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Dr. Cerullo discusses another common type of benign brain tumor, acoustic neuromas. Patients with acoustic neuromas frequently present as a result of loss of hearing in one year, the most common symptom of this benign tumor located on the nerve that controls hearing and balance. Listen to learn more from a neurosurgeon with over 30 years of experience treating this type of tumor.
9 Jun 2009
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Dr. Cerullo discusses another common type of benign brain tumor, acoustic neuromas. Patients with acoustic neuromas frequently present as a result of loss of hearing in one year, the most common symptom of this benign tumor located on the nerve that controls hearing and balance. Listen to learn more from a neurosurgeon with over 30 years of experience treating this type of tumor.
3 Jun 2009
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Dr. Gail Rosseau, board-certified neurosurgeon and U.S. Surgeon General candidate, discusses the prevalence and most common symptoms related to pituitary tumors. Vision disturbances and symptoms related to the overproduction of hormones are two of the most serious symptoms which may require a surgical intervention. Surgery for pituitary tumors is performed through the nose using a small endoscope to extract the tumor with no visible incision. Surgery for pituitary tumors, in experienced hands such as Dr. Rosseau’s, typically takes 2-3 hours and most patients stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.
22 Jun 2009
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This is a video of a patient with Broca's aphasia from the Wisconsin Physio Dept website. *******
16 Sep 2009
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Step your science game up, Mark.
19 Dec 2009
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An introduction to The Success Zone - the place in your brain where success lives. The Success Zone is where you are collaborative, bright, optimistic and creative. This happens when activity in your brain is occurring in particular regions.
23 Mar 2010
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BY MEGAN HOPPER Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are... Can you remember the rest of the lyrics? Even after being shot in the head at point-blank range two months ago, U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords does. Initial reports claimed the 40-year-old congresswoman from Arizona was dead after suffering a bullet to the brain on January Eighth. However, Giffords can now mouth the words to several popular children’s, jazz, and rock songs due to a pioneering music therapy technique. Although Giffords has not fully regained her speech, she continues to improve while undergoing rehabilitation at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. CBS News asked Giffords’ lead physician, Dr. Gerard Francisco, to explain why Giffords can mouth the lyrics to full songs but only speak a few words. “One it could be that the part of the brain that governs language is different from the one that governs singing or music. Or they can be in the same location; however, it might be easier to recall music.Things that... Especially songs that we have over-learned in the past since they are overlearned it’s easier for one person to remember those rather than speak it.” Doctors hope the success of music therapy indicates Giffords will be able to regain her full speaking ability. ABC News correspondent Dan Muir explains why: “Remarkable today because doctors say singing on the right side of your brain, speech on the left. And by doing the singing it can help to reignite because it is woven, interwoven. Similar regions, different parts..” A writer for The Telegraph says the ability to mouth the lyrics of songs is just one more milestone Giffords has reached that defies the initial expectations set forth for her recovery. “ was widely presumed that she would spend the rest of her life in a vegetative state. Since then though, she has confounded all expectations, partly through what doctor’s describe as a sheer willpower on her behalf.” Doctors and family members aren’t the only ones impressed by Giffords’ recovery. A writer for blog4change also applauds Giffords’ strength. “Just reading about Gabrielle singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star brought tears to my eyes. This is one incredible, determined woman...” Giffords’ husband, U.S. Astronaut Mark Kelly, is so impressed by her progress, he hopes that she will be in good enough shape to travel to Cape Canaveral, Florida in April to see the launch of the final space shuttle mission under his command. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your day. Get more multisource business video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
12 Mar 2011
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We've all heard that Thoughts Become Things, the thing which is not understood is HOW. This law of attraction film shares incredible insights on how the power of thought shapes everything in our lives and teaches secrets on how to harness the power of your thoughts to manifest and create the reality you want in your life. For more information go to www.Howthoughtsbecomethings****
4 Oct 2011
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Collapsing the layers separating the neuron from the finished symphony, Imagine reveals the deep inventiveness of the human mind, and its essential role in our increasingly complex world. Did you know that the most creative companies have centralized bathrooms? That brainstorming meetings are a terrible idea? That the color blue can help you double your creative output? Shattering the myth of muses, higher powers, even creative “types,” Jonah Lehrer demonstrates that creativity is not a single gift possessed by the lucky few. It’s a variety of distinct thought processes that we can all learn to use more effectively. You’ll learn about Bob Dylan’s writing habits and the drug addictions of poets. You’ll meet a Manhattan bartender who thinks like a chemist, and an autistic surfer who invented an entirely new surfing move. You’ll see why Elizabethan England experienced a creative explosion, and how Pixar’s office space is designed to spark the next big leap in animation. Find out more at *******www.jonahlehrer****
23 Mar 2012
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Anyone who has spent time working for a large organisation will have come across the management fad – the supposed panacea that will make everything better. From Myers-Briggs to Hartman’s Colour Codes management fads run the full gamut of pseudoscientific nonsense, wasting time and money by forcing people to go on pointless training programs that make no difference whatsoever.
