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Modern medicine has still not managed to crack the problem of spinal cord injuries that result in significant paralysis or loss of functional status. There are numerous factors that influence the inability to restore movement or autonomous bodily control to these patients. A prominent example of these is the inability to cultivate new neurons that make up and power the spinal cord.
23 Aug 2018
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It is clear that mistakes are somehow registered and processed in the brain. This is because errors result in behavior-based reactions such as moving to correct them and slowing down slightly while working so as not to risk making them again. evolving-science (dot) com/bioengineering/single-neurons-00874
20 Dec 2018
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Attack of the neurons Produced by Windlevel
16 Jan 2009
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From the CTIA 2010 show floor, Andrew Moore-Crispin learn's about Nokia's latest feature phone cum smartphone, the Nokia Neuron 5230. A Internet video series by butterscotch****.
26 Mar 2010
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Autism Is Mercury Poisoning Watch Footage of Neurons Being Destroyed!
9 Sep 2011
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Centro terapéutico de la lesión neuronal -Vigo - Clínica Alberto Guitián. Somos un centro terapéutico especializado en neurorehabilitación, con un equipo multidisciplinar, consistente en fisioterapeutas neurológicos, terapeuta ocupacional, logopedas, asesor nutricional, ortopedista, podólogo y psicólogo formado específicamente en rehabilitación de las capacidades cognitivas, la atención y la memoria. Las sesiones son personalizadas e individuales, con tratamiento totalmente manual. También realizamos trabajo intensivo con la familia del paciente y ofrecemos la posibilidad de asistencia domiciliaria y tratamientos grupales. Nuestras instalaciones están ubicadas en Teixugueiras, zona viguesa excelentemente comunicada y con gran número de plazas para personas con discapacidad cerca del centro, y sin ningún tipo de barrera arquitectónica. *******video.plenummedia****/centro-terapeutico-de-la-lesion-neuronal-vigo-clinica-alberto-guitian
9 Feb 2012
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PEMF therapies have been proven effective at regenerating nerve tissues, way back in 1970s. But, these techniques were not widely accepted by medical practitioners due to their simplicity and low cost, until recently, it gained huge success and attention. Various studies in this regard show PEMF with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy is an effective treatment to improve condition of patients with Motor Neuron disease.
28 Jul 2017
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Created by RIT School of Film and Animation student Nicolas Baish. Graduate Thesis 3D experimental.
10 Apr 2009
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This set of videos uses information that I acquired from a Physiology of Drugs class I took at UC Davis with Dr. Liets. I took this class during the spring time 2009. The information in the videos may not be 100% accurate for a couple of reasons. First of all, the information is 1 year old, and second of all I am not an expert on any of these drugs, so it is possible that I may have misspoken a few times. Also, my intention in this set of videos is also not to tell people whether or not they should take drugs--I just wanted people to have a clear understanding of the effects of certain drugs.
11 Jun 2010
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4 May 2011
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Glimpse the #1 home learning method thats been featured on many chief networks here: *******www.HumanAnatomyCourses**** and while your here down load your complimentary 3d human anatomy computer software just for stopping by.
30 Apr 2013
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Music video for the album Song of the Neurons
5 Oct 2007
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