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Clear, running, potable water might not be something first-world countries struggle for, but in poorer countries, it can mean the difference between life and death.
26 Sep 2019
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29 Apr 2017
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The donkey story is about men who really never understand what women are saying to them most of the time. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jun 2009
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Shelter Dog Training We realize that remote dog training is a very controversial topic. Most of the Controversy lies with the uneducated. At "Sit Means Sit" Dog Training, we don't only explode the myths of remote dog training, but we believe in actually 'showing' it in visual picture, to take you well beyond 'theories'. Dog training 'theories' are really put to the test when the actual training of the dog takes place. In today's remote dog training lesson, we are going to explode a few dog training myths about remote dog training, and other things. Now that I have everyone's attention, these are some of the myths that you will see. Myth number 1. "You cannot 'teach' with a remote collar, it is only used to reinforce known commands". Not only is this untrue, but until you learn how to 'teach' with it, you will never understand the unlimited potential of this wonderful training tool, and learn the powers of having your dog with the best possible attitude, and for the longest period of time. How will we show you this?? The dogs in the video that you are about to see, are right out of the shelter. It is literally impossible for all of the dogs that you are about to see, to have known the variety of behaviors that we are about to show you, and for them to have known it at that level. If they had, they all wouldn't be in the shelter in the first place. Our shelter dog training has obviously helped adoptability tremendously. The second thing that you will see here, in regards to 'teaching', is that you will notice that neither of the trainers, are saying a word to the dog. They are obviously 'teaching'. We do not allow pulling on the leash, and since we are an off-leash remote training company, it would not make sense for our locations to get well-versed in leash tugging, since a leash will be non-existent shortly anyway. "Sit Means Sit" Dog training regularly donates their time to help dogs get adopted. We do not allow any raising of your voice in our training. Fred Hassen is the background voice heard in this video, during his teaching of the Ronald and Morris, who are new locations to the growing "Sit Means Sit" dog training locations around the country and Canada. There are presently 99 locations, and this is just a part of the three week training process. This is part one of a 2 part video, both of which were taken on the same day.
15 Jan 2007
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the art that i will never understand
28 Jul 2007
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TV Report: 4000 Germans Converted To ISLAM Last Year! The like as Christian educated Dr. Lühr went over before approximately two years to the Islam.. Five times on day prays Dr. Lühr direction Mekka . The Islamic prayer rite is firmly into its routine of the day integrated. But that was not always like that. The 46 year old physician was educated like as Christian, could however never understand itself God as three-agreement, consisting of father, son and holy spirit. In discussions with Muslims it approached the Islam and is converted before approximately two and a half years together with his wife. Some beginning problems had Christian acquaintance to accept his crossing. But in the meantime he has both: Christian like Muslim friends. - The Islam was the first religion, which has for me a clear logical explanation of God - , says dr. Lühr. - Islam is called devotion under the one God. And Muslim is called to serve this God. - Dr. Lühr is not alone. In the past year 4000 people in Germany went over to Islam
3 Nov 2008
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8 Dec 2008
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23 Mar 2009
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Italy faced a massive earthquake that broke the peaceful silence of the dawn.. The magnitude 6.3 quake... killing 230 and injuring 1,000... We would never understand the amount of pain you are going through, but we would like to share the pain and mourn beside you. We hope that you will get through this hard time.. South Korea is here to support you...
8 Apr 2009
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Warren Spooner was born after a prolonged delivery in a makeshift delivery room in a doctor's office in Milledgeville, Georgia, on the first Saturday of December, 1956. His father died shortly afterward, long before Spooner had even a memory of his face, and was replaced eventually by a once-brilliant young naval officer, Calmer Ottosson, recently court-martialed out of service. This is the story of the lifelong tie between the two men, poles apart, of Spooner's troubled childhood, troubled adolescence, violent and troubled adulthood and Calmer Ottosson's inexhaustible patience, undertaking a life-long struggle to salvage his step-son, a man he will never understand.
28 Jul 2009
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French movie "Amour de femme". Part VI is available under the username alittlesouth (don't ask me why I chose this, you'd never understand what goes on inside my head, trust me... not even I do). It's tagged as private, as an extra touch, since it has an, ahem... intimate scene between the main characters. So, send my alter ego a friends invitation if you wish to keep watching it. There is an alternative way, where the video size is a bit smaller than here on YT (if you think I'm taking too long in sending you the vid, or think I'm too much of a bitch, or think it's too much trouble to follow the other way, or the private vid is being problematic, or whatever, then this should be perfect.Nobody reads this stuff, because nobody told me the other link wasn't working anymore. Here's an updated link... for the rare soul that actually reads this): *******www.4shared****/file/14109110/c79261a1/part6.html For subtitles, go here (be sure to scroll down the page): *******www.mysubtitles****/subtitle/combats-de-femme-un-amour-de-femme_81180_4252_1.html#subtitles_beginning
23 Nov 2009
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19 Jan 2010
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