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Video of my interpretation of Gregory L. Ulmer's MyStory concept
29 Oct 2007
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Room Reveal Of My Room - MYSTORY Nr21 And Gameplay Of Destiny And Others Hello World, Hello Viewers! This video marks the start of a new chapter. Now you have access to my room too. Bitly-link-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST-YT Bitly-link-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST-DM Bitly-link-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST-MC #roomreveal, #filmset, #video, #mysetup #new, #camera, #gameplay #fun, #epic _______________ My New Room _______________ I finally have a background 0:00 - ROOMREVEAL Hello World! Finally I was able to replace my old blue green-screen with a proper background. This room is basically now my background and I love it. I am not getting squished between my blue green-screen and my table anymore. 10:00 - TWENTYFIRST This is a good thing because my performance will be better in the future. This video is also my twentyfirst video and I am happy to have reached this new random milestone. My description blog post is also altered to give users the best experience possible with alternative backup links for my content. Let me know if you get a good overview of my links in the description and blog post. 20:00 - SOMEGAMEPLAY I also decided to make some gameplay of some games. So enjoy Destiny2, Doom2016 and Counterstrike Global Offensive. Let me know if you get a good overview of my room and everything behind me. 25:00 - ACTIONGAMES These games are action games but I will also play some of these nice 2d adventure games that have some pixel-art. Feel free to suggest me new games to try. 30:00 - THISVIDEO This video is special because it is my first twentyfirst video as I have mentioned before. I also must be on all social networks and platforms on the internet so feel free to suggest me some new ones. 35:00 - EPICENDING I also added my outtakes in the final section of this video. You will understand why I cut them when you watch them. I would also suggest you not to try to consume a lot of tinfoil. Yours Sincerely, ATMODEPTH
20 Aug 2020
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AMAZING Funny Incoherent Angry Asmr Gamer - MYSTORY Nr35 Asmr Tingling Triggers Gameplay But Funny A new weird funny clips montage of Asmr and gaming video scenes. New tingling triggers Asmr gaming parody video. Amazing weird funny clips montage. An epic entertainment video. #AsmrTriggers, #FunnyClips, #GamingParody, #Video, #New, #games, #noises, #epic, #mystory, #incoherent, #doom, #thecycle, #newtuber, #content, #fun PLAYLIST: https-www-youtube-com/watch?v=hIv8bCqbrhg&list=PLmhDHYU2FnYy3rOGSm6CYt3y8firviVWC&index=2&t=18m39s https-www-metacafe-com/playlist/17302-12081376 https-www-dailymotion-com/video/x7uc5ek?playlist=x6rmay _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - ASMRTRIGGERS Hello World, Hello Viewers! In this rather creative and disturbing video and blog post I decided to make some Asmr stuff but later on I changed my opinion so the video got again very random and a bit incoherent. Enjoy the chaos and weirdness. 2:30 - BLOGPOST The main focus of my content might often be videos but also blog posts so I am writing these lines. If they make as much sense to you as my video than they are like my new video. They might be incoherent. 5:00 - AUDIONOISE The reason this video is called an audio noise video thing is the fact that this video features noises that are audible. I am still trying to figure out what the sense of the video is but I feel like I won’t be able to. 7:30 - GAMINGVIDEO My newest video is also a gaming video and an art video. It is at least a weird video with a weird blog post so I could improve my writing skills. I hope you can enjoy the video because it might put you to sleep or to the mental asylum. 10:00 - INCOHERENTSTUFF I think I played some cool games and I will keep playing some so let me know what you want to see next on this weird channel or blog. Videos are epic but I also like to have blog posts to them.
