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Bombardier Transportation Launches Innovative ECO4 Technologies for Total Train Performance at InnoTrans 2008 September 22, 2008 — Berlin Transportation Global Rail Industry Leader Presents Breakthrough EcoActive Technologies Delivering up to 50 Per Cent Energy Savings to Maximize Energy, Efficiency, Economy, and Ecology for Rail Operators Bombardier Transportation today launched an innovative portfolio of technologies, products and solutions that maximize energy efficient operation and total train performance for rail operators. The BOMBARDIER ECO4 portfolio, which offers ten product concepts which are ready for use, was presented by Bombardier Transportation during a press conference in Berlin on the occasion of InnoTrans 2008 (23-26 September), the world’s largest rail industry fair. Bombardier Transportation, the global leader in rail technology, will be presenting its extensive product range at InnoTrans under the motto, “The Climate is Right for Trains” and the company fulfills this promise with its breakthrough ECO4 technologies, some of which are first-in-industry. “We are excited about these technologies, as we are leading the way to helping our customers achieve economical sustainable mobility now and in the future,” says Dr Josef Doppelbauer, Chief Technical Officer Bombardier Transportation. “With energy consumption and efficiency being the priorities of our industry, the new ECO4 portfolio can help train operators enhance the reliability and performance of their fleets, while at the same time reducing both their carbon footprint and energy costs.” The ECO4 portfolio comes at a time when rail operators are increasingly challenged by the pressures of volatile energy costs, operating efficiency and global climate change. All ECO4 products are fully operable and can easily be customized to any fleet, creating substantial overall energy savings of up to 50 per cent. “The innovation in the ECO4 modular portfolio of ecoactive technologies rests with its ability to be applied to different frameworks and its capacity for customization to different fleets or trains,” explains Dr Tjark Siefkes, Senior Director Product Development at Bombardier Transportation.” Balancing the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology into one engineering portfolio makes these technologies truly innovative, creating a new formula for optimal train performance, which we will continue to develop. For us, this is a big leap in applied technology development.” Among the most fascinating ECO4 technologies are five industry firsts unique to Bombardier Transportation, which lead the railway market into the future of sustainable mobility: • The BOMBARDIER EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance System, the industry’s first integrated solution for customers to help save up to 15 per cent of traction energy by assisting drivers with information on speed and traction force, thus saving up to 30 per cent traction force. • BOMBARDIER EnerGplan Simulation Tool, the only tool on the market which enables operators to simulate and then optimize the energy consumption for complete transport systems, reducing energy use by 20 per cent. • The C.L.E.A.N. Diesel Power Pack, leading the industry by providing the only drive system for Diesel Multiple Units in the 660 kW class already in conformity today with the new EU emission guidelines (stage III-B) to be implemented in 2012. The C.L.E.A.N. system leads to a reduction in particulate emissions of 87 per cent. • BOMBARDIER MITRAC Energy Saver, the leading regenerative braking system for light rail vehicles, which delivers energy savings of up to 30 percent. • BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE Catenary-Free Operation, the world’s first system to enable completely catenary-free operation of trams over distances of varying lengths and in all surroundings including underground lines. Two of these ECO4 products, the MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor and the EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance System, have also been in successful operation on Sweden’s “Green Train” between Stockholm and Västerås. This high speed research project is jointly run by the Swedish railway administration Banverket, Bombardier Transportation and other partners. Others, such as the MITRAC Energy Saver, have proven their unsurpassed reliability throughout years of successful testing during regular operations. In detail, the technical highlights of the ECO4 products are: AeroEfficient Train Optimisation: The industry’s first generic design approach for energy- efficient aerodynamic designs can help realize energy savings of up to eight per cent for regional and up to 15 per cent for high speed trains. It reduces the aerodynamic drag by 25 per cent with a new, state-of-the-art process called AeroEfficient Train Optimisation. The process focuses on reducing the traction effort, which is largely lost during typical driving operations due to aerodynamic pressure drag and friction. Limiting this aerodynamic drag not only saves energy used for traction, but can also reduce traveling time, as it allows for a higher train acceleration. The process can be applied when developing and constructing new products by calculating the best way