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*******www.junkmyride**** - "White Rice" Random white Acura Integra rice cruisin' the mean streets. Fart cannon exhaust with only 1 cutout removed on the dual exhaust designed bumper. I'll never understand that shit. Nice duct tape holding the rear bumper up pal.
26 Mar 2010
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Woman...why you never understand technology?!
21 Sep 2010
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4/2/11 168 CHRISTIAN FILM FEST, morning session..good morning showing of's some of the verbatim...[ it prob. won't fully fit here, so go to the following website for more info: *******hearingtheword2.posterous****/4211-some-verbatim-from-168-film-fest-final-d ] [this is unedited, incuding typos..last year I posted little clips of each vid, trying to promote the faith, & advance the kingdom..but I'm noticing more "copyright" claims at the end of these films...(I never understand "Christians" who claim copyrights on "Christian" material) I might not be posting vid clips..even tho I want to promote the faith..some of these "industry" people can be seriously uptight about this stuff (I remember a few messages from last year)...(which is a shame b/c the true Christians who want their stuff promoted for Kingdom purposes, may get left out..its too much of a danger for me..on YouTube..getting one more strike could lead to my entire 15,000 plus video website being shutdown) Here's my notes & some verbatim from the morning "...Pat hussion, rescued..hello ..broken down car..manw wagon.."the end is near"...hey help ..don't need no help..out of gas? Parking bbrke is off..loose gear? End is near for high prices ..poke around...won't fit wagons full.....horn works....wipers..trunk..where find this..get rid of it..why matter..look..tried it...if u ru help me..back off ols man....what s he got in trunk..what's ur name city boy..well adam....trunk is smokin..this box always with .e...parties..drunks..all in the wrists takes box out of runs leaving deadwood..end is near..karen eachus ------------------------I'm not on gallows..method acting, boot to act, act to live..look..a hanging..let me go I will never act again..hey boys..j get to be sheriff .***nsider this commitment one last time..real this your woman ? ...whay u expext ..expected tea ..snake in my boot...honey that's funny...only cure we know of is..hanging..I'm an alien..u can't find it..method acting cult of some kind..checking w your agent..I'm an actor..I'm stella steinberg..this town has no horses ..judge hy cell..planted on me ..I lost my husband....chhris shawn shaw...1 samuel--------------- Nellike van dijk----------------Rev 3.20 gary emrick Revelation zone.."gave him wrong time.." billy & tilda.***uld be u the viewer..lukewarm...all could change.**** could save their lives..they think they r waiting for phone call ..under table..piece of gum..hello..aunt lily..its tilly ..not a bomb, just a test call they hung & tilly..not going to make it..u shhh.u shhh..I may lose my job..ring u dumb thing..if lose job, lose lebanon..crying ..tissue..knock on door ..peter jeaton--------- Verse from Isaiah..kid eat cereal...cupcakes..I'm cuttin u off mmgive me your keys..divorcd in duplex..graduation..."not your fault"...have to go..back at house..rips..pounds wall..takes his mouse..pounds hole in door..they reconcile..give him grad robe..judith shelton..vance sanders, --------------she's in surg..crit***nd..hurt badly..doing all we can...bad maloy..sams acc..waitin for doc..why call u the drunk u act as if u care..samanthas husband..bad bleed..didn't make it..sorry..sorry man..want to crash my place..understand...starts drinkin..timmy..ots ok..came for kids..u smell like alcohol..taking kids..better off w her..get stuff together..they deserve better..ur right..ill help u..filet for pet for custody..dumps out booze , coast guard, reinstated ...swing set, sercixes.. they want u to sign away your rights to the kids..why..I've done everything..still can't get kids..? Serenity wisdom courage ..whatever want..understand..I was terrble husb bad father..wish I could take it back..just wnt what best for kids.jst tell them daddy loves them..u never liked u..u see ur trying to change..not convinced..bbut.nt same man I hated....she refuses to siggn..w
3 Apr 2011
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TOP Fellow Photographers, Have you ever seen an amazing photo but could never understand the way it was taken? How would you like to be able to create photos exactly like the one you saw? We're talking about photos that catch people's attention as they see them. Photos so bold and unique that people viewing them will be caught dumbfounded shocked, as well as in awe.
