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There are a couple of thousand plant species found in Cyprus, many of which have been imported. There are hundreds of plant species that are indigenous, including about 130 endemics, and about 50 orchid species. Of particular interest to the naturalist in terms of plant biodiversity is Troodos forest, Paphos forest, Akamas peninsula and Pentadactylos.
1 Jun 2008
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Les roses sont si belles qu’on multiplie les couleurs, les variétés et tout simplement leur nombre. Elles sont partout, si belles, qu’on ne voit plus toujours finalement, ce qui fait l’attrait et le magnétisme d’une rose. Dans "Roses", 200 variétés de roses anciennes sont présentées. Sélectionnées par des botanistes passionnées et photographiées par Paul Starosta, les roses se voient rendues leurs lettres de noblesse. Elles ont chacune leur charme tout en conservant leur sophistication caractéristique. Intitulé "Roses", le livre renferme néanmoins une palette de nuances inestimables. On se laisse ainsi séduire par telle ou telle variété, on papillonne, on s’émerveille et on finit par vouloir s'essayer à en cultiver quelques variétés. Photographe naturaliste, Paul Starosta s’intéresse de près au vivant, à la beauté de la nature. Toutes ces nuances qu’elle renferme, il les capte, les photographie et communique ainsi dans ses ouvrages, son émerveillement pour le monde du vivant
4 Apr 2010
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The Laramie River Dude Ranch offers genuine western hospitality far from the tension of city life. Horseback riding is our specialty but we also have exceptional fly fishing, a unique naturalist program, a full children's program, very comfortable accommodations, and excellent food. Visit during the summer rodeo season or for our annual cattle drive to bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in you!
8 Aug 2008
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WATCH THE FULL MOVIE AT: *******jotv-36.blogspot****/2008/09/iron-man-2008-film.html Man is a 2008 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Directed by Jon Favreau, the film stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist and master engineer who builds a powered exoskeleton and becomes the technologically advanced superhero, Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow plays his personal assistant Pepper Potts, Terrence Howard plays military liaison James Rhodes and Jeff Bridges plays Stark Industries executive Obadiah Stane. The film was in development since 1990 at Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, and New Line Cinema, before Marvel Studios reacquired the rights in 2006. Marvel put the project in production as their first self-financed film. Favreau signed on as director, aiming for a naturalistic feel, and he chose to shoot the film primarily in California, rejecting the East Coast setting of the comics to differentiate the film from numerous superhero movies set in New York City-esque environments. During filming, the actors were free to create their own dialogue because preproduction was focused on the story and action. Rubber and metal versions of the armors, created by Stan Winston's company, were mixed with computer-generated imagery to create the title character. Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures, the distributor, planned a $50 million marketing campaign for the film, which was modeled on Paramount's successful promotion of Transformers; Hasbro and Sega sold merchandise, and product placement deals were made with Audi, Burger King, LG and 7-Eleven. Reviews were positive, particularly praising Downey's performance. The film's stars have signed on for two sequels, the first of them scheduled for release on April 30, 2010, while Downey also makes a cameo appearance as Stark in The Incredible Hulk.
25 Sep 2008
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Les lagunes du Languedoc-Roussillon abritent des milliers d'espèces que l'ouvrage "Oiseaux au fil d'étangs" propose de découvrir. Les nombreuses lagunes de cette région sont en effet autant de zones de refuge, d'alimentation et de reproduction pour les flamants roses, les hérons ou les plus méconnus chevaliers. Présentation des oiseaux, conseils pour leur observation, indications des sentiers et itinéraires naturalistes, ce livre est un véritable reportage, photographique et pratique sur le patrimoine aviaire du littoral languedocien. De l'étang de Vendre à l'étang de Salses-Leucate, en passant par les Salins de la Marette, ces lagunes offrent un magnifique spectacle qui doit être préservé.
