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Travel back into the late 1950's for a final look at steam locomotives on one of America's mainline eastern railroads; the Nickel Plate Road. Footage (c) Pentrex
25 Sep 2018
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July 19th, 1989 on the Norfolk Southern 'S' Line where Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 Mikado no. 587 double-heads with Norfolk and Western 2-6-6-4 'A' Class no. 1218 en route to Asheville, North Carolina. Footage background (c) Rob Abernethy
5 Oct 2018
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In late summer 1991, Nickel Plate engine no. 765 and its Pere Marquette cousin no. 1225 double-headed together for the first time on their way to Huntington, West Virginia to attend this year's National Railway Historical Society convention. This footage belongs to the GVSR productions.
24 Sep 2018
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In 1989, Nickel Plate 2-8-4 no. 765 leads a small excursion train from Ohio to West Virginia after having its share of disappointments this year, but carried on its excursion service. Footage background (c) Pentrex
27 Sep 2018
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Follow the Nickel Plate engine no. 759 on its 1st New England trip from Boston, Massachusetts to Montpeiler, Vermont in the autumn of 1971. Original footage (c) Sunday River Productions
2 Oct 2018
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On June 29, 1991, the Nickel Plate engine no. 587 ran on an excursion train from Frankfort, Indiana to Muncie & return. Camera footage/background (c) Dan Cluley
8 Oct 2018
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This setting at the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad does feel like a foggy eerie day with a steam engine coming through, doesn't it? Footage background (c) Ohioan railfan
8 Oct 2018
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October 2009, running from Cadillac to Alma, Michigan are two Lima-built 2-8-4 Berkshires no. 765 and 1225 - double-heading together as they haul a passenger train on a round-trip. 765 is a Nickel Plate 'S-2' class locomotive, while its Pere Marquette cousin is a 'N-1' class locomotive. Footage (c) Dan Cluley
9 Oct 2018
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Nickel Plate Limited hauled by 2-8-2 #587 and 2-8-4 #765 on Indiana circa June 1993. Footage background (c) Mainline Motion Pictures
9 Nov 2018
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In this exciting video, we see 587 on one of her premier assignments, hauling the annual "Fair train" to the Indiana State Fair. This is a demanding assignment, requiring the locomotive to make several round-trips per day. Footage (c) Railway Productions
1 Dec 2018
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A traveling video of Nickel Plate steam engine no. 765 and its Pere Marquette cousin locomotive no. 1225 on a double-header excursion run on the former Ann Arbor Railroad from Alma to Cadillac, Michigan. This was recorded on the mid Autumn of October 2009. Camera footage (c) jrahrig
24 Jan 2019
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In the summer of 1989, Norfolk & Western 'J' class streamliner no. 611 double-heads with a newly-restored Nickel Plate 2-8-2 'Mikado' no. 587 on a special excursion run from Rocky Port to Portsmouth, Ohio during the 1989 National Railway Historical Society convention - located at Asheville, North Carolina. Original footage (c) Raymond Lakofsky
7 Apr 2019
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