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NEWMEDIA is expertly producing fulldome shows or 360º movies, large-format projections, 3D mapping,  immersive environment, high technology events and exciting video contents.
So, why undertake a redesign. First and foremost your business environment is continually changing, so is technology. Your website is at the nexus of this intersection. So it needs to continually evolve to survive. Here are six common reasons for redesigns: You need to integrate new branding – this can be a new logo or a brand refresh that needs to be supported in the website design. Your website design is out of date – design trends change, this is an opportunity to catch up. Usability issues have surfaced – perhaps your website has become less user friendly over the years and you need to streamline your content and features. You have new products or services and because of this, your website organization may need to be modified. There may be new technology to integrate – a good example of this is making your website mobile responsive or adding social media content to your website. New target audiences to market to – if you’re trying to expand your market you’ll need to add content and features to address that market. Any or all of these are good reasons for a redesign. And I think we can all agree that the intended outcome of any redesign should be: More clients, more sales, more visibility. Watch the rest of the videos in this series as we walk you through the steps of website redesign strategy. Subscribe to be notified when the next video is released.
28 Aug 2019
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Our dispensing equipment offers solid solutions for a wide range of applications, e.g. bonding, sealing, potting, encapsulation, casting or beading. Our personnel work closely with both customers and material suppliers , providing solutions to the many and varied application challenges facing industry in these days of rapid development of new technologies and procedures.
10 Sep 2019
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:: NEW TECHNOLOGIES :: BLOG and SITE :: All the news and videos about computer science, telecommunications, sports, Audiovisuals and automobiles, in the frame of Project Area class. Always updated! Please visit. LANG: Portuguese and English SITE: ******* BLOG: ******* Author: João Pedro
24 May 2009
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Car+doors+new+technology very good
15 Mar 2009
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New Technology 2009
18 Mar 2009
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Incredible new technology - your webcam reacts to a piece of paper when you hold it up.
11 Apr 2009
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A new era of proposed tablets and smartphones were revealed today by ZTE at Mobile World Congress. The company has plans for line-up of phones galore and latest new technology.
29 Feb 2012
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this is new technology u can flying now with ur car
17 Mar 2017
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Top Machines New technologie - Modern Machines New Technology - Farming Tractor.
12 May 2017
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Cycle New Technology
15 Oct 2018
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New technology robotics Amazing latest technology industrial robots.
6 Mar 2019
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NEW TECHNOLOGY OF WATER MANUFACTURING BY AIR, हवा से पानी बनाने वाली मशीन, अब नहीं रहेगा कोई प्यासा
25 May 2019
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