12 Jun 2009
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******* - Whether you're nose-to-nose with Western lowland gorillas in the famous Congo Gorilla Forest, spotting snow leopards in the naturalistic Himalayan Highlands Habitat, or experiencing almost an acre of an indoor Asian rain forest, you're always within roaring distance of the world's most amazing wildlife at the Bronx Zoo. With award-winning, cutting-edge exhibits featuring over 4,000 animals, there is no other zoo in the world that offers the diversity, superb viewing, and world-renowned expertise that assures a rewarding experience. The Children's Zoo offers a hands-on learning and petting zoo. It's easy to get around the park by shuttle bus, monorail or aerial tram.
22 Nov 2008
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On this Epiphany Sunday Fr. Ignatius explains that the Our Lord manifests himself on this day as he does on the Feast of Cana and at His Baptism by John in the Jordan. And so all naturalistic ways to salvation now cease as is symbolized by the Magi, the gentile astrologers, coming to seek Christ under a new star at Bethlehem. Ave Maria!
4 Jan 2009
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This traveler class video features what to do and see when vacationing in the Lake Mohave area of The Lake Meade National Recreation Area. It’s Vegas, baby so it’s entertainment 24/7! But, it’s also, Davis Dam, Lake Meade National Recreational Area, Lake Mohave, Bullhead City, Searchlight, The Colorado River, and more. Hey, have you ever driven on Christmas Tree Pass? Here’s your chance! There’s gambling, jet skis, boating, restaurants, wildlife, fishing, motels and hotels, RV parks, camp grounds and lots more. Coming in via the Las Vegas Air Port, Captain Clint lists attractions as well as a few things to look out for when house boating on Lake Mohave or just seeing the sights. This area is one of those sought after “Something for Everyone” destinations. With the kids? Without the kids? (Ye Haw!). From the car? On foot? Rent a boat or house boat? It just doesn’t make any difference. This is a vacationer’s dream for families, couples, water sports and naturalists alike. Sure, there’s theme parks too but, we won’t go there.
4 Sep 2009
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753 b.c. city of rome founded, 1989 tienanmen square student protests began in china, 1960 brasilia became the official capitol of brazil, john muir naturalist born 1838, queen elizabeth II born of england 1926, mark twain died 1910 author american writer, red baron shot down wwI fighter pilot red fighter plane german, 1956 heartbreak hotel released elvis presley, on this date in history april 21, - www.myinboxnews****
21 Apr 2009
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The Bushy Hill Nature Center hosted an awards dinner on Friday, June 5th honoring three individuals for their commitment to the 700 acre camp and nature preserve. Lee Richter and Michael Whalen received the “Young Naturalist” award, and former Bushy Hill Nature Center Director Phil Miller was honored for his work building the center’s youth program
12 Jun 2009
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Sunspot's "Grand Guignol" is a hard rock anthem about the people who just have to make a big deal out ofeverything. Le Theatre du Grand-Guignol was where Parisians used to go to get shocked. They specialized in naturalistic horror plays that were over-dramatized, ridiculous, and over the top. It now comes to mean any gruesome or gory drama or event. We all know at least one person who loves to turn every night into drama night, and this song is for them.
30 Jun 2009
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English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to find a balance between his revolutionary theories on evolution and the relationship with religious wife, whose faith contradicts his work.
30 Oct 2009
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150 years ago this month Charles Darwin released his 500-page dissertation on what he called the “origin of species.” The British naturalist never got around to explaining how life came into existence, but he did argue that creatures change from one kind into another over vast stretches of time through natural selection. Learn2Discern! Go to *******www***ralridge****/equip and find out how you can be equipped to learn2discern media lies and deceptions. Support this ministry and help impact lives: give online or call 1-800-229-9673. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Nov 2009
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*******sbwhalewatching**** I choose to move this video from my MisterNumbers site to this Santa Barbara Whalewatching site. glad you found this fun video. My daughter is a naturalist, so we went out on the Speed Twin boat off Stearns Wharf and had this incredible magical experience with these wonderful creatures.
