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Bunny Teasing Husky Puppy 2 Thriller at 18 months still trying to play with Nexus.
14 Aug 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ India and Nepal to revise Kosi Treaty Decision by both the countries to review the Kosi treaty is welcomed especially after the utterly futile mud slinging match that ensued between India and Nepal following the devastating floods in river kosi. The treaty signed in 1956 gives India the entire responsibility for design, construction, maintenance and repair of the kosi barrage leaving Nepal with little or no role to play in the project within its own territory. Yet, India continues to blame Nepal for the annual deluge conveniently forgetting the corrupt politician – engineer – contractor nexus within its borders that siphons million for repair and construction of embankments works that are never done. When Nepal next sits with India to discuss the Treaty, it must ensure that we get fair right to decide upon the matters which affect the people within our borders. It is for both the countries to ensure that any revised water agreement between both successfully prevents the reenactment of current tragedy. Satellite channels becoming popular in Egypt The fasting month of Ramadan is raining profits for broadcasting companies in the Middle East. 30 days of fasting in the month of Ramadan have transformed the long hours of darkness into prime viewing time. The month takes up as much as half the annual production budgets of some networks and generates a similar proportion of advertising revenue. Competition for airtime in the season also grows fiercer. The variety of programs aired is bewildering than ever. It includes fresh drama serials, score of religious Ramadan specials, celebrity chat-fests and reality shows etc. Satellite television has taken off in the region like nowhere else. In wealthy Gulf States, some 95% of households own digital receivers; even in poorer countries, such as Jordan and Morocco, the satellite penetration rate now tops 75%. Not surprisingly, the number of free-to-air channels available on Arab satellites has grown six fold in the past five years. For sure, gone are the days when people waited for the sound of canon shots to break their fasts its time to switch over to satellite television. Unity pact signed between Mugabe and Tsvangarai Mere glance at the fragile national unity pact signed between Mugabe and Tsvangarai through South African mediation, points towards the challenging days laying ahead before Zimbabwe. The division of powers proposed by the pact between two centers will provide enough opportunity for both the parties to be at loggerheads with each other. Success of the deal requires visionary leaders. Presently, Zimbabwe does not have a leadership which is ready to bury its differences and work for the good of the country. The whole pact is a sham construct. It allows Mugabe to retain himself as an absolute monarch after all the misery and despair he inflicted upon the ordinary people. Zimbabwe needs Tsvangarai’s leadership along with a viable economic reconstruction program to bail the country out of its current political and economic hardships. We should work for a Zimbabwe sans Mugabe. Indian Girl commits suicide over Big Bang fear It exemplifies the new height scaled by the Indian TV channels in terms of showcasing their irresponsibility. Such was the extent of media hype surrounding the experiment that people actually rushed to the temples to perform special prayers fearing the end of the world. This has not happened for the first time. Before this, natural phenomenon such as eclipses have been foolishly and thoughtlessly associated with black magic, blood sucking vampires and bad omen. Such programming only generates superstitions and fears in the minds of emotionally weak persons. The media should own up its responsibility for causing this untimely death and refrain from airing programs that generate nothing but fear and useless superstition. *******www.instablogs****/
20 Sep 2008
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An Original and creative Commercial by Nexus Productions for the launch of the first Honda Diesel engine in 2004. More Info and Download at *******www.videosmio****
26 Sep 2008
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*******marketing-paradise**** *********** Says Smith & Foulkes, "We wanted these commercials to act as a pause in a child's TV viewing, holding the gaze of the immobile injured characters almost painfully long as a contrast to the hi-energy multi-coloured frenzy of your average children's programming break." Client: Department for Transport THINK! Child Road Safety Agency: Leo Burnett London Title: The Boy who didn't Stop, Look & Listen Length: 1 x 40' Production Company: Nexus Productions Director: Smith & Foulkes Executive Producers: Chris O'Reilly and Charlotte Bavasso Head of Production: Julia Parfitt Producer: Melody Sylvester Production Assistant: Denise Abraham Character Designer: Mustashrik Mahbub Project Lead: Mark Davies Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Burley Creative Directors: Guy Moore and Tony Malcolm Copywriter: Christopher Birch Art director: Caroline Rawlings Planner (creative agency): Nick Docherty Media agency: Carat Planner (media agency): Laura Braithwaite Editor N/A - animation Audio post-production: Anthony Moore Factory Exposure: National television
1 Oct 2009
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Mahesh Bhatt says: Promotion of Genetically Modified Food is an Act of Bio-terrorism!! New Delhi, Feb 4, 2009: Renowned filmmaker and social activist Mahesh Bhatt today launched a scathing attack on biotech multinational companies and their nexus with regulatory bodies for unleashing what he describes as 'bio-terrorism' in the country. Speaking at a function organized to launch his new film, 'Poison on the Platter', directed by Ajay Kanchan, Bhatt said, "in their mad rush to capture the multi-billion dollar Indian agricultural and food industry, the biotech MNCs are bulldozing warnings by scientists about the adverse impact of GM foods on health and environment, and hurtling the mankind toward a disaster, which will be far more destructive than anything the world has seen so far, simply because it will affect every single person living on this planet". Bhatt's film makes a mockery of Government of India's claim of not allowing import of any GM foods in the country as it conclusively demonstrates that supermarkets in India are flooded with harmful food stuff and biotech MNCs are cashing on the ignorance of unsuspecting consumers in India. "Indians are unfortunately kept in dark, and the corporations are hatching strategies to cash in on their ignorance. Poison on the Platter is, therefore, an attempt to generate awareness among consumers and kick start an informed debate on the issue", said Bhatt.