27 Jul 2011
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As requested by many users, a rap remix to Gemini's "Graduation." The guys at Inspected Records were nice enough to let me do it, so thank them! Click here to watch J-1 - No Me Importa feat. yours truly: ***********/watch?v=DirV2QEEMmM *******thisisgemini**** *******nonelikejoshua**** http:/facebook****/thisisgemini *******facebook****/nonelikejoshua *******soundcloud****/thisisgemini *******soundcloud****/nonelikejoshua Full lyrics at: *******nonelikejoshua.wordpress****/2011/10/07/gemini-graduation-rap-remix-by-none-like-joshua/ I see her there Across the lake And she is fair A heart to break I start to wait A night of fear Blurry-eyed And no one’s here To say a word And resonate I’m taking courage Reverberates Her very name I can’t escape Her flowing dress A wind of fate I’m calling out She turns her face She’s walking slowly I do the same We start to float Across the water My heart is racing She’s breathing harder We’re flying closer And fighting forces That pull us back With slight distortion She’s reaching out I see her hand and heed the call and then we fall… I hear her voice Inside a dream The time is now She’s everything I hear her voice Inside a dream The time is now I hear the noise It’s all around me We’re reaching out And yet we’re drowning It’s gravity that’s happening The passion The energy, or time travel, It’s meant to be a divine outcome and though I can’t make a sound I could be entranced when you just say a vowel Never understand why they want to keep us down Everything I want to hear is you breathe when you’re loud Swimming through a darker water, looking for a sign of you to Make another song and sing it till the moon is lighting up your Face And I say that I would never want to go, but everything will fall apart Until we reach our goals My eyes are opened I feel enlightened The sun is shining The skies are rolling The grass is growing and breathing air I’m comprehending I stand to glare Into the water It isn’t there. The energy Begins to build She rises lightly And hovers gently. I feel the pull But it’s going with me We’re flying closer And gliding towards it No holding back
8 Oct 2011
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Hast Thou Forsaken Me? [2012] details the crucifixion by using select verses from king David's 22nd Psalm to show the mindset of Christ as He made His eternal sacrifice. In this sermon we highlight why hypocrites will never understand their actions are immoral to Yahweh and showcase the marriage supper of the Lamb by explaining why Jesus had to die in order to redeem His beloved bride, Israel. (coven07)
13 Jun 2012
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*******www.howtobugcellphones**** Cell phone bugging software – How to bug a cell phone and spy on all communications. Cell phone bugging software is a small app which when installed onto a particular smart phone allows you to intercept that phone’s communications (text messages, gps location). Features: text message spying, call logging, video logging, picture logging, email spying, reverse phone look up service, gps tracking, spy phone calling and cell phone tapping. If the person you wish to monitor tends to text a lot then a basic spy software would work. If you are looking for an affordable app then this tutorial will give you a brief review of the two best cell phone bugging software on the market today. If you have installed this phone tap software in your cell phone then it will enable you to track all the activities of targeted cell phone. If you want a good cell phone bugging app to track your wife’s cell phone then it is best to use Spybubble ******* In terms of features it gives you the most bang for buck out there when compared with other surveillance apps. If you’re parents then you can keep an eye on your child’s each and every activity through this software. Individuals who make use of this software have their own online account that they can use to view all activity of targeted phone. Its cost is affordable and it is within the reach of everyone hence it is no surprise it is the fasted selling phone surveillance app on the market today. There is also bugging software that allows you to bug a cell phone remotely. There are more specific programs such as Blackberry bugging software. Let’s face it, not everyone will be able to afford the top of the line cell phone bugging software like Flexispy ******* which even lets you listen in on live calls and costs $349 for one year.. Once installed onto a particular phone you can see virtually every single thing which is happening on with that phone you are monitoring. Once that is done it only take a moment to download, install and setup the software. Once SpyBubble is installed it can go into silent running mode..The only way that it can be detected is if the phone user sees you installing the software. The app can run silently and transmit all the data it tracks to the internet. The best thing to do in selecting is to keep it as simple as possible because a good basic app can get you as much intelligence as a complex one. The information which is tapped is totally discreet as well as the targeted user will never understand that the cell phone is being spied. The only trick to using this technology is to get the spy app installed onto the mobile you would like to bug. Look to the left and you will see a full and complete list of the most affordable cell phone bugging software there is. All of them come with money back guarantee of satisfaction.
