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No Control host Chuck reviews Behemoth and takes a look at their latest video for "Ov Fire And The Void."
27 Oct 2009
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Hello again, and thank you for joining us today at the Butler Blog. As always, I am your host, Allen Butler, Managing Director of The Realty Butler LLC and agent of West USA Premier Properties. Before we get started, let me remind our audience again regarding pre-foreclosure options: there are really only two; you can work it out so you can stay, or work it out so you can leave. Today, we’ll discuss your options for STAYING in the home, and there are two: either rectify the loan, or modify the loan. Now, before we get too far ahead, I want to go back for just a moment here and pull the timeline of foreclosure, and review the “Action Zone” for homeowners. Remember, the quicker you call for help, the more options you’ll have. And, you’ll feel better knowing that a plan is in place for dealing with the problem. Now, the reason for you loan “delinquency” is very important, because it determines your options in dealing with the foreclosure. There are two reasons for delinquency. One reason is Hardship. This can be any number of things, from death to divorce to illness to military or job transfer. Notice that these “certifiable hardships” are something over which the homeowner has little or no control. The other reason for delinquency is Strategic. This is where homeowners CAN pay their mortgage, but simply don’t want to because the house is too far “upside – down.” Whether fortunate or not, there is no help for people who have the money to pay, but choose not to. Now, if you have a verifiable hardship, you have two options to STAY IN YOUR HOME: 1.) First, you can bring your balance current. If your hardship was temporary, or you have some way to come up with the money to clear the back payments and fees and continue the payments, you CAN get yourself our of foreclosure, right up until the home is sold at auction. Obviously, this will not be an option for many. 2.) Your only other option to stay in the home is to request a loan modification from your lender. Let’s examine these loan mods, and how they work. Earlier this year, the US Treasury Dept issued the Home Affordable Modification Program or “HAMP” for short. The program has guidelines to determine eligibility for a loan mod, and it identifies four methods of doing loan mods. We’ll deal specifically with HAMP, as 85% of all mortgage servicers in the US use it, or a program like it, to modify loans. Now, the primary goal of HAMP is to make loans more “affordable,” and it identifies an affordable mortgage as one that is not more than 31% of monthly net income. It is important to note that all modifications are on a trial bases for 90 days, and if the payments are made in full and on time, and all requested documents are provided to the lender, the modification will be “locked in” for 5 years. In order to be eligible for HAMP 1.) You have to either already be behind on payments, or in a position where your ability to make payments is about to stop. 2.) You must also have a certifiable hardship, as discussed previously. 3.) The loan must have been written BEFORE January 1st 2009 4.) Second mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit are NOT eligible for this program. The Dept of Treasury is currently working with investors and industry trade groups to develop ways to include second lien-holders into the program. 5.) Finally, your loan balance cannot be greater than $729,750 If you are eligible, your loan can be modified in up to 4 ways: 1.) Most loan modifications are done by lowering the interest rate. Rates can go as low as 2%. At the end of 5 years, the rate will go back to either your original rate, or the Freddie Mac 30 year fixed rate at the time of the modification, whichever is lower. If a rate adjustment is NOT sufficient to reach 31% of your monthly income, the lender can next adjust the term of your loan. 2.) HAMP says that lenders can extend and re-amortize loans for up to 40 years. However, many loans are sold in packages to loan servicers using “Pooling and Servicing Agreements”. These agreements usually will not allow servicers to extend the term of only one loan within the pool. 3.) Now, if lowering your mortgage rate and extending your term are not enough, lenders CAN do principle “forbearance.” This means that a portion of the mortgage will be “lopped off” and placed into an insulated “bubble”. You won’t pay any interest or principle on this portion for a while, but that amount is still attached to the mortgage, and the entire amount is still owed. 4.) The final modification is “principle forgiveness”. This means that a portion of your loan is again, lopped off, but this time, it’s entirely forgiven and “disappears”. Of