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Sue Freeman talks about the importance of Spay / Neuter and TNR, trap, neuter and return for cats. Please visit Sue's Guide to Rescue Cats at www.RescueGuide****
11 Jan 2008
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Spay or neuter your dogs and cats. Friends of Animals. Video distributed by www.tubemogul****
15 May 2008
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NEUTERING, from the Latin "neuter" (neither), is the removal of an animal's reproductive organ, either all of it or a considerably large part of it. It is the most drastic surgical procedure with sterilizing purposes. The process is also referred to as CASTRATION for males and as SPAYING for females. Colloquially, it is often referred to as fixing. In male horses, the process is referred to as gelding. Unlike in humans, Neutering is the most common sterilizing method in ANIMALS. Republicans - if John McCain is your "DEFAULT" candidate - get ready to be NEUTERED!!
12 Jul 2008
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Watch as Big Cat Rescue staff and volunteers neuter TJ the tiger. TJ was rescued from Savage Kingdom that was a well known breeding facility producing what we call "throw away tigers" so many tigers are born lame and cross eyed from the inbreeding that's required in order to produce white tigers. Whilst we were neutering TJ we took the opportunity to do a full examination of him which included taking blood for analysis and giving him an I.D microchip. For more information visit: http;//www.bigcatrescue**** For more information about the Savage Kingdom rescue visit: *******www.bigcatrescue****/video/b42... THANKS FOR WATCHING!
6 Dec 2008
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Spaying And Neutering by JANET COMBS *******www.special-dog**** - With Over 40 Years of Personal Experience, and over 14 Years as a Professional Breeder, and with the Ideas Developed from Extensive Research's over that time Here are My Recommendations For Every Pet Lovers.
17 Mar 2010
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Glee's Jane Lynch tells everyone to spay or neuter their dogs and cats and also includes some personal hygiene tips in her peta2 TV ad. Read More: *******
13 May 2010
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Actor Jane Lynch puts her own comedic spin on an ad for PETA and asks dog and cat owners always to have their animals spayed or neutered.
13 May 2010
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***********/watch?v=6qy0za07k-8 Looking for the best spay neuter pet Vet for Holiday Florida? Call 727-785-7200 for low cost spay neuter pet veterinarian for dogs & cats in Holiday Florida.
30 Jun 2010
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Attention California Pet Lovers -- Help reduce pet overpopulation with the CA Spay & Neuter License Plate! Spay & Neuter Saves Lives! The California Spay & Neuter license plate, sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Board, provides a fun and easy way for pet lovers to help reduce pet overpopulation. Proceeds from the plate provide funding for free or low-cost spay & neuter surgeries across California, and also help to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering. A sequentially numbered plate is just $50. A personalized plate, whether a new request or a transfer for an existing personalized plate, is $98. These fees are additional above your normal registration fee. The California Spay & Neuter License plate artwork was created and donated by international actor, artist and animal lover Pierce Brosnan. It is a painting of two of the animals he and his wife Keely have adopted... Shilo the dog and Coco the cat. Speakers include Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Judie Mancuso, President of the California Spay and Neuter License Plate Fund, Los Angeles Councilmember Richard Alarcon, Linda Starr of the California Veterinary Medical Board and Pierce Brosnan. Food for the event was donated by Native Foods. Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in California's animal shelters each year simply because there are not enough homes. The simplest and most responsible act that a pet owner can take to help alleviate this crisis is to spay or neuter their pets. The program will be managed and administered by the California Spay and Neuter License Plate Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Foundation's volunteer board members include Judie Mancuso, Dr. Gary Michelson, Keely Brosnan, Ellen Lavinthal, Lisa Avery, Esq. and two representatives from the California Veterinary Medical Board: Vice President Dr. Stephanie Ferguson and former Board President Linda Starr. Please visit: *******www.CaSpayPlate**** Video produced by Jeff Fleiss
14 Aug 2010
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*******northcountyspayneuter**** - Call our office today at (858)748-6388. At North County Spay Neuter Clinic our team is dedicated to providing the most passionate and individualized patient care. Our clinics offer low cost spaying/neutering, vaccination and dental service. In addition we do minor surgeries in order to treat and provide convenience to every patient. The two clinics serve the surrounding communities of Poway, San Diego and Borrego Springs, CA.
13 Feb 2013
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Spaying and Neutering is one of the most important health procedures for you to consider as a pet owner. Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital is the best Spay And Neuter Clinic in Abbotsford.
28 Jul 2019
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Watch as Laura Valpey and Beth Hoyt bring you REAL pet news that proves the truth is stranger than fiction. This episode: Bear-ly a Safari Hooters: Great, Big Heaving Philanthropists GatorAid Russian To The Grave MOSCOW CABLE COMMERCIAL Monkey See, Monkey See Better Camel-Woe Starring Dick Van Dog NEXT WEEK
24 Sep 2007
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By JANET COMBS *******www.special-dog**** - With Over 40 Years of Personal Experience, and over 14 Years as a Professional Breeder, and with the Ideas Developed from Extensive Research's over that time Here are My Recommendations For Every Pet Lovers.
22 Mar 2010
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Cloris Leachman promotes safe sex―for animals―and urges all dog and cat guardians to have their animals spayed or neutered.
29 May 2010
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******* Woodstock Vet Clinic on Spaying and Neutering Your Animals
29 May 2011
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