to minimize the drag. It also takes into account constraints such as crash structure, industrial design and possible ergonomic limits of the cab. C.L.E.A.N. Diesel Power Pack: A drive system for Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs). It is the only one of its type in the rail industry which already meets the exhaust emission limits Stage III-B for DMUs in the 660kW class becoming effective in 2012. The innovative product is thus years ahead of the legal requirements and presently ready to be implemented for a full-production run. The environmentally-friendly effect of the system is made possible through the use of a special catalyst with SCR technology (Selective Catalyst Reduction). This not only requires less energy than other solutions, but it also has a cooling system that is easy to handle and reduces emissions, particularly nitric oxides. Overall, the engine has an optimized weight and configuration, and operates with relatively low fuel consumption. In addition it has reduced maintenance requirements, resulting in improved efficiency. In 2009, the C.L.E.A.N. Diesel Power Pack will become part of the BOMBARDIER ITINO train sets for the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) in Germany and for Västtrafik in Sweden. EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance System: Saving traction energy of up to 15 per cent and reducing costs and wear, the EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance Systemis the world’s first integrated solution in this area. This smart software tool is assisting train drivers with recommendations for velocity and acceleration/deceleration, in order to optimize their driving styles and minimize the energy needed to run a train according to its allotted timetable. Smoother operation of the train also results in the reduced wear of wheel sets, engines, brakes and tracks. EBI Drive 50 can be applied to electrical locomotives, diesel engines, any form of hybrid traction, and even multi-traction systems. In addition, different schemes of distributing locomotives within a train can be taken into account. It is suitable both for new trains and can be retro-fitted to existing vehicles. The software operates onboard the train, through a communication gateway to the wayside and with central workstations. It calculates speed and traction force profiles, constantly updating optimized target velocity and traction force to the actual time and position. This data is displayed in the driver’s cab, where the driver can react accordingly to optimize overall driving styles over time. Energy Management Control System: A new modeling and analysis tool, the Energy Management Control System is designed to integrate energy awareness, efficiency and carbon control into an operator’s business. The system provides customers with an accurate and affordable fleet energy management solution, using data gathered from the trains, combined with flexible and intuitive visualisation tools based on methods proven in the BOMBARDIER ORBITA system. Combining creative thinking with advanced technology and know-how, Bombardier’s clever Energy Management Control System is suitable for retro-fitting to existing vehicles that are both diesel and electric. BOMBARDIER EnerGplan Simulation Tool: By far the industry’s leading energy optimization software tool for complete transport systems, the EnerGplan tool is an easy-to-use simulation software with a unique graphical visualization for almost any given transit system, ranging from the largest metro system to the smallest Automated People Mover application. The EnerGplan Simulation Tool allows transit system engineers to optimize the design of power distribution systems and reduce energy consumption during operations. The software’s analysis covers the fleet performance, train speed profiles, power supply and distribution system load flows, effects of onboard and wayside energy storage devices, as well as train schedules and routing. It is a graphics based, flexible simulation tool that allows transit system designers to carefully analyze and then improve the power system configuration. It also gives a preview of the optimal mode of operation. A dynamic train display even allows monitoring of any chosen train operating, for example. It is thus not only capable of simulating different energy consumption scenarios, but also of offering feasible solutions, which can then be tested against field measurements. MITRAC Energy Saver: As one of the most fascinating new, ecoactive technologies of the ECO4 product family, the MITRAC Energy Saver is far ahead of any similar products in the market and is also the most industry tested. The innovative capacitors of the system store the energy released each time a vehicle brakes and re-use it during acceleration or operation. Applied to light rail vehicles, the system has (during several years of testing) been proven to save up to 30 per cent of energy. Calculations show that even 35 per cent will be possible for DMUs, thus reducing emissions as well as costs. The technology can also be used as a performance booster by adding extra power to the vehicle during acceleration. Behind the system is a double layer capacitor technology (also known as “ultracapacitors”), a smartly designed storage device charged with the eletrical energy