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Export-Manga is a young company that was founded with the idea of supplying the growing market for products / goods related to the animation / manga from Japan. In this catalogue can be included from manga, anime books and artbooks to any item or article such as a watch, a T-shirt or a toy. Our concept of the company is to buy and personally guarantee the authenticity and quality of our shipments from the very heart of Japan. The people who form this group are not only simply experts on the world of manga and anime, but also great lovers of Japanese culture. That's why our concept of enterprise is more familiar and traditional. And we want that people who buy our products feel that they are really buying from the traditional Japan. That’s why we will include very soon in our website and catalogue cultural references related to the series / products that the customer purchases. Varios productos The reason for our success at a particular level and now at the enterprise level is perhaps precisely because of that concept and traditional family: our store in Shinjuku (one of the main districts of the capital, Tokyo) receives goods daily from the best known stores but also from the most specialized and bizarre. This allows us to offer customers a wide range, not just recent anime series related products but also very old products unthinkable and impossible to achieve in the West marketplace since they have been phased or print out or sold out long time ago (even decades). Nevertheless, here and thanks to the patience and collective search of “our team” we can find almost everything. The goal is then, little by little, not only to supply the Spanish and European market in general but with time to make a good campaign on the American continent as well. In fact, even before consolidate the company as such, at a particular level, our customer base covered much of the globe (from Spain to Australia). We always want to offer our customers a personal treatment allowing them to be informed of any new improvements so they can enjoy their purchases with maximum comfort. Amir Garcia Chief Executive Officer