21 Mar 2009
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If you ever wished to beat insane fuel prices and stop wasting money at the pump then I can show you how in the next 5 minutes - but only if you have an open mind and willingness to listen. In fact, I will show you how to spend up to 60% less on gas while at the same time clean up your engines deadly CO2 emissions and reduce engine temperature (and prevent global warming). As an added benefit you might also get a small boost in torque (especially uphill). Fortune 500 Petroleum Companies Are PRAYING You Will Never Find This Out Nexus Magazine published in their Oct-Nov 2006 edition an article called "A Water-Fueled Car" by Carl Cella. It was their first and last article on the topic. In fact, every year somebody comes out to talk about using water as fuel BUT they are all silenced by the big oil companies (sometimes with cash, usually with threats) Do you think trillion dollar oil companies want you to find out the truth? Of course not. It would cost them billions. That's why they programmed society through advertising and media so that anytime somebody mentions using water as fuel your mind is immediately thinking "that's impossible" or "it doesn't work".
30 Mar 2009
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I just added music and cutted it a little bit. Acrobatic and breakdance team X-3M show on a traditional event Beer and Flowers, 2009. Action by: Rok Sajovic - XereX Dejan Sibinčić - neXus Anže Šuhel - SC Nejc Lešek - Maximum Jernej Rozman - Rozy and Marcel Pinter - miracle Please subscribe!
15 Jul 2009
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Making safety visco fuse If you want to build your own 'visco fuse machine', try this links: ******* *******www.pyrosociety*******/forum/index.php?showtopic=1571 *******www.truetex****/visco.htm ******* Filmed near Liuyang City, Hunan Province, China November 2003 Video produciton by J Werner Design LLC North East, MD 2004
6 Sep 2009
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AWESOME IN A CAN TAKE 2 Note: This gun is not found in vanilla Fallout. Shown here is a heavy modification of another modification (a shrink ray) downloaded from Fallout Nexus. "pity that foll 3 still doesnt have its editor and is even worser than oblivion in graphics(except faces,skin,bodyes). but its setscale function works surely better-all is more syncronised. pity again it is limited... again :). not 2.0 at least. " You were saying? :P
6 Sep 2009
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Mothug Doug takes a couple holeshots doing some testing. This is the first time out for his new creation; a totaled Suzuki Hayabusa brought back to life! Oops! Of course the second run blasts me in the head with his roost and split my head wide open! I have a few different videos of him playing with this experimental prototype DIRT DEMON drag bike. death machine! It is only made to go straight for 300 feet in the dirt so turning is not needed; go check the out the other vids and subscribe if you like this kind of stuff and I will post up even more! All comments welcome good and bad! supercharger roots blower centrifugal turbo tubo turboed twinturbo intercooled intercooler fmic dragg drag city shiva shivax shiva-x dreamchild destroyer burnout artist m-town burnouts burn out Xecutioner Vertibreaker Venomiss Fenris Neo Nexus Rayget Gt Wyldturbo Juicer Lightning Wicked W1ck3d Knightmaro Badbaby Vader Stolly Yld Sixer The Code Darkota Texas Chainsaw Mr Frost Frozen Fox The Rigg Praylude Preylude Blackboost Darkboost Boostfreak Dreamztang Dreamstang big wheel donk box bubble saleen cobra diesel smoke smokeout soot face black cloud 5.0 5.0L 4.6 4.6L 5.4 5.7 5.9 6.0 6.0L 6.6 modular pushrod v8 v-8 vee eight cylinder crank pulley harmonic balancer camshaft cam bearings rods wristpins piston pistons rings ring valves valve cover block bolt screw hardware mech mecha mechanical aluminum titanium steel hardened forged metal mustang stang ford gm chevy pontiac firebird formula firehawk ws6 ws-6 trans am camaro ss supersport ls1 ls2 lsx ls6 wrx lancer evo civic honda prelude toyota mazda suzuki yamaha supra celica mark iv hyabusa gsxr gixxer busa dirtdemon dirt demon doug mothug mo thug dougie fresh motorcycle bike racer sick insane crazy red white blue green purple black orange yellow gold silver chrome dark wf wfx wf1 wf2 wf3 wyld fantasies wyldfantasies
25 Jun 2011
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The newest Google Phone, a.k.a. the Nexus One, is getting people talking about Android, but you can get Android phones right now. Find out what you should know about the current crop of Android phones in the video. Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Dec 2009
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Accessory Geeks Present: *******www.accessorygeeks****/ Here we go! Sixth anniversary (that is six years in the making!) Accessory geeks will offer you all of the best values to come! Miller explains the anniversary discounts- new google nexus one accessories- and CES broadcast information. Thanks to Macboy Productions for intro/outro ***********/user/MacBoyProductions
8 Jan 2010
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