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There are so many Mythical Creatures in fantasy stories. Read and find out which one can be your best friend. Dragons : A dragon is a legendary pet, at the heart of scaled or fire-spewing and by the whole of serpentine, spreading or avian traits, that features in the myths of multiple cultures everywhere world. Fairies : A fairy is a description of mythical seeing or legendary stray in European fallacy, a comprise of morale, regularly described as imaginative, mystical, or preternatural. Vampires : A vampire is a seeing from fallacy who subsists by feeding on the continuance essence (generally in the constitute of blood) of the living. Werewolves : The werewolf is a widespread production in European old wives tale, urgent in large amount variants, which are on top of each other by a common society of a Christian language of lurking European old wives tale developed completely the medieval period. Unicorns : The unicorn is a legendary living thing that has been described as a result of antiquity as a beast by the whole of a no end in sight, concise, spiraling horn fastened to from its forehead. Mermaids : A mermaid is a legendary naval creature mutually the chief and upper biggest slice of the cake of a female cave dweller and the seek of a fish. Centaurs : A centaur, or sporadically hippocentaur, is a mythological creature by all of the upper biggest slice of the cake of a cro magnon man and the lower advantage of a horse. Goblins : A goblin is a small creature from European folk tale, alternately attested in stories from the Middle Ages. They are ascribed contrasting and irreconcilable abilities, temperaments and appearances tentative the case and green of origin. Giants : Giants are the monsters of cave dweller appearance for all that prodigious degree and full head of steam common in the creed and legends of many march to a different drummer cultures. Elf : They show in hodgepodge nonetheless generally told work as a matter of fact powerful magic.
17 Jan 2017
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In a world where zombies rule and humans are but mythical monsters, there's been an outbreak. Will the zombies survive the attack of the savage humans? For more information vistit: www.myspace****/pocketknifedentistry
14 May 2009
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BY TARA GRIMES You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Scotland’s Loch Ness monster might as well fade into the fog. Time to make way for its lesser-known cousin, bownessie. A couple claims they snapped a photo of the English monster. ABC News reports. REPORTER: “A misty morning, two canoeists, couldn’t see much. But then, what’s that? A creature from the depths? A mythical monster of Lake Windermere? Said our fearless photographer to our local newspaper, ‘At first I thought it was a dog. Then I saw it was much bigger and moving really fast.” Aw, c’mon -- right? Skeptics are skewering the claim, saying it’s just a ploy to bring more tourists to the area. After all, with today’s updated technology and millions of visitors every year, somebody by now should have gotten a great picture of bownessie. A writer for Mother Nature Network says... “...this one is grainy and lacking detail - having been captured using a cell phone camera. The world still awaits the first high-definition image of what many assume could be an ancient descendant of a plesiosaur.” That hasn’t prevented media outlets from spending time and money to determine if the photo is real. The Telegraph spoke with a professional photographer who says, it kinda does look like a real photo, but the file is too small to tell if it’s been altered in Photoshop. A writer for science blogs takes a closer look... “Note that the far right edge of the picture has a different pixel quality than the rest of the image... The most commonly encountered opinion has been that it's a fake, most likely something constructed from tires or inner tubes.” ABC News puts a sarcastic spin on the story, reminding us of the countless theories, pictures and videos of the past. REPORTER: “Oh you cynics, always doubting the evidence. What about the video? A nice picnic on Loch Ness? With something lurking in the deep, or this one which British Intelligence concluded was something of quote ‘animate.’ And then the photos, one of the first. Might be the Loch Ness monster, might be a Labrador carrying a stick. This might be Nessie herself in 1934 or it might be a tree root.” Despite the nonbelievers, researchers are still diving deep into the waters and using sonar technology to try and find the monster. And the UK’s The Sun plays along. REPORTER: “Well, so far no luck. Guess it’s not the best day for finding a monster. Sun’s coming out, it could be sleeping on the bottom, who knows. But out there somewhere, I don’t know where, but somewhere is bownessie fully there.” So what do you think? Does England really have its own Loch Ness monster? 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get news with analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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Alien Storm Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Alien Storm, developed and published by Sega for the Genesis. Side-scrolling beat-em-up gameplay returns to the Genesis, this time in a sort of rehash of Golden Axe, but with flamethrowers and an alien menace instead of mythical monsters. Along with the typical beat up the bad guys stages, Alien Storm throws a curveball with run-and-shoot stages and a sort of Area 52-style stage where you blast away at enemies in a first-person perspective. This video review features video gameplay footage of Alien Storm and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Eric.
12 Oct 2012
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Golden Axe II review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Golden Axe II, developed and published by Sega for the Genesis. The sequel to the legendary Sega hack-and-slash, Golden Axe II returns with more of the same difficult gameplay and medieval fantasy elements as the three warriors Ax, Tyris, and Gilius fight their way through mythical monsters in search of Dark Guld, who is abusing the Golden Axe for his own evil purposes. Challenge the normal mode or see how long you can survive in The Duel. This video review features video gameplay footage of Golden Axe II for the Genesis and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Eric.
13 Oct 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of the arcade version of Rastan, as played on Taito Legends for the PlayStation 2 (also available for PC or Xbox). Clearly inspired by Conan the Barbarian, Rastan (aka Rastan Saga) is a sidescrolling hack and slash platformer that was released to arcades in 1987. You'll fight a variety of mythical monsters and travel through various landscapes in search of an ultimate treasure. This is a tale of high adventure! This review features Rastan gameplay footage and commentary from CGRundertow reviewer Kevin.
26 Oct 2012
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