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The neoconservative agenda written before 9/11
17 Dec 2006
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A Neoconservative Manifesto.
22 Apr 2007
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Bush and his neocon cronies are LIEING!!!!
23 Aug 2007
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aybe you love Rudy or maybe you hate him. But whatever you may think of him, check out his foreign policy team, because that's the key to knowing what to expect from a Rudy presidency. Especially for candidates with little or no foreign policy experience of their own, the folks advising the candidate are key. And Rudy's team is made up, more or less, of all the guys who were too nuts or too extreme to make the cut with George W. Bush. If you really, really want to go to war with Iran as soon as possible, vote Rudy. We run down the highlights and key bios in today's episode of TPMtv ...
16 Oct 2007
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As always, Jack didn't pull any punches in todays 4:00 question. After ripping into the Bush administration and it's neoconservative enablers for reneging on every 2000 campaign promise (no nation-buliding, restoring honor and integrity to the Presidency, etc.), Jack begs the question: How much damage has the Bush administration done to the Republican Party? Let's hope irreparable damage, Jack.
8 Nov 2006
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The second issue of Wholphin includes Steven Soderbergh's intense sci-fi homage to Godard; the Japanese "Bewitched" rescripted by Daniel Handler and writers of the Daily Show; a hallucinogenic tale of murder and absolution, featuring Boris Karloff's melting head; Donald Trump channeling Citizen Kane; two Oscar-nominated shorts; a miraculous, scientific discovery 7000 feet below sea; a gothic horror mystery about an aeronautical navigator, his plague-ridden home, and the blood-sucking beast with the antiserum; American Storage, a short that is soon to become a feature; an instructional video on "poke-poling a monkey-faced eel"; and a special moment with Andy Ritcher. This issue will also include a free bonus disc containing Part One of Adam Curtis's highly acclaimed documentary, The Power of Nightmares, which follows the simultaneous rise of Islamic fundamentalism and American neoconservative thought. 14 films. 157 minutes. Includes bonus disk! 40 pages of interviews and more. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Jun 2008
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