method of killing) is ferreted out.
1 Jun 2008
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If you haven't had the privilege of being in the audience when John Van Auken is speaking at the annual Ancient Mysteries conference he hosts here at A.R.E. headquarters, our new Ancient Mysteries DVD is the next best thing.
29 Mar 2008
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Do as the title says; solve the mathematical mystery. it's solution is given at the end of the video.If you have any questions you can ask them in comments section. And plz rate it if you liked it:)
2 Apr 2008
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Sidney Blackmer (Rosemary’s Baby) stars as a sharp minded police commissioner out to solve a baffling murder in The Panther’s Claw. A creepy wig maker is caught by police traipsing through a cemetery at night, and they hardly believe him when he claims to have been sent there by a blackmailer known as The Black Panther. After a little looking in to the minor oddity, Blackmer is forced to pounce on the wig maker when his girlfriend is found murdered. But none of the clues add up, and Blackmer must search through deception and misdirection to find the truth. The Panther’s Claw is a taut and tense mystery full of plausible and engaging suspects that remains unsolvable to the very end.
8 Apr 2008
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Your vacation to London turns into an investigation into one of its most notorious mysteries ever! Explore the city through 360-degree photographs of locations such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbeyeven the tailor shop where James Bond buys his shirts! Gather clues and challenge the locals to unearth the truth behind a murderous past.
24 Apr 2008
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Join General Walker, loyal follower of Abe Lincoln, for a Civil War adventure. Search original battlefields for clues and letters left by members of a secret society. These individuals hid millions of dollars in gold, cash, and coin. Scour 20 hidden object levels while advancing through time from the Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861 to Lee's surrender at Appomattox in 1865. Cross rivers and grassy knolls to unearth Hidden Mysteries of the Civil War.
28 Feb 2009
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