26 Jun 2019
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Kennedy Krieger Institute Study Enhances Understanding of Brain Plasticity and Motor Skills, Signaling Advancements for Future Rehab Practices In a study published in the August issue of Nature Neuroscience, researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland found that there are separate adaptable networks controlling each leg and there are also separate networks controlling leg movements, e.g., forward or backward walking. These findings are contrary to the currently accepted theory that leg movements and adaptations are directed by a single control circuit in the brain. The ability to train the right and left legs independently opens the door to new therapeutic approaches for correcting walking abilities in patients with brain injury (e.g., stroke) and neurological disorders (e.g., cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis).
7 Aug 2007
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Most Patients Released From Hospital Within 24-48 Hours A 32-year-old east Texas man is the first brain tumor patient in the region to benefit from a unique surgical procedure that removes pituitary tumors without making incisions in the skin. Sabatino Bianco, MD, a Trinity Clinic neurosurgeon and the Director of the Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute, is the first and only neurosurgeon in the region to offer patients an endoscopic transsphenoidal hypophysectomy (ETH). The procedure allows the removal of pituitary tumors through the nasal cavity.
18 Oct 2007
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First FDA-Approved Artificial Disc For The Cervical Spine Now Available In Texas Sabatino Bianco, MD, Trinity Clinic Neurosurgeon and Director of the Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute is the first in the region to offer a new FDA approved cervical arthroplasty implant that can provide some patients a chance to maintain motion in their necks following surgery for cervical degenerative disc disease.
18 Oct 2007
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13 Jan 2008
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Patients of Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute and Texas Oncology-Tyler are among the first in the nation to have access to state-of-the-art radiation equipment that provides faster and more accurate treatment for a wide variety of cancers. Trinity Mother Frances and Texas Oncology-Tyler are among of the first facilities in the United States to acquire the technology, the Novalis Tx™ stereotactic radiosurgery system. Novalis Tx is a powerful radiosurgery and radiotherapy system that penetrates deeper - and faster - into the body to treat tumors considered inoperable. The system's platform also allows for intricately customized settings that enable treatments to be highly targeted and accurate. The technology is brought to Tyler as a joint venture between Trinity Mother Frances and US Oncology. Texas Oncology is part of the US Oncology network, which provided Texas Oncology-Tyler with the multimillion-dollar capital investment in the Novalis Tx equipment. The agreement with Trinity Mother Frances allows the hospital's neurosurgeon to work hand in hand with radiation oncologists from Texas Oncology. To view more Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/tmfhs/34021/
26 Aug 2008
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*******www.seminarinsiders****/release_the_entrepreneur_within.html Who is Barry Braun? Unique – Barry is like no one else you will meet. He teaches and helps you produce like no one else does. Experience at Growth - Barry helped Montreal Trust increase market 300% in 5years Disciplined – Barry started his career as an engineer in the Navy Business Experience – Barry been CEO of several international businesses over his 20 years of experience Barry Clientele – Barry works with CEO and senior managers. Clients include CEO, Presidents, Serious Inspiring Business Students, Higher Level Manager and Associates of companies including HSBC, Telus, Maratime Life, Assante, Michelin, Royal LePage and Berkshire. What is Barry Secret – Braun’s processes, methods and understanding in business come from a long career as a successful entrepreneur as well as his study of multiple disciplines. His diversity of knowledge in psychology, mythology and neuroscience gives you access to both your conscious and unconscious mind, allowing you to create and make a vision of your business that you are truly connected to. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – He is a certified practitioner and believes strongly is using these techniques coming from a background of a area and science
15 May 2009
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