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Sell My Old House is a small, Los Angeles based company that buys houses directly from homeowners to revitalize our California communities.
*******www.crediblehomesolutions**** (813)774-4960 Credible Home Solutions is your local Home Buying Service. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide you with a Fast, Stress-Free way to sell your property! OUR EXPERIENCE: We are professional, real estate buyers that experience includes millions of dollars in closed transactions. We have been buying properties professionally for over a decade! WHO ARE WE: We are a professional real estate investment company that purchases single-family and multi-family homes in your area. We buy houses from people in situations like yours in any area and price range. We are not a real estate agency, and we do not want to list your house for a commission or fee! In fact, you don't even pay us anything! Whether you need to sell your house quickly, or just want to avoid the high costs involved when using a real estate agent, we can help! More and more people like yourself have gone the 'For Sale By Owner' route: you buy your sign, you place your ad, you show your home and you wait. You call back the lookers and leave messages on their answering machines. You now have acquired another full time job...selling your house. If you don't hit any snags along the way, perhaps you'll find a serious buyer and work your way through closing the deal! Several weeks pass with little or no progress. You start thinking something's going wrong. You find out there is a problem with financing. Financing? But it's supposed to be the buyer's job to get a loan, not yours! Right? And where does that leave you? Right back where you started, with a beautiful house, priced right, and not a clue on how to sell it before your personal timetable runs out. You may have a deadline to move and no visible means of reaching it. Sometimes the reasons people sell their home are great ones... a new job, a transfer, building or buying another home. Many times the reasons aren't so nice... bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure. Need to Sell My House Now Cash call today (813)774-4960 WHAT DO WE DO: We are your local professional real estate buyer that buys nice and trashy homes, apartment buildings, duplexes and triplexes, land and notes too! We can get you your cash fast! If your property meets our purchasing requirements, you can often have your money in as little as seven to fourteen days! Best of all, you do not have to do any repairs to your property. You don't even have to vacuum, dust or take out the trash! Just pick up your cash and move on with your life! We do not perform the services of a real estate agent. We do not charge you commissions. We do not charge you fees. We do not list properties. We just buy properties! Help Me Sell My Hillsborough House Fast Cash. The fastest possible sale of your home or property! To put fast cash in your hands! To buy your home or property in a respectful, ethical and efficient manner! To relieve your stress, and find a selling solution best for you! To buy your property "as is", so you do not have to do any repairs! Call us today so we can teach you to sell your home and get fast cash for your home in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Gulfport, Ocala and all of the surrounding areas. WE CAN HELP YOU TOO! We have helped people in all types of situations, with all types of homes and properties and we can help you too! Believe us, we have seen everything. We know how stressful selling a property can be, especially when you need to sell fast. We have found solutions for difficult properties and difficult situations worse than yours. We are up for the challenge. Give us a chance and you could be moving on with your life in just a week or two! There is no shortage of interested, qualified buyers looking for homes just like yours. So you could spend money that you may not even have trying to renovate or fix up the home to try and sell it... Not many people want to do that or have the funds to be able to do it, so that's where we come in and purchase and help Need to Sell My House Now Cash. Maybe you've already tried listing your house through an agent... maybe you're unsure of what all of your options really are. While it doesn't do any harm to list your home with a Real Estate agent or broker, doesn't it seem they never really have the same 'feel' for your house as you do? After all, your home is just one of the many nice, beautiful houses of all designs, sizes, and price ranges... with that sort of variety, how does your home stand out from the rest, and the more pressing question, how hard are they willing to work to sell it? Call us today so we can teach you to sell your home quick and get fast cash for your home, Need to Sell My House Now Cash No Realtor at (813)774-4960. Don't put it off any longer... We know houses aren't perfect and many times need repair. We buy ugly Tampa Bay houses As-Is and close quickly. How To Sell My Hillsborough Home Fast No Realtor. Help Me Sell My Hillsborough House Fast Cash As Is. *******
7 Apr 2013
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