15 Nov 2020
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MY CHANNEL STORY After Six Months - MYSTORY Nr42 My Social Media Channel Branding Story Update How I did so far. My social media blogging experience so far. My twenty twenty social media branding story. How I did so far and my plans for the future. #MYCHANNEL, #WHATILEARNED, #NEWYEAR, #GamingShow, #NewVideo, #doom, #howtomakevideos, #youtuber, #entertainment, #sixmonthslater, #twentytwentystory, #outdoor, #mrefoodideas, #newtuberatmodepth, #thankyoueveryoneifyoureadthistag PLAYLIST: https-www-youtube-com/watch?v=hIv8bCqbrhg&list=PLmhDHYU2FnYy3rOGSm6CYt3y8firviVWC&index=2&t=18m39s https-www-metacafe-com/playlist/17302-12081376 https-www-dailymotion-com/video/x7uc5ek?playlist=x6rmay _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - SIXMONTHSLATER Hello World, Hello Viewers! Six months ago I said “Hello World” the first time to the public and my viewers. Now, in the year 2021, I did what I planned. I analysed my experiences and the new things that I learned, counted my views and followers and decided to make this video and blog post as I always do. 1:00 - REEVALUATION Like I planned I re-evaluated the situation after six months and it did not take me long to decide that I would not want to give this up any time soon. I would go even further than that. With the amount of work I was able to put in this channel, series of videos and blog posts I decided to try to get to the next possible and practical stage of my project here. 5:00 - QUALITYCONTENT I decided to order some more pieces of equipment that everyone will see in my future posts and started to prepare for the creation of higher quality content. But most important, I decided to make more unique and creative things. 5:30 - NEWSTAGE My content setup and plans are on the next stage as of today and my creativity will be able to thrive on a new level. Feel free to be tuned to see the things that will come soon.
7 Jan 2021
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ODDLY SATISFYING PHYSICS Simulation Engine - MYSTORY Nr47 Oddly Satisfying 3D CG Physics Animation Simulation Video Satisfying physics and geometry to watch before sleep. Nice visceral visual Asmr triggers. Amazing funny animations. Coolest physics ever. #ODDLYSATISFYING, #PHYSICSSIMULATION, #NICEGEOMETRY, #Epic, #Art, #coolanimations, #funnyanimations, #cryengine, #sourceengine, #halflifephysics, #gmodphysics, #garrysmodalternative, #satisfying, #animations, #atmodepth PLAYLIST: https-www-youtube-com/watch?v=hIv8bCqbrhg&list=PLmhDHYU2FnYy3rOGSm6CYt3y8firviVWC&index=2&t=18m39s https-www-metacafe-com/playlist/17302-12081376 https-www-dailymotion-com/video/x7uc5ek?playlist=x6rmay _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - ODDLYSATISFYING Hello World, Hello Viewers! When starting with my latest video I thought I could name it something like “nice funny animations” or “cool epic explosions video” but after finding an Ai in Cryengine that looks like a very famous person, I realised that my attempt of giving my post a reasonable name where rather inefficient. I decided to just go with what the video simply is but also what it not is. Welcome to this epic post and video, I hope you will enjoy my adventures in Cryengine. 5:00 - PYSICSSIMULATION Videogames like Half Life and Garrys Mod are known for using the source engine which is known for some nice physics simulation capabilities. If the idea that this engine is better for physics simulation than some other engine is something that I can neither confirm nor deny. What I can do is to tell you that the physics simulation in Cryengine is excellent and sometimes very satisfying to not say that I love everything regarding the physics of the great framework that was once used to create the epic game series known as Crysis. 10:00 - VIRTUALENGINE The physics might be simulated and weird but I think they are mostly just satisfying. Such an epic engine is able to do whatever I wh
27 Feb 2021
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INSANE ZOMBIES MOD Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr57 New Call Of Duty Zombies On Insane Hacked Mode Cod Custom Zombies on insane mods with epic wonderweapons. Insane Zombies guns and perks mod that overhauls everything. The game will hopefully not break because of amazing stuff. Zombies on insane mode is a lot of fun. #INSANEZOMBIES, #EPICGAMEPLAY, #FUNNYMOD, #Hacks, #Cod, #zombies, #custommap, #rustzombies, #codmw2zombies, #youtuber, #gameplay, #amazingmod, #newcontent, #hackedzombies, #purechaos PLAYLIST: _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - INSANEZOMBIES Hello World, Hello Viewers! In this pot and video that starts with the same introduction as always I got into an epic custom Zombies match where some crazy people turned on an epic mod that I have never seen before in the internet. This might be exclusive although I think someone else might already have made a video about this. In case I am the first one, I am happy to show this chaos of madness to you. 5:00 - EXCLUSIVEGAMEPLAY For funny scenes you can skip to the seven minute timestamp to see more funny stuff and dopamine inducing cuts and edits. I hope you give me likes and watch-time which is a joke and meant that you shall watch my stuff. I am very diversified so if you want to follow me on my story of building this online channel-show-thing you can subscribe to all of my pages. 7:30 - AMAZINGMOD I am everywhere on the internet like those epic people who make epic content should be so everyone can see their creations. The mod shown in the video that belongs to this post changes the gameplay and makes everyone overpowered while perfecting the insane zombies. The zombies map was the epic rust mutliplayer map from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but in custom zombies.