set free when the brakes are used. Contrary to regular, flywheel-based, mechanical energy storages used in buses, for example, the MITRAC Energy Saver operates on a purely electrical basis: The double-layer capacitors include several hundred storage cells, connected in a series to create a MITRAC storage unit, saving the energy with relatively low losses. The MITRAC Energy Saver has been tested extensively since 2003 in the system of the public transportation operator in Mannheim/Germany. Encouraged by the results, the German operator Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV) has ordered 19 light rail vehicles equipped with the system. BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE Catenary-Free Operation: This revolutionary system, which includes the MITRAC Energy Saver, is the first-in-industry and enables the complete catenary-free operation of BOMBARDIER FLEXITY trams over distances of varying lengths and in all surroundings including underground lines. The outstanding feature of the system is the catenary-free power transfer; the electric supply components are invisible and hidden under the vehicle and beneath the track. The benefits for operators are the elimination of overhead wires, thus increasing the attractiveness of cities, the safe and contactless inductive power transfer and the low wear of parts and components. The system functions independently of weather conditions and ensures that full power is always available. BOMBARDIER FLEXX Tronic Technology: Leading to considerably extended maintenance and exchange intervals of bogies, the revolutionary FLEXX Tronic Technology provides unique functionalities for active Radial Steering and Bogie Stabilization (ARS). The system overcomes the limitations of conventional bogies with passive steering and suspension elements. In addition, the interoperable system is applicable to different national track networks and reduces wheel and rail wear as well as vehicle vibration and noise. BOMBARDIER MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor: Increased energy efficiency and performance are the main advantages for customers choosing the MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor (PM). Due to improved efficiency and reduced weight, the PM motor technology directly benefits the environment and saves costs for rail operators. The tested and validated, compact and powerful PM motor system is designed to meet the highest demands on drive systems for traction application. The innovative motor construction is based on permanent magnet technology that uses a rotor creating its own flux through the incorporation of magnets – an improvement over standard induction motors that rely on the flux created by the current in the stator winding. This means less energy is required, motor cooling is easier to handle, and higher performance levels can be realized compared to inductor motors of the same size. In addition to its direct benefits, the PM motor also offers the potential for reducing the vehicle life cycle cost, when replacing standard induction motors. Finally, the high motor performance also allows the shifting of braking power from the mechanical to the electric system, resulting in lower operational costs and reduced negative environmental impacts. ThermoEfficient Climatisation System: This intelligent, low-energy interior climate system for all rail vehicles helps to improve comfort levels for passengers while simultaneously saving energy. The energy used for the cabin climatization of trains can reach up to 30 per cent such as in metros operating under extreme weather conditions. This energy however, is often wasted, as it does not adapt its performance to variables such as passenger occupancy. A more intelligent and flexible climate system control can therefore save both energy and costs considerably. The ThermoEfficient Climatisation System applies a combination of two systems: A variable fresh air rate system that uses existing sensory information (based on the vehicle mass) for calculating the passenger occupancy and adapts the rate accordingly. The second system includes the installation of heat exchangers to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air by using up to 80 per cent of the exhaust air. The systems can reduce the energy consumption by a 24 and 26 per cent, respectively. Note to Editors: About Bombardier Transportation Bombardier Transportation has its global headquarters in Berlin, Germany with a presence in over 60 countries. It has an installed base of over 100,000 vehicles worldwide. The Group offers the broadest product portfolio and is recognized as the leader in the global rail sector. About Bombardier A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from commercial aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, systems and services, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2008, were $17.5 billion US, and its shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). Bombardier is listed as an index component to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America indexes. News and information are available at www.bombardier****. BOMBARDIER, ECO4, The Climate is Right for Trains, MITRAC, EBI, FLEXITY, FLEXX, ORBITA, PRIMOVE, ITINO and EnerGplan are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.
