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Age- 21 years Location-North America Hey thanks for checking out my metacafe channel... if you want to see more of my videos check me out on youtube, you will find pranks, hacks and much much more.. link is below.... Watch my how-to video, <a href="">How to reseal an opened soda can</a> on WonderHowTo.
This is a compilation of some of my best Videos of 08. Enjoy!!! please rate and comment.
1 Jul 2008
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No need for a fancy device to make FireBalls, Just A Matchbox with Matches, this is a lot of Fun, Just be Careful
29 May 2008
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This Simple Magic Trick Can Get You Extra Money, When You Most Need, Its Worked For Me And I know It Can Certainly Work For You. So Watch It, Learn It, Do It. Make Money. Fast.
3 May 2008
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Awesome Prank You can Do On a Friend or Co Worker. Watch this video to find out how. Office Pranks Vol.3
25 Apr 2008
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Learn How to make a Simple Device, out of stuff found around the house, and you'll have straight lines each time you use this device.
28 Jun 2008
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Camping Tips, Learn how to cook eggs without having to use a pan. It's a fun and easy way to cook eggs on the road.
6 Jul 2008
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Create a fun and Easy Security/Alarm System using a Rat Trap for under 13 dollars, The Purpose of a Rat Trap Is to Catch Rats (burglars) and with this System it will do Just that.
14 Jul 2008
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Cheap and easy to make you dont really need much, basically all you need is a Goose neck lamp and a bolt and nut.
22 Jul 2008
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Basically you're going to be making your own pump. Simple Technique for when you have a flat ball and your pump is broken. Its fun and easy to do, Great time and money saver.
30 Jul 2008
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A's any test with this Method, its a very unpredictable way to cheat on a Test. but Please Study so you don't have to resort to this.
29 Aug 2008
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Its The last Day of Summer and This Selfish Joker is Late for School, But No Worries for him, Find Out what happens In his quest to get to school on time. You'd be surprised, Maybe this has happened to you.
16 Nov 2008
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Learn To Hack a Glue Gun and turn it into a Small Electric Stove to heat up your food. Did I mention its cheap to make and very helpful for when you don't have anything to cook you food with. Find out how by watching this video.
10 Sep 2008
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2 Great Ways to have Fun Using A Stapler Watch this video to find out how. Who said Work had to be boring Make work fun again.
12 Sep 2008
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This is a cheap way to Keep your desk organized, especially if you have so many things and your space is limited, Find out how by watching this video.
16 Sep 2008
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In this video I test the love of my dog for her puppies, Find out if she passed. Then you decide is she a bad mother or not?
19 Sep 2008
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