15 Apr 2021
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THE SECRET OF MY CHANNEL Or How I Youtube - MYSTORY Nr58 How To Do Youtube Or The Best Tricks And My Story The best things I have to say about my Youtube journey so far. What happens when I syndicate my content to over fifty sites. Why I share my own content on sites like Cocoscope. New video hosting Youtube alternatives I use. #MYSTORY, #SECRETCHANNEL, #YOUTUBE, #Hacks, #Tricks, #talking, #story, #channelupdate, #hastagyoutube, #youtuber, #funnyfails, #interview, #newcontent, #youtubealternatives, #siteslikeyoutube PLAYLIST: _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - MYSTORY Hello World, Hello Viewers! Over half a year ago I started filling up all of my sites and networks with my content. I uploaded my videos to Youtube and started sharing and hosting them on many alternative pages too. I wanted the best chance of getting feedback and reaching other people that would not find my content if it was just on Youtube alone. These lines are my introduction to this post. 1:00 - TALKINGVIDEO Usually I make weird and arguably funny videos and strange hopefully humorous blog posts but today I will focus more on getting some information out there on the internet. Everybody can of course watch my latest video which is more of an entertainment video with some infos where I roughly explain what I was and still am doing here in the public web but this blog post will be primary focused on giving the information people might like. If someone is interested in a mostly consistently updated list of Youtube alternatives an amazing blogs, often with focus on crypto-technology, people can check out the “FOLLOW” section of my blogs. I have basically one of the longest lists of pages there that someone can make. It is also updated when I get
18 Apr 2021
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Hello World Face Reveal - MYSTORY Nr1 My First Video Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to my first proper post ever! If you can read this you are literate, congratulations. MYSTORY-PLAYLIST MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #firstvideo, #introduction _______________ Main Text Body _______________ For Lack Of A Better Description 0:00 - INTRODUCTION: #introduction Hello World! Welcome to the first post in a long line of videos and blogs in which I will tell you my story. I am writing these lines to let you know that I will create as much content as I can during the next few months, so don’t be confused if I break the internet. In the case this happens I apologize… In fact I am glad to announce that you are witnessing the dawn of a new “online channel series of entertainment videos” and I know that this is what I have said in my video too but I think that there should be at least some connection between my video and text content. I will be creating different types of entertainment videos as well as telling the true story of this project which is basically the saga of a guy with a camera. 1:00 - CONTINUATION: #overview I am a simple content creator, I see upload, I click! This text has to be finished at some point… So don’t be confused if this post does not become as long as the Bible (not counting the Bible’s different versions). 2:00 - WHY: #reasons You might ask yourself why I am doing this. If this is the case I can tell you that I have no idea… Just kidding! I want to have a way to express myself and to let other people participate on my journey! (not really, I simply want your money) 3:00 - WHAT: #content I will create always a video together with a blog post which I will then share to as many different pages as possible. Below this text you can find links that lead to all the websites and social networks that I use. Feel free to follow me everywhere and share this stuff or use it as your startpage if you are completely insane!
6 Jun 2020
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My First Gaming Video - MYSTORY Nr2 My First Gameplay Ever Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to my first second post ever! If you can read this you clicked a link that brought you here, I apologize. Bitly-Url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST Bitly-Url-MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #gaming, #gameplay _______________ My Second Blog Post _______________ For Lack Of A Creative Title 0:00 - BEGINNING: #start Hello World, Hello Gamers! Welcome to my first gaming video ever! This is in fact a legendary moment because you probably watched my second video ever and you are currently reading this post. If you don’t know what is GAMING on here, feel free to drop a view on my first video. I hope you have a nice day and don’t expect anything reasonable from me because I am only a weird guy with a camera! 1:00 - GAMING: #gameplay I am a simple content creator, I see upload, I click and I love to like my own videos. In fact I thought it was a good idea to start my first gaming video ever with a game that is relatively well known. I will play the one and only Destiny2 in 2020. Currently we are living at a time at which a new season is going to start and new Dlc content is coming soon too so it is a good age for gamers… Hopefully this is what will happen. However I will roam around it this game and show it to you which it the only thing I can do in games because I am a potato. Hit like if you are a vegetable too! 10:00 - ACTION: #entertainment If you like action you might also like my gameplay because I have the special ability to get disintegrated in games over and over again. You might ask yourself why I am doing this and why you should watch this. If this is the case I can tell you that this time I have an idea… I want your feedback! I must know what you want me to do next and if you like my relatively unique setup or if you prefer boring (but maybe better) setups.
