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The danger in using ozone at home. If you want to generate ozone at home so that you need to watch this video first. Ozone that comes directly out of an ozone generator. Now you very often breathe in ozone when you're outside after a thunderstorm, after lighting. You know that lighting storm produces millions of ozone particles that you can smell in the air and they clean out the air there disinfect the air and they give you a massive amount of oxygen uptake but they irritate the lungs now even in small dosages. 1.) When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. Relatively low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and, throat irritation. It may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma as well as compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections. 2.) False application for example direct injection into the blood 3.) Injuries from needles and injured arteries
23 Sep 2019
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Welcome back to truly heal and our free ozone training in this video we look at ear insufflations ear treatments if you have ear infections this is a very powerful treatment which helps you very fast and it's super simple. You have your accessory bag you have two of those blunt grey needles those little needles they are very thick into or into one of those q-tips and take the scissors and cut that q-tip in half whoops. You can see it has a little hole and fits perfectly a too far away from that needle you would take this and dip it into ozone water. The effects on the dry skin are very little and the effects on the wet skin are better you would go into your ear and blow ozone through that water film into your ear. We put on our syringe into the ozone generator we set the setting 23 to 71 you need to try out what works most doctors just generally go with 42 in the middle with the gray-yellow field. During ear insufflations, ozone gas mix is slowly introduced into the ears via a modified stethoscope. The ear canal produces an oily substance which allows the lipophilic ozone to penetrate and saturate the whole brain and sinus area.
23 Sep 2019
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What do you think how strong can be needle? This experiment show you answer on this question. You can try this at home. Lot of fun.
27 Jan 2007
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Needle through arm explanation
15 Mar 2007
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Metallic needle can float on water!
25 Apr 2007
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HOW IT'S MADE needles
25 Apr 2007
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-Inflate the balloon and tie it off. (Avoid fully inflating the balloon) -Dip the tip of the needle in cooking or mineral oil. -Use a gentle twisting motion to insert the needle into the thick nipple end of the balloon and continue pushing the needle until it emerges on the opposite end. -Poke the balloon to show that is it a regular balloon. --------------------------------------------------------------
14 Jun 2007
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Amazing Trick stick needle in mouth and string and thread them while in stumuc.
29 Jul 2007
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put a needle in the balloon without popping the balloon.
22 Sep 2007
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How to float a sewing needle on the top of water.
22 Sep 2007
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Sunrise over Seattle, Space Needle and Cascade Mountains in Time Lapse. If you like Time Lapse, rate it high and I'll post more! Thank's for watching!
6 Oct 2007
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Naruto AMV with the song "Pins and Needles" Billy talent
14 Dec 2007
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