24 Mar 2009
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24 Mar 2009
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29 Nov 2009
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Hawaii Vacation News and information from Hawaii. Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 May 2009
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All News and data info. courtesy FAU and FAUSports****. Florida Atlantic Junior (2008): Hit .252 on the year, with a team high 14 doubles and 18 RBI...had a .417 slugging percentage...scored a run against North Florida...roped a double against Michigan...went 1-for-4 with a run scored vs. Stanford...had her first career RBI against N.C. State...doubled and scored two runs against Tennessee State...tripled and scored a run against Bethune-Cookman...smacked a solo homerun against Central Michigan...slapped three hits with two RBI and two runs scored against SE Missouri St. ...went 7-for-9 with three runs and two RBI in conference opening series against Western Kentucky, and drove in game winning run in series opener...series started eight-game hitting streak and five-game run scoring streak...had an RBI double and scored a run against Quinnipiac...drove in a run and had two hits against Troy...caught fire a second time with a five-game hit streak towards the end of the season...hit .429 against lefthanded pitchers...nine multiple-hit games during the year...posted a .313 batting average in Sun Belt play. Junior College (2006-07): Attended Manatee Community College...played for Meredith Headings...earned First-Team All-State honors her freshman and sophomore seasons...also earned First-Team All-Conference honors both seasons...named Third-Team All-American following her sophomore year...helped the Lancers to a Suncoast Championship and a no. 2 national ranking in 2007. Played for the Tampa Mustangs under Larry Rodriguez, Bobby Diez and Ed Croney. High School: Attended Gaither High School...played for Jim Morrisey...named First-Team All-Conference and Third-Team All-State following her junior season, where she batted .486 and was named her team's offensive Player of the Year...named First-Team All-Conference and her team's offensive Player of the Year her senior season. Personal: Psychology major...daughter of Alan and Gloria Bliss...born June 9, 1987, in Tampa, FL. Softball player Caitlyn Bliss has been named to the National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-South Region Team. Bliss is just the fourth player in program history to be named to an All-Region team, joining Nikki Myers, Mandie Fishback and Jen Musillo. Bliss and Myers are the only two to be named the first team. The NFCA announced the Louisville Slugger/NFCA Division I All-Region teams, honoring student-athletes from each of the 10 NFCA regions. The all-region teams were chosen by NFCA member coaches from each region, and all the honorees will now be eligible for selection to the Louisville Slugger/NFCA All-America first, second or third teams. Bliss was named to the team as a designated player. She also made the All-Sun Belt first team as a designated player and was twice named Sun Belt Player of the Week. She led the Owls in batting average (.354), slugging percentage (.551), on-base percentage (.436) and tied for the team lead in RBI with 22. A full list of honorees from all 10 regions can be found at NFCA****. The NFCA Division I All-American teams will be announced on Wednesday. All news and information courtesy of FAU and FAU Sports****.
17 May 2009
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Puerto Vallarta There's No Flu, There's NO Swine. on banderasnews**** all the news and information. The Mexico Tourism Board is pleased to announce you that the travel warning of the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ministry of Canada has been removed from the Mexican travel report. This announcement was made after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifted its travel warning against ALL Non essential travel to Mexico.
21 May 2009
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60 seconds or so of news and information on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the triple bottom line (3BL).
7 Jun 2009
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******* Reuters, the giant global news and information company, is expanding the offering of its content via mobile with the launch of an iPhone application and an application for Nokia's OVI store. Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
15 Jun 2009
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13 Jul 2009
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4 Aug 2009
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23 Oct 2010
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15 Oct 2009
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