10 Jun 2020
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New Destiny2 Video But By Me - MYSTORY Nr3 New Destiny2 Content Gameplay Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to this new Destiny2 Beyond Light free update test! If you can read this you are welcome here, congratulations. bitly-url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST bitly-url-MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #destinybeyondlight, #update _______________ A New Video _______________ And A New Season For Destiny 0:00 - DESTINY: #beyondlight Hello World! A small step for a game but a giant leap for a gamer! Welcome to my new Destiny2 Beyond Light quest dungeon and chaos gameplay, welcome to arguably the most lit asmr video ever in which I will try do not get destroyed as much as possible. In fact the making of this video was relatively “intense” so please forgive me if I am not the Lance Armstrong of gaming here. 10:00 - GAMEPLAY: #gaming I am a simple gamer, I see game, I play! I also thought about writing something that makes sense but I got hungry and needed a granola bar. So please drop lots of likes, comments and destroy the websites user-interface in any imaginable way. 15:00 - ADDON: #content I was tuned to see the new content in this epic Destiny2 update so I decided to try to play some of the new quests but it turned out that I had some problems with bugs (not the insects) and my inability to level up properly in games so I had to try to explore the areas that I could already access. 20:00 - FUN: #entertainment In fact I had lots of fun making this video even if not everything is perfect and sometimes I got obliterated by the more powerful enemy encounters! I got destroyed very often to be honest but that’s ok because I am suffering for your pleasure. So please enjoy this video and blog post and give me feedback if you want. And if you don’t want that’s ok. Please do it anyway.
12 Jun 2020
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A Pointless Gaming Video - MYSTORY Nr4 For Lack Of Reasons Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to this new video, I have a great message for you! This video is completely pointless but gaming. bitly-url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST bitly-url-MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #fourthvideo, #gameplay _______________ One Take Shot _______________ Destiny2 Gameplay 0:00 - FIRST: #hello Hello World! Welcome you amazing humanoids (if you are from space than hello you three fingered, grey, big eyed space beings). I hope you did not expect something other than me making a very random and basically pointless gaming video! I feel like the randomness of this video made me feel free but also very digital and I feel like a hologram (whatever this means). So I hope you enjoy the most edited one take shot video yet and hit all the buttons. 1:00 - ONETAKE: #video As I have mentioned this is my first video in which I am attempting to shoot a one take shot but this will not be relevant for you because I will edit it anyway. In this case I am writing this after I edited this video so I should say that I have edited it but you know what I man… Or maybe not. 10:00 - TALKING: #speaking Seriously? So this video and blog post will contain some more random talking so feel free to reply with tons of comments even if you see this post in the future. I also decided to improvise even more in this video so you might notice a little difference or not (which is more likely because I usually never use a real script). 15:00 - DESTINY: #gameplay Of course I did again play the great designed game Destiny2 because I like to and I can. Feel free to do something that helps me making better content so I can make more, get more views and become immortal… Or at least invincible. 20:00 - GAMING: #entertainment Here is also some gaming stuff. If you search for something relevant here… … Keep searching and tell me if you found it. So I know where I did hide it.
