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LurkSquad presents: "World of Warcraft Battleship Edition". In the midst of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Crimson Tide, comes a classic, yet intense short the boys at LurkSquad have produced thus far. As a Navy Sea Captain, with your back against the wall, every move you make could determine whether you live or die. The fate of your fleet lies in your hands. And even your worst enemy can creep up on you like a small child. Starring Adam Marquis, Nick Spears, & Reed Gardner. Filmed and Edited by Chris Marquis. Written, directed & produced by LurkSquad. *******www.lurksquad****
28 Jun 2007
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We've all seen the myspace ads... especially this guy. (plays silent) Starring: Nick Spears & Crystal Bentley Filmed & Edited by Garrett Lynn Produced by LurkSquad**** CRASH.TV
5 Mar 2008
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Watch as Nick Spears battles Slash on Guitar Hero 3 expert... blindfolded! Yes, blindfolded!
16 Apr 2008
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"NO VIAGRA FOR OLD MEN" is a funny comedy spoof on the movie "No Country for Old Men". Written & Produced by LurkSquad Starring Nick Spears, Mark Magid, Chris Marquis & Adam Marquis Filmed & Edited by Chris Marquis & Garrett Lynn Sound & Light by Melissa & Courtney Marquis www.lurksquad**** CRASH.TV
27 May 2008
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When Tom Delonge of Angels & Airwaves wrote the song "Everything's Magic", little did he know it would awaken the creepy & perky fairy from a land far, far, away. Good job Tom. God help us. Starring Nick Spears, Filmed & Edited by Garrett Lynn, Produced by LurkSquad, www.lurksquad****, CRASH.TV
27 May 2008
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Watch this crazy 4 year old kid park his big wheels in style like a professional stunt man... watch out for the dog! Filmed by Nick Spears of Crash.TV
27 May 2008
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