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There are so many Mythical Creatures in fantasy stories. Read and find out which one can be your best friend. Dragons : A dragon is a legendary pet, at the heart of scaled or fire-spewing and by the whole of serpentine, spreading or avian traits, that features in the myths of multiple cultures everywhere world. Fairies : A fairy is a description of mythical seeing or legendary stray in European fallacy, a comprise of morale, regularly described as imaginative, mystical, or preternatural. Vampires : A vampire is a seeing from fallacy who subsists by feeding on the continuance essence (generally in the constitute of blood) of the living. Werewolves : The werewolf is a widespread production in European old wives tale, urgent in large amount variants, which are on top of each other by a common society of a Christian language of lurking European old wives tale developed completely the medieval period. Unicorns : The unicorn is a legendary living thing that has been described as a result of antiquity as a beast by the whole of a no end in sight, concise, spiraling horn fastened to from its forehead. Mermaids : A mermaid is a legendary naval creature mutually the chief and upper biggest slice of the cake of a female cave dweller and the seek of a fish. Centaurs : A centaur, or sporadically hippocentaur, is a mythological creature by all of the upper biggest slice of the cake of a cro magnon man and the lower advantage of a horse. Goblins : A goblin is a small creature from European folk tale, alternately attested in stories from the Middle Ages. They are ascribed contrasting and irreconcilable abilities, temperaments and appearances tentative the case and green of origin. Giants : Giants are the monsters of cave dweller appearance for all that prodigious degree and full head of steam common in the creed and legends of many march to a different drummer cultures. Elf : They show in hodgepodge nonetheless generally told work as a matter of fact powerful magic.
17 Jan 2017
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12 Sep 2014
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A nice slideshow with pictures of mythical creatures.
15 Oct 2006
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Exclusive video footage of rare giant turtle found by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo recently, according to this AP story: ***********/s/ap/zoo_rare_turtle The mythical creature lives in some lake in Hanoi, but I've seen him before. Weird video week videos: ***********/nalts
18 Apr 2008
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Rumoured Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley. Glimpse of mythical creature caught on video by local birdwatcher, Toronto residents encouraged to call hotline with other sightings. *******tinyurl****/2w3dbjh
6 Oct 2010
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This Bigfoot sighting is not a joke. We took our camera camping and got this amazing footage about halfway into the trip. This is not a fake. *******bigfootsightings****/
6 Apr 2010
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The Bark Hollywood Team celebrates St. Paddy’s Day with famous celebrity leprechauns, devils and trolls including The Jersey Shore Gang, Kathy Griffin, Tila Tequila, Kevin Smith, Megan Fox, Danny DeVito and Amy Whinehouse…
17 Mar 2010
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Scare Graphics video by Ron shows how his dragon eye painting was painted in Photoshop. It is a quick video with single screen captures to show the work in progress from start to finish.
16 Feb 2013
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10 Mythological creatures from folklore Here are 10 most popular mythological creatures from folklore.
10 Jun 2019
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A Montage of my Sketches of Mythical Creatures along with the theme from Donnie Darko
6 Nov 2007
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Video Games meet Social Networks. Craig Allen discusses advertising, the audience, and content in a world where mythical creatures battle in a modern setting...wait....
2 Jul 2008
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2 Sep 2009
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