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Hey guys, if you need to message me, [email protected] there because I can't check my messages on metcafe . It takes forever for me to open my inbox being that I have thousands of unread messages.
XD nigahiga is a great guy.. he always makes me lol everytime we talk... *******youtube****/user/trollswebe2 *******twitter****/trollswebe thanks for watching :D
2 Sep 2010
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NEWEST EPISODE: ******* In this episode, I challenge Youtube superstar Ryan Higa (nigahiga) to a wrestling match. One problem, he's a wrestler, I am not. NigaHiga: *******youtube****/nigahiga Also in this video, KassemG: *******youtube****/kassemg ------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT LINKS: *******smoshpit**** *******smosh**** *******twitter****/smosh *******twitter****/smoshian *******twitter****/smoshanthony *******facebook****/smosh ------------------------------------------ Some tags you should ignore: nigahiga niga higa ryan kassemg unitard ufc wec wwf wwe fight grapple submission wrestle competition funny sleeping beauty porn book wild anthony record eating ferrero rocher Ask gay man guy dude car milfs like terrorists comedy Crybaby japanese voice dub dancing in space chat roulette improv prank piano celebrity hair stealers sky mall magazine ian's ian hecox Anthony padilla pit smosh smoshpit exercise work out fail freestyle amish Parkour RayWilliamJohnson call
15 Jul 2011
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Wanna learn more about me? Probably not, but watch this anyway because I've been tagged by a bunch of people. Songs used: Jupiter Rising - Electropop Lil Mama - Lip gloss Timberland - The way I are Britney Spears - Gimme more Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone Journey - Don't Stop believing Oh and I know I didn't tag 5 people. I guess I tag whoever watches this! Feel free to post your video response!
3 Sep 2008
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You gotta yank it
10 Apr 2008
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Blame his A.D.D for being retarded LOL
16 Oct 2008
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Are NigaHiga's videos not helping you? Need to know how to be a REAL ninja? Then watch this Dvd! If you watch within the next 5 se Are NigaHiga's videos not helping you? Need to know how to be a REAL ninja? Then watch this Dvd! If you watch within the next 5 seconds, you can comment and rate it 5 Ninja Stars!!!
21 May 2008
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ryan and sean not so excellent adventure movie nigahiga Songs Used:FRED ThrowDown #1 - Peace Around the World for Generations !!!SEASON 2 of coming THURSDAY 8/19!!! Alice DJ - Do You Think You're Better Off Alone
19 Aug 2008
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"Think of it like a Twinkie" Music Used: Nigahiga - Yank Dat Cameltoe Nigahiga - Happy Boom Boom *******cybergold.blogspot**** *******x-loan.blogspot**** *******refinancial.blogspot****
6 Nov 2008
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Please Comment Rate Subscribe The Day before YouTube Live in San Fransisco I was hanging out in the Hotel Loby with HappySlip, NigaHiga, KevJumba, Michael Buckley, ChescaLeigh and MORE to come in PART 3 ***********/user/happyslip ***********/user/nigahiga ***********/user/kevjumba ***********/user/whatthebuckshow ***********/user/chescaleigh & ME ***********/user/tonyatko Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Nov 2008
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20 Dec 2008
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28 Mar 2010
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i stole this from nigahiga
2 Jul 2009
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We were inspired by the creativity and humour of the Nigahiga videos "word pwned and bromance". Decided to make something similar except we are doing about the word "noob". Let's learn about the word noob! Oh and also do check out nigahiga's videos on youtube, funny and great videos. Thanks to Sean Gabriel for helping us out in this one. Produced by Chen Wu & Darren Kwan Directed by Chen Wu Written By Darren Kwan Edited by Chen Wu & Darren Kwan If you like it, please subscribe, leave a comment or even thumbs up! Thank you all! youtube link - ***********/watch?v=szy9FM-NeSk channel - ***********/user/rightelempro
6 Jan 2012
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