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The surge in devastating natural disasters has the media asking whether it's a dangerous trend.
1 Feb 2012
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'Natural Disaster' was originally released acoustic style (piano and vocals only) on 07/07/07. Now a fully produced audio track and high-def video portraying a creative, confused, girl who is half-heartedly into the Goth scene. Her fascination with clairvoyance, along with a faceless Internet romance, propels us through a series of dreams. A private concert in a snow globe, a giant blue frog, and a dark alley assault lead to a disastrous ending, with a hopeful twist. Conceived and written by Michael Paul Giarrusso. Music produced in collaboration with Shaun Drew of Sotto Voce Studios. Directed by Tim Gagliardo, partnered with producer Adam Litt of Nuclear Videos, and DP Louis Normandin. Special thanks to Lilit Alexandrian (Goth Girl), Sean McCracken (Predator), Jonathan Timmerman (blu_frog), Jason Heath and Chris Nabb (The Escarpment), Linda Sweeney (piano and tolerance), Jericho Vise (Muralist), Timi Giarrusso (wardrobe), and Christopher Temkin (Consulting Editor). Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 Apr 2010
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BY BARBARA MANINGAT Devastation in Japan is making headlines around the world as the country recovers from the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that sent a tsunami crashing over the mainland. Some say it’s a tragic natural disaster, but some are wondering -- Is the moon to blame? (Video from ABC) On March 19th, the moon’s orbit will be 221-thousand miles from Earth -- the closest it’s been in 19 years. It’s called the supermoon, a term coined by Richard Nolle for when the moon’s orbit is nearest Earth - and the sun, moon and earth are all in alignment. That means the gravitational pulls of the moon and the sun combine to cause higher tides. (Video from Perigee-Syzygy) This kind of alignment only happens every 10 to 20 years -- so when it does, KGTV says we notice. “There is a precedent. The deadly tsunami in Indonesia happened two weeks before the 2005 supermoon ... Still and cyclone Tracy laid waste to supermoon year of 1974. There were also extreme weather events in the supermoon years of 1955 and 1992. ... However, most astronomers say this is just coincidence.” Talk of the supermoon began weeks before the earthquake hit Japan and one AccuWeather blogger says he didn’t believe it. But now, he’s been convinced. “I believe that the Earth may have already felt some of the supermoon's effects. It could be a huge coincidence that this earthquake was not influenced by the supermoon. But in my totally unscientific opinion, having no hard evidence to back it up, it doesn't seem like just coincidence to me.” A blogger for Discover says -- there’s no way the moon caused the earthquake in Japan. “When the earthquake in Japan hit... the moon was about 240,000 miles away. So not only was it not at its closest point, it was actually farther away than it usually is on average. The earthquake in Japan - and other natural disasters likely to happen ... are terrible tragedies. We’re not making it any better by panicking over something we know isn’t real.” Most astronomers say any gravitational effects typically happen within three days of the supermoon, but Nolle tells ABC Melbourne, the time span can be longer. NOLLE: “...[W]e don’t have to have one at the maximum close approach to have a notable affect. For example, the February 18th supermoon just passed. That one was in effect for various reasons from the twelfth of February through the twenty-first and, of course, we had the awful Christchurch earthquake on the twenty-first.” A TG Daily blogger still doesn’t buy into the moon phenomenon and says the special supermoon alignment will only make for a great photo. “Indeed, because it's a full moon, the sun and moon are actually pulling on the earth from opposite directions, weakening rather than strengthening tides. So just sit back and appreciate the view.” With March 19 fast-approaching, is more destruction to come? Or, will the supermoon just make for an interesting picture? Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource global video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
12 Mar 2011
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This video is about natural disaster safety for forklift operators and employers of forklift operators based on the OSHA safety regulations.
22 Sep 2011
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Natural disaster Landslide Utung-Utung Lut Tawar 1 person allegedly Missing dragged down the landslide
24 Apr 2017
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It sickens me to know that I used to awe at the amazing power of mother nature when watching these disaster videos, and now that I see the truth that these "natural disasters" are actually Illuminati weather warfare terrorist attacks on the general population, it breaks my heart, and enrages me to see these videos, and for the rest of my life, I will never forget this horrifying sound. Peter Pan 9/11 World Trade Centre destruction by Tesla technology? NewsTubeClips DESTRUCTIVE Earthquake DESTROYS Mexico City BUILDINGS & roads - Terremoto Sismo Ciudad de México
23 Sep 2017
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7 Oct 2017
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Top 10 horrible natural disasters that affected the world. These terrible acts of nature that were caught on camera claimed a vast amount of lives and cost millions in damage.
8 Dec 2017
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Can our city face such a disaster?
17 Sep 2006
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must see!!!
5 Oct 2008
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Every good captain knows preparation is key. William Shatner asks that you think ahead and make arrangements for animal companions in case of emergencies. For more information, check out *******www.HelpingAnimals****.
29 May 2008
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This Works Progress Administration (WPA) video documents the destruction and rebuilding that occurred after the January 1937 flooding of the Ohio River that stretched from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois. The effects of this devastating incident were increased further due to the struggles that America was already facing while in the midst of the Great Depression. While the devastation was extensive and left many people homeless or dead, it would have been further compounded without the help of the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal Agency created to provide work to the unemployed. These workers bravely and tirelessly aided in the evacuation of people from the area, the distribution of food supplies and clothing, and the eventual clean up of the wreckage caused by the flooding. This video strongly and rightly praises these workers and acts as a motivator for those employed by the WPA and stands as a persuasive justification for the funds spent to employ the workers.
24 Nov 2011
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