14 Dec 2009
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*******www.discoverhawaiitours****/oahu/hiddenwaterfallecoadventurehike_16b.html Join us for an Oahu hiking adventure of a lifetime, deep within the rainforest of the Koolau Mountain Range, reminiscent of a scene from the movie “Jurassic Park”. Surrounded by green tropical foliage, the air becomes cooler and you hear the sounds of bamboo swaying and tropical birds chirping. Cell phones and the city are far from your mind on this eco tour. Feel the mist, hear the stream, and then see a magnificent Hawaii waterfall complete with a fresh water pool beneath. En route to this oasis, your professional naturalist guide will entertain and enlighten you with facts about the Hawaii flora and fauna and tales of Hawaii myths.
8 Feb 2010
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Falsehoods In Textbooks - Ten Icons of Evolution - overview - Dr. Jonathan Wells - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4050609/falsehoods_in_textbooks_icons_of_evolution_jonathan_wells/ Dr. Wells writes a article defending his criticism against the Ten Icons of Evolution in detail here: Inherit the Spin: The NCSE Answers "Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution" *******www.evolutionnews****/2008/08/inherit_the_spin_the_ncse_answ.html#more Evolution of the Genus Homo - Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences - Tattersall, Schwartz, May 2009 Excerpt: "Definition of the genus Homo is almost as fraught as the definition of Homo sapiens. We look at the evidence for “early Homo,” finding little morphological basis for extending our genus to any of the 2.5–1.6-myr-old fossil forms assigned to “early Homo” or Homo habilis/rudolfensis." *******arjournals.annualreviews****/doi/abs/10.1146/ Harvard zoologist Richard Lewontin wrote in 1995 that When we consider the remote past, before the origin of the actual species Homo sapiens, we are faced with a fragmentary and disconnected fossil record. Despite the excited and optimistic claims that have been made by some paleontologists, no fossil hominid species can be established as our direct ancestor. My Question: HUMAN ORIGINS. Why are artists drawings of ape-like humans used to justify materialistic claims that we are just animals and our existence is a mere acc^id^ent--when fossil experts cannot even agree on who our supposed ancestors were or what they looked like? NCSE's Answer: Drawings of humans and our ancestors illustrate the general outline of human ancestry, about which there is considerable agreement, even if new discoveries continually add to the complexity of the account. The notion that such drawings are used to 'justify materialistic claims' is ludicrous and not borne out by an examination of textbook treatments of human evolution. My Response in Outline: (a) The field of human origins is actually one of the most contentious in biology, because individual researchers interpret the relatively meager evidence on the basis of different biases and preconceptions. (b) Darwin's followers--like Darwin himself--agree that humans evolved from ape-like animals. This theoretical consensus, however, owes less to the evidence than to materialistic philosophy. (c) One consequence of this philosophy is the claim that there has been no purpose or direction in the history of life. Many biology textbooks promote this view and use drawings of ape-like humans to convince students that we are no exception to it. My Response in Detail: (a) Contrary the NCSE's claim of 'considerable agreement,' the field of human origins (paleoanthropology) is actually one of the most contentious in biology. According to experts in the field, this is because of subjective interpretations of the relatively meager evidence. Berkeley evolutionary biologist F. Clark Howell wrote in 1996: 'There is no encompassing theory of [human] evolution... Alas, there never really has been.' According to Howell, the field is characterized by 'narrative treatments' based on little evidence, so 'it is probably true that an encompassing scenario' of human evolution 'is beyond our grasp, now if not forever.' Arizona State University paleoanthropologist Geoffrey Clark was equally pessimistic in 1997: 'Scientists have been trying to arrive at a consensus about modern human origins for more than a century. Why haven't they been successful?' Clark is convinced it is because paleoanthropologists proceed from different 'biases, preconceptions and assumptions.' And in 1999 Henry Gee, chief science writer for Nature, pointed out that all the evidence for human evolution 'between about 10 and 5 million years ago--several thousand generations of living creatures--can be fitted into a small box.' According to Gee, the conventional picture of human evolution as lines of ancestry and descent is 'a completely human invention created after the fact, shaped to accord with human prejudices.' 