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a walk from the cabaña to the beach
21 Apr 2009
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MusicVideo Directed by LEONARDO BONDANI (MalditaVecindad, Caifanes, TijuanaNo, etc.). Shot on locations of Zipolite Oaxaca, Mexico. Santa Sabina is one of the most important cult-band from Mexico City, known for their dark & unusual tone. This is their first music video & their first album, produced by Alex Marcovich, at the time he was guitarrist of "Caifanes". Later the band got produced by Adrian Belew. The lyrics talk about "...nothing is going to fill the empty sea in his heart, maybe the Dead Sea will bring him back to life...". Check out the frame from where the photography of the cover of the album was taken, singer Rita's close up of her hand holding a book of astrology & alchemy.
23 Mar 2008
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A work week ends in a sweet trip to the beach.
23 Mar 2008
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Jose de Piña Palmera baila al ritmo del reggae
23 Mar 2008
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www.TheJoyofTraveling**** shows you Zipolite, Mexico. A great place to enjoy yourself with little money. Beautiful Beach, Great Food and the Mellowest Vibe around. More at www.TheJoyofTraveling****
23 Mar 2008
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a field-recording of mine with pictures Nightingale
16 Oct 2009
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Jeff Corwin speaks about wildlife, ecology and conservation to Maui, during the Focus Green Lecture Series. Jeff is from TV shows on Animal Planet and CNN's Planet in Peril. He is an innovative mind who speaks about mass extinction, in Hawaii, and in the world. Special Thanks to Maui Style Media, Hawaii Nature Center, Everett Dowling, and Jeff Corwin.
17 Dec 2009
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this is parrt of a pilot for a new show that i have been thinking about putting togther - the nudist and the natualist here is an echindna the first time i have ever seen one
29 Aug 2009
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here are the morowa politians - um derr
25 Mar 2010
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You've met Simmins Dupont, he of the bright orange shorts and unitard. Now meet his competition, who takes a more naturalistic approach to training.
25 Jul 2007
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TheSailingChannel.TV uses historic images and classical music to bring to life its review of A New Voyage Round The World by William Dampier. First published in 1697, a new edition makes this little known classic available to the modern reader. Providing the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels, William Dampier was the forefather of the English narrative. Pirate, explorer and naturalist, Dampier provides one of the earliest and most eloquent accounts of discovery and piracy on the high seas with keen observations of people, places, and nature. Dampier circled the globe three times, wrote of the wildlife and flora of the Galapagos 150 years before Darwin, visited Australia close to 80 years before Cook, and his innovations in navigational technology were studied by Cook and Nelson. A New Voyage Round the World provides a rare and exciting glimpse into life on the ocean at a time when a true map of the world did not yet exist. Available at TheSailingChannel.TV/store
30 Dec 2007
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Primarily Primates rescued nine Lemus being kept as pets in a backyard. A new habitat was designed just for them to give them safe, comfortable and naturalistic surrounding. www.primarilyprimates****
5 Apr 2008
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Réalisateur : Guillaume JULIAN (2006) *******www.guillaumejulian****/ Voici la bande annonce du film "Kamtchatka, en territoire d'Ours". Ce film est un documentaire qui relate la première expédition française qui a réalisé la descente de la rivière Kamtchatka en canoë durant l'été 2004 sur les traces de son premier explorateur naturaliste russe S. Krachéninnikov. Un film qui retrace notre parcours à la pagaie entre deux chaînes de volcans et au milieu de cette terre où l'on dit qu'il y aurait la plus grande densité d'ours brun au monde. Une aventure un peu folle qui n'avait plus été tenté à notre connaissance depuis Krachéninnikov lui-même soit 267 ans. Ce film raconte notre aventure, nos rencontres et développe notamment sur les aspects suivants : quotidien du vécu de l'expédition (descente de rivière en canoë et rencontres au fil de l'eau), surpêche des saumons et braconnage des ours.
16 May 2008
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ental handpieces gone wild? Expect the unexpected as a khaki-clad naturalist moves stealthily through the brush. What he discovers is powerful, sleek and mighty. The much sought after high-speed Solara handpiece from DentalEZ Group’s StarDental. Want more? Check it out at *******www.funnydentalvideos****/
17 May 2008
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Presentation by naturalist expert
30 May 2008
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Biography of Marty Stouffer, American wildlife expert and naturalist. Check it all out at Wild America-Online go to www.WA-OL****
1 Jun 2008
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