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This is a carved ivory of tiny sculptured named Netsuke. Hand carved out of the extinct woolly Mammoth Tusk. This Netsuke of Buddha with children is carved to perfection. Like Netsukes browse huge collection at *******www.ivoryandart****
16 Apr 2011
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Mammoth ivory netsuke of FUKUROKUJU - one of the seven lucky gods. FUKUROKUJU is the god of longevity wisdom & health. In this video we see how the master carver - sculptured FUKUROKUJU among one of his student while teaching him from his wisdom. This video is from the netsuke collection of: *******www.ivoryandArt****
4 Jan 2009
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An amazing set of Eight Horse all carved out from Mammoth ivory Tusk. Eight horses Netsukes symbolized success. Browse our Netsuke collection a - *******www.IvoryAndArt****
21 May 2009
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What an amazing Netsuke of 2 young Musicians. Carved out of High Quality Mammoth Ivory Tusk & Sign by the artist.Browse our Netsuke Collection at;*******www.IvoryAndArt****
2 Jul 2009
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In this cool video you can see Jurojin - one of the seven lucky gods of Japan with his student. This Netsuke is Hand Carved out of Mammoth Ivory tusk & Signed by the artist.Browse our Netsuke Collection at:*******www.IvoryAndart****
2 Jul 2009
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Mammoth Ivory Carved Netsuke all made out from the extinct woolly Mammoth Tusk. This Netsuke is hand carve by Master Carver & signed by the artist.This Netsuke is for Luck Abundance & success.Browse our Netsuke collection at *******www.IvoryAndArt****
6 Jul 2009
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Wow... a master piece in ivory carving. Erotic netsuke of Naked Ladies head & when open the head you see kamasotra couple. all made out from mammoth ivory tusk. Browse all our Erotic Netsuke Collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
7 Jul 2009
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The master carver wat to wish you success & aboundance so he Carved for you On the precious Mammoth Ivory tusk - a netsuke of laughing buddha lying with Chikdren Holding antique Money.Browse our Netsuke collection at:Http://www.IvoryAndArt****
7 Jul 2009
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Beatifuly Hand Carved Mammoth Ivory netsuke of buddha for love & Success. This Piece is carved by Master carver & Signed by the artist.Browse our Netsuke collection at:*******www.IvoryAndArt****
9 Jul 2009
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Mammoth Ivory Carved Netsuke of Father & his Son Holding huge Peach. This Netsuke is Hand Carved by Master Carver & Signed by him. Browse our Carved Ivory netsuke: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
11 Jul 2009
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Hand Carved Mammoth ivory netsuke of Two Children Riding on Huge Fish & a Lotus Flower. This piece of Children & Fish is For Luck & purity. This Amazing Netsuke is Hand carved By Master Carver & Signed By The Artist. Browse all our Amazing Netsuke Collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
13 Jul 2009
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Carved Ivory Netsuke Made out from Mammoth Ivory tusk. Mammoth Ivory tusk are absolutely legal worlwide. this netsuke Of Mother & her son feeding Mother Hen & her Chick. Browse our Carved Ivory Netsuke.
15 Jul 2009
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Another amazing Mammoth ivory netsuke of grandfather & his grandson with a bundle of wood. This Mammoth ivory netsuke is hand carved by Master carver to Perfection. This netsuke is signed by the artisT. Browse our netsukeS at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
19 Jul 2009
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Amazing Carved ivory Netsuke of Grandfather & his Grandson Fishing together. We can see the fish on the rope, the Jar for the catch & grandpa smoking a pipe. Netsuke carved out of Mammoth Ivory Tusk. Browse our collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
8 Aug 2009
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Outstanding Ivory netsuke Carving of Father & HIS 2 SONS CATCHING fish. Take a good look in the net & you will see the mouth of the fish sprout. The Netsuke is made out from Mammoth Ivory Netsuke. Browse our Netsuke collection - *******www.IvoryAndArt****
20 Aug 2009
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Outstanding complete set of Ivory carving Netsukes - the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac in palm. Each Animal is hand carved & signed by master carver. Look at the details of the human palm. browse our Netsuke collection at *******www.IvoryAndArt****
15 Sep 2009
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