21 Dec 2012
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Proof of Heaven - Journey Into The Afterlife - A Near Death Experience *******www.godisthecreator**** The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, 'they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding' (Mark 4:11-12) He replied, The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. (Matt. 13:11-12) We do, however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. No, we speak of God's secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began. (1 Cor. 2:6-8) So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God. (1 Cor. 4:1) At that time Jesus said, I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and Earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure. (Matt. 11:25-26) A heavenly existence is created by how we live on Earth, including the truths we have lived, taught, and believed in life; and the love, peace, and compassion we have known for ourselves and those we have touched. Everything else is associated with a hellish existence. (Tina - Near Death Experience) It is a life of love, a life of behaving honestly and fairly in every task, that leads to a heavenly life. This life is not hard. (Emanuel Swedenborg - Near Death Experience) The heavenly realm we enter into after death is determined by how we have lived our lives on Earth. We must earn our citizenship into the various heavenly realms and we do so at our own pace. (Betty Bethards - Near Death Experience) Everyone is born with a spiritual void within them. Throughout our lives, we fill our void with a multitude of things. Then when we die, we step into the spiritual void we have filled. This is why having love within us is so important when we die. Giving and receiving love from the heart, creates a heavenly paradise within us which is manifested in the spirit world and becomes realized at death. (Kevin Williams - Near Death Experience) The general rule of thumb is this: hellish life, hellish afterlife - heavenly life, heavenly afterlife. Death will not change a hellish life into a heavenly afterlife, nor does it change a heavenly life into a hellish afterlife. (Dr. Melvin Morse - Near Death Experience) We do not go to heaven. We grow to heaven here on Earth. (Edgar Cayce - Near Death Experience)
18 Jan 2013
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Arrogant youngster mocks 71 year old man, but the senior’s genius comeback makes everyone cheer Sometimes, it feels like we forget about all the older men and women who built the country we live in. They laid the foundation for what we have today. And despite that, they are often overlooked in today’s technology-focused society. This story about a youngster who insults an older man, describes exactly that. The story is certainly fictional, but it’s about a topic that we all should reflect a little more upon: everything the elderly have done for us. Read the story below, and feel free to share to pay tribute to all our elderly! A 71-year-old man made the trip back to his old college to take one last look around his old campus before he settled in to retired life. As he got to the campus, he saw a young man studying hard, and the sight brought back memories. He sat down on the bench beside the lad, but was surprised when the kid started spouting off at him. A different world “You old geezer. Your generation will never understand my generation,” the kid lectured. “You grew up in a different world. In fact, your world is almost primitive compared to mine,” the student said. “Is that right?” the elderly man said. “The young people of today grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, microwaves. I can carry hundreds of books on a tiny chip in my cell phone. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light-speed processing, and…” Suddenly, a notification sound from the student’s cell phone interrupted his tirade. He pulled out the phone to read it. The senior took advantage of the break in the student’s litany and said, “You are right, son. We did not have those things when we were young – so we invented them. Now, what are you doing for the next generation?” The student fell completely silent and the people around them cheered! Now that’s what I call a comeback! I think we should all do more to respect our elders – SHARE if you agree!
30 Aug 2018
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We will never understand Fashion
21 May 2019
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Στίχοι - Μουσική: Sillyboy (Charalambos Kourtaras) ΣΚΗΝΟΘΕΣΙΑ - Γιώργος Γερανιός Δ/ΣΗ ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑΣ - Απόστολος Ράπτης (Hologram Studio) ΜΟΝΤΑΖ - Απόστολος Μηλιώνης MAKE UP - Σοφία Περγιαννάκη STYLING - Αφροδίτη Μηλιώνη ΧΟΡΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ - Ρούλα Κουτρούμπελη ΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΗ - ILYS ΒΟΗΘΟΣ ΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΗΣ - Άννα Μαρία Μαντά Πρωταγωνιστούν: Ίαν Στρατής Είρηνη Καζαριάν Priscila (ACE) Elena-Casablanca (ACE) Adela (ACE) LYRICS: A Drop of You and me makes me a better man a drop will do the trick you know it’s in your head the spell you put on me I never understand One drop is all it takes to blow up my head So, be free girl, and leave your self to me we’ve been like this before let’s bring it to life once more And I will stay as long as you can take my love we made it all so wrong just drop your thing the thing that you know the thing that you know A Drop of You and me makes me a better man a drop will do the trick you know it’s in your head the spell you put on me I never understand One drop is all it takes to blow up my head When you wake up in the morning try to make it through the night like your things you’re coming home baby for the love that feels so right don’t you know I meant to hold you can’t you see it all by now even though I was a fool baby only you can make me high One drop will blow my head:
8 Aug 2019
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