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Get neck lift procedure with Lifestyle Lift in two hours with much faster recovery than full facelift, with low risk of complications.
16 Jan 2009
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Here, Mr Adrian Richards, the lead surgeon of Aurora Clinics, talks about face and neck lift
22 Aug 2010
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We present our Neck Lift Video Demonstrations by Dr. Young Seattle, WA *******www.drphilipyoung****/procedures.php?procedure=necklift
7 Jun 2011
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Signs of aging can be very noticeable in the face and neck causing facial rejuvenation procedures to become very popular. The Freestyle Lift allows men and women to achieve the results of the traditional facelift procedure without the high cost and lengthy recovery time. The Austin Neck Lift allows for a more pronounced jaw line creating a more youthful appearance. Additional information can be found at *******freestylelift****.
11 Dec 2011
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Just how much is plastic surgery going to cost you? Find out here at *******howmuchisplasticsurgery**** for all plastic surgery procedures from acne scars, stretch mark removal and cosmetic surgery neck lift.
3 Apr 2012
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** Dr. David Mosier explains the process of neck lift surgery at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, Texas. Neck lift surgery is ideal for candidates that have loose hanging skin in the front portion of their neck.
10 Sep 2009
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www.northeasternplasticsurgery**** – At Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, near Morristown, New Jersey, plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fodero offers a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures to improve the appearance of the skin and face. The facial surgeries Dr. Fodero performs are face lift, neck lift, browlift, rhinoplasty (nose job surgery), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and facial implants. For more information about our facial rejuvenation options, or to contact our cosmetic surgeon, please visit www.northeasternplasticsurgery****.
15 May 2010
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Natural Soft face lift is an advanced aesthetic treatment regime that uses your personal fat or hyaluronic acid, which restores tissue in order to replenish volume and produce a lift. It recreates volume and elasticity in the entire or parts of the face, the neck and the neckline and is a scar less procedure.
11 Jun 2012
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General overview about Dr. Fechner's cosmetic facial surgery practice including culture and goals for natural and lasting results.
20 Jan 2019
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Dr. Daniel E. Rousso’s patient underwent a face lift and neck lift in order to help correct sagging in the neck area – she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror and decided that she was going to do something about it. The patient decided to have Dr. Rousso perform the procedures after asking for recommendations. She and her sister underwent plastic surgery with Dr. Rousso and were very pleased with their outcome. After the facelift procedure, the patient felt like it changed her life in a lot of ways – her self-esteem increased and she now feels better about herself. Dr. Rousso states that most patients find that facelift surgery provides them with a positive change in their lives; they are happier with their appearance and are motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He advises that individuals should not be motivated to undergo this procedure for an “event” such as wanting to get married or trying to find a new job, but rather to feel better about themselves.
21 Jun 2011
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Visit *******www.sandiegolipo****/appearances.cfm to view additional videos. Dr. Jeffry Schafer, head of a San Diego cosmetic surgery practice, discusses how laser neck and face lift is changing the lives of San Diego residents. See how the procedure, which focuses mostly on the neck, creates a dramatic change in facial contour.
9 Feb 2009
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Dr. Jeff Scott of The Plastic Surgery Center, serving patients of Tampa, Bradenton and Sarasota, shares the different facial plastic surgery procedures that he routinely administers.
17 Jun 2009
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