15 Jun 2020
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Most Chaotic Gaming Video - MYSTORY Nr5 A Chaotic Destiny2 Gaming Video Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to this chaotic video! If you had headache after watching Inception you should get some medicine now. Bitly-url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST Bitly-url-MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #chaoticvideo, #destiny2 _______________ Insert Chaos Here _______________ For Lack Of Order 0:00 - CHAOTIC: #beginning Hello World! Welcome to the most chaotic Destiny2 video with The Whisper, Multiplayer and other random gameplay. 1:00 - DESTINY: #gameplay I am a simple gamer, I see game, I play! In this video I decided to make an intro but it toured you to be more than five intros. I have honestly lost the overview so this video is very chaotic! Enjoy if possible or like and subscribe if you can and have a nice day or don’t but I’d like it if this was possible. 10:00 - RANDOM: #weird This video is what the title says. Basically weird like all of my previous videos! I hope you can appreciate the weirdness. Be inspired if possible. 20:00 - DUNGEON: #quest Destiny2 has a new dungeon and it turns out to become some type of storyline in my videos that I have to level up to be able to not disgracefully fail at this mission. 30:00 - GUARDIAN: #ghost After me in the shape of my brave guardian was killed and revived by his ghost... I decided to respawn because I can. This is probably pointless but I will write more in the future. 40:00 - EPIC: #final After my video was filled with intros and weird scenes I decided to end it after forty minutes because I can’t make my video indefinitely long even if I wanted to. Ps. If you like to see more you could annihilate the subscribe button and the notifications bell of my YouTube channel. Yours Sincerely, ATMODEPTH X - About Section: My Personal Area This is a unified part of my posts containing lists of my links and tags! Keywords: This Is Self Explainig If You Are Alive videogame, videospiel, 电子游戏, видеоигра, ビデオゲーム
20 Jun 2020
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Destiny2 Whisper Quest Jump Puzzle 2020 - MYSTORY Nr6 A New Exclusive Showcase Hello World, Hello Viewers! In this Destiny2 jump puzzle quest in 2020 I am showing you how to fail! Enjoy this nice MMOFPSRPG gameplay. Bitly-url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST Bitly-url-MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #destiny2, #thewhisper _______________ The Whisper Jump Puzzle _______________ An Epic And Annoying Quest 0:00 - DESTINY: #thewhisper Hello World! Welcome you amazing potential viewers and followers, I am writing these lines if I run out of water in the next days… Wrong movie, sorry. This is a video and blog post which showcases the complete “The Whisper Quest” jump puzzle showcase while trying to make also an entertainment video that helps people getting through this intense weird parkour mission. 1:00 - TUTORIAL: #jumppuzzle In this new video you can (hopefully) enjoy my attempts of winning in this jump puzzle singleplayer gameplay. I am not supported by any squad or clan because I do not have one. 5:00 - ENTERTAINMENT: #gameplay I did document the whole gameplay and removed some of the unnecessary failures that might be hard to watch. Feel free to support me by dropping likes on my YouTube video. Or do not do this if it makes you happier. 10:00 - SINGLEPLAYER: #single As you can or will have been seeing you can play this jump and run puzzle quiz map alone without support of any other guardian, human, awoken, exo or ghost support. 15:00 - WARFACE: #extras If you watched my videos you know that I am trying to make them as unique as possible so I decided to do something that I have not done before in my videos. I simply recorded gameplay of another nice online multiplayer fps game and added it here as some entertainment video section. So feel free to enjoy some more gameplay of Warface.
22 Jun 2020
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Warface Mmofps 2020 Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr7 A Great Free Online Fps Hello World, Hello Viewers! I will play a game that must be on every best free online fps games list! Enjoy this action loaded free Mmofps gameplay. Bitly-url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST Bitly-url-MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #warface2020, #freemmofps _______________ My First Warface Gameplay 2020 _______________ Free Mmofps Gameplay 0:00 - FIRST: #warface Hello World! In my video and blog post here I am telling my story of playing Warface in 2020 the first time properly! Feel free to have a look in this nice free online action game because it is full of nice features and epic ragdolls and if you have seen my other videos you know that I am a big fan of ragdoll physics in games! Especially the intense ones. 1:00 - FREE: #gameplay In this section in wanted to mention that I like free online multiplayer games. I love them especially when they are free and nice like Warface. So feel free to drop comments and likes and subscriptions. 5:00 - ACTION: #twentytwenty In fact this nice little big free game was made with Cryengine so if you like Crysis you MUST like it. Just because reasons but there was actually the Nanosuit in the game too. 10:00 - TEAMWORK: #online This game supports multiplayer, coop and a nice training mode so everyone gets what they want… With the exception that the want a flight simulator. That is not in the game. Not yet. But when you see how this game has cyborgs, zombies and even space mars alien robot mech stuff it might get even more things in the future. 15:00 - MISSIONS: #coop In this gameplay you can enjoy some coop with amazing people from all over the world and me. I did also showcase a bit of the training areas and missions so my viewers and readers can see most of the game modes. 20:00 - KILLSTREAK: #teamkill In the end some things escalated but luckily there is no teamkill so this game works well for people like me.
25 Jun 2020
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