the 1700+ permanent loan modifications made under HAMP so far, only 5 were achieved by principle reduction. In other words, the chances of this happening are SLIM. Now, this highlights a problem. Let’s talk about that for a minute. I mentioned in our first installment that negative equity was a large part of the foreclosure crisis. Now, in comparing the problems of negative equity and unemployment against the programs in place to combat this foreclosure crisis, we see that these programs may simply delay the inevitable. Let’s do a simple example for an Arizona family in trouble with their mortgage. So, this family bought a home in 2005 for $250,000, and the monthly payment is $1,887 per month. Now, hardship comes, the mortgage is modified, and the new payment is only $1025 per month. Now the family can afford their home. Remember, the family still owes $250,000 on the house. The fact of the matter is, right now, the home in question is really only worth $100,000 TOPS. Now, let’s fast forward. In year 6, the loan interest rate goes back up. Is the family making more money now, so they can afford the re-adjusted payment? If not, they’re in the same boat they were in 5 years ago. But that’s only part of the problem. Remember, the family still owes close to $250,000 on the home, and it was only really worth $100,000 at the time of the loan modification. If any life change forces a move, you’re in the same place you were in 2007; upside down, in a big way. What will the real estate market look like in 2017? Who knows, but I’ll ask you, the viewer: how many years do YOU think it will be before home values in Arizona DOUBLE from what they are now, so these people can sell if they need to? My professional instincts say it’ll be PLENTY longer than 5 years. It’s already been 4, and the problem seems to just keep rolling along, impervious to efforts to stop it. See, the bottom line is, loan modifications are a personal family decision regarding the home, and families should definitely proceed with caution. Also, be sure to keep an eye toward the future when planning your long term strategy. Remember: 1.) Your payment WILL go up again. IF you can afford to make the new adjusted payment, you’ll live happily forever after. 2.) You may be living in the home well, “forever after”. . . Now, please listen, and listen carefully: I AM NOT advocating that Arizona homeowners should decide against a loan modification. What I AM saying is: do not jump in blindly, thinking that a loan modification will resolve the underlying issues. And remember that for the remaining 97% of the country where home prices have NOT crashed and burned, a loan modification may be exactly what those families need. They may have a very good expectation that they’ll be able to recover the equity they need to sell their homes again in 5-7 years. Please, if you have questions or concerns about loan modifications, I encourage you to call our offices, or simply send an email. We are always here to help. Also, remember, these broadcasts are just my personal internet ramblings. The things I say should NEVER be construed as legal, credit, or tax advice. If you have questions regarding your specific set of circumstances, I strongly encouraged you to seek the appropriate professional counsel. In our next installment, we’ll cover the SHORT SALE, what it is, who can do one, and why they would do one. Until then, if you have questions or concerns regarding your personal pre-foreclosure situation, I encourage you to contact me. My staff of highly trained and certified mortgage default specialists is always ready to take your calls or emails. Until Next time, this is Allen Butler, Managing Director of The Realty Butler LLC, and agent of West USA Premier Properties, signing out.
7 Nov 2009
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The Panasonic HDC-SD5 ($999 MSRP) is the latest effort in the race to build the “world’s smallest [something],” in this case the smallest 3-chip, 1920 x 1080 HD camcorder. While the HDC-SD5 is less than thrilling, and only a minor upgrade to last year’s HDC-SD1, the world in which it lives has changed a great deal. Suddenly, AVCHD doesn’t look so foreboding anymore. Support for viewing and editing is sprouting up on a monthly basis. The HDC-SD5 does offer an increased capture resolution over last year, which topped out at 1440 x 1080, and a smaller, lighter body. The starting price has also dropped considerably (down $500 from last year). All these facts combined make the HDC-SD5 far more enticing than its predecessor. But it is worth diving into AVCHD just yet? Let’s take a closer look. The Front At first glance, the front of the HDC-SD5 resembles its older AVCHD sibling, the HDC-SD1. But upon further investigation you’ll find that the HDC-SD5 is notably smaller, sporting a Leica Dicomar lens with a 37mm filter diameter as opposed to the SD1