21 (b) Of course, Darwins followers--like Darwin himself--agree that humans evolved from ape-like animals. This agreement, however, represents a theoretical consensus. It does not emerge from the evidence--not the meager evidence for human origins, nor (as we have seen) the evidence from four-winged fruit flies, Darwin's finches, peppered moths, vertebrate embryos, comparative anatomy, or the fossil record of the animal phyla. On what, then, is this theoretical consensus based? (c) It seems to me that it is based largely on a philosophical commitment--specifically, a commitment to materialism, the philosophical doctrine that the physical universe is the only reality; God, spirit and mind are illusions. One consequence of this doctrine is the claim that there has been no purpose or direction in the history of life. According to the NCSE, the notion that textbooks use drawings of supposed human ancestors to justify this claim is 'ludicrous.' Yet Guttman's Biology (1999) tells students that living things have developed 'just by chance,' by a roll of the 'cosmic dice,' through 'the action of random evolutionary forces.' Miller and Levine's Biology (5th Edition, 2000) asserts that 'evolution works without plan or purpose,' so 'evolution is random and undirected.' Purves, Sadava, Orians and Heller's Life: The Science of Biology (6th Edition, 2001) states that 'evolution is not directed toward a final goal or state.' And all three of these textbooks include fanciful drawings of ape-like humans that help to convince students we are no exception to the rule of purposelessness. Some biology textbooks use other kinds of illustrations as well as interviews with famous Darwinists to persuade students that human beings are merely accidental by-products of purposeless natural processes. Raven and Johnson's Biology (5th Edition, 1999) depicts a speculative reconstruction of the famous 'Lucy' fossil after treating students to an interview with Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould, who tells them: 'Humans represent just one tiny, largely fortuitous, and late-arising twig on the enormously arborescent bush of life.' Campbell, Reece and Mitchell's Biology (5th Edition, 1999) uses drawings of reconstructed fossil skulls rather than whole animals, and features an interview with Oxford professor Richard Dawkins, who declares: 'Natural selection is a bewilderingly simple idea. And yet what it explains is the whole of life, the diversity of life, the complexity of life, the apparent design of life'--including human beings, who 'are fundamentally not exceptional because we came from the same evolutionary source as every other species.' Our existence was not planned, however, because natural selection is 'totally blind to the future'--the 'blind watchmaker.' For further reading, students are referred to Dawkins's book of that name, in which he writes: Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.' 22 *******www.evolutionnews****/2008/08/inherit_the_spin_the_ncse_answ.html#more The Truth About Human Origins: Excerpt: "It is practically impossible to determine which "family tree" (for human evolution) one should accept. Richard Leakey (of the famed fossil hunting family from Africa) has proposed one. His late mother, Mary Leakey, proposed another. Donald Johanson, former president of the Institute of Human Origins in Berkeley, California, has proposed yet another. And as late as 2001, Meave Leakey (Richard's wife) has proposed still another.,," ***********/books?id=J9pON9yB8HkC&pg=PT28&lpg=PT28 “Dr. Leakey produced a biased reconstruction (of 1470/ Homo Rudolfensis) based on erroneous preconceived expectations of early human appearance that violated principles of craniofacial development,” Dr. Timothy Bromage ******* Stephen Meyer - Functional Proteins And Information For Body Plans - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4050681/stephen_meyer_functional_proteins_and_information_for_body_plans/ The Unbearable Lightness of Chimp-Human Genome Similarity Excerpt: One can seriously call into question the statement that human and chimp genomes are 99% identical. For one thing, it has been noted in the literature that the exact degree of identity between the two genomes is as yet unknown (Cohen, J., 2007. Relative differences: The myth of 1% Science 316: 1836.). ,,, In short, the figure of identity that one wants to use is dependent on various methodological factors. *******www.evolutionnews****/2009/05/guy_walks_into_a_bar_and_think.html#more Eighty percent of proteins are different between humans and chimpanzees; Gene; Volume 346, 14 February 2005: The early genome comparison by DNA hybridization techniques suggested a nucleotide difference of 1-2%. Recently, direct nucleotide sequencing confirmed this estimate. These findings generated the common belief that the human is extremely close to the chimpanzee at the genetic level. However, if one looks at proteins, which are mainly responsible for phenotypic differences, the picture is quite different, and about 80% of proteins are different between the two species. ******* Bottom Line? The supposed naturalistic evolution of man from apes is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
20 Jul 2011
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