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The new world order wants people to riot. Alan Watt goes into this all the time. They need an excuse to bring order out of chaos. blatant piracy of the monetary system; the military and police showing off their fancy new riot gear; lapdog media etc. etc. gotta love the melodramatic "poor nations... that are nearing collapse" - we need to save them? give them money? give them new policies to get focused? Those poor poor nations, help them out, and take them over in a new world order please? a new world order is needed? The extreme emergencies! collapse of states! the starvation of millions! This is predictive programming, they want us to accept that this is real. It is real, in that it's happening, it's not real that salvation lies in even more enslavement, It's been engineered from the beginning. Don't fall for it, the state is a creation for the masses, by the elite power structure. It's an illusion, Society is what we make it. What society are you part of?
3 Apr 2009
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Citizens Of The World - Part 2 - Expose The New World Order
15 Apr 2009
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What Is The New World Order - Citizens Of The World - Part 3 - Expose The New World Order Check out my Youtube channel: ErlangerTruth
15 Apr 2009
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18 Apr 2009
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Catch 22 has some good lessons in survival in the New World Order.Great music from ***********/user/qazpnlpn
4 Jul 2009
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Greta Knights New World Order LIVE * 2009-09-19 Gatineau, Quebec, Canada www.myspace****/gretaknights Filmed By: www.OverDoseTV****
15 Oct 2009
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A *******uswgo**** published video! Remember from prisonplanet they said Prime Time TV Networks would have control over TV Shows and can push pro new world order, pro big brother, pro Big government regime propaganda, you know what I mean pro cap and trade, pro forced government healthcare, pro mandatory community service for our president, and probably more. *******www.prisonplanet****/government-propaganda-to-infest-network-tv-shows.html Whether the due citizenship part is propaganda or not of the North American Union I just thought that since pro new world order (pro nwo) junk will be embedded into TV Show plotlines that they were promoting Canadas universal healthcare and the pro North American Union agenda. I may be wrong about certain scenes but how could I be since propaganda started infesting shows since Monday. Propaganda can be put in any TV Show and so I have to scrutinize which parts could be pro nwo and which parts were just regular plot lines. I may be right the way she thought the citizenship test was a pain and didn't want to have to be a certain way just to be an American. So it's like they want to unify both Canada and America into the one world government and the North American Union. I do think they were promoting Obamas healthcare plan by sending out a positive message about Canada's by those statements when one of the characters said "and they didn't even bill me!" so they are stating that universal healthcare is really free and no strings attached without mentioning how much taxes it would take and how many tax payers may decide to kill off a few old ladies or those that have cancer since chemo therapy is expensive.
23 Oct 2009
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The elite want to destroy the American dollar and bring in a one world government..a New World Order!This is a song about how the government ...does and will lie to us to bring about their agenda. Please seek out the may be hard to believe at first but listen to your gut! Things are not right now. This is not a conspiracy theory and no I'm not crazy! song written by SDM- www.myspace****/sdmjams this video was inspired by the great Alex Jones for his countless fight against the New World Order!! I will never be able to thank him enough for his incredible film making and research in the info war. Thank you Alex for waking up America!!
20 Nov 2010
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In the near future there will be no elections - our leaders will be appointed for us by the wealthy elite. There will be no cash - we will work for "credits" on an implanted microchip. There will be no home owners - we will all live in public housing. There will be no cars - we will ride public transportation. Jobs will be assigned, not chosen. Food, clothing, and shelter will be allocated, not More..bought. There will be military police on every street. Your children will swear allegiance to the state every day during indoctrination in school, and spy on you for their leaders. Even your preschoolers will be cared for by government appointed nannies who will raise them to idolize the New World Order while you work. This video was completed in October 2008, and part of it is already coming true, namely that the US Dollar is being intentionally destroyed by our government. The purpose is to destroy the Middle Class and force a North American or World currency on us. The ultimate plan is to eliminate money altogether and implant us with chips, which will hold all of our information on them, allowing full control over every aspect of our lives by our billionaire banker masters. Plastic coffins like the ones in the video: *******www.polyguardvaults****/ And if you still doubt that they're coffins, look here where they say, "This vault comes in Adult, Infant, and Oversize sizes." *******www.polyguardvaults****/index.cfm?ID=20
20 Jan 2010
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This DVD - Total Onslaught by Walter Veith - Part 21 - A New World Order, explains the emergence of a new world order and its purpose, with all its political and socio-economic ramifications. The intrigues behind the setting up of a universal order dictating to the conscience of humanity are clearly exposed. This presentation discusses events leading up to this order, such as the great terrorist attacks of our time, and the battle against the so-called “axis of evil,” as well as how the new structure will personally impact the lives of the citizens of the world. The Oklahoma City Bombing, the events of September 11, 2001, and redistribution of wealth and the new world order’s effects in Africa are also included in this informational lecture.
22 Feb 2010
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FREE ecourse on surviving Martial Law at ******* Still don't believe in the truth of the New World Order conspiracy? Watch the proof yourself. ******* *******
4 May 2010
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FREE "Martial Law Survival" e-Course ******* Powerful, mind-blowing documentary about the End Times, the New World Order and the Illuminati that will WAKE YOUR A$$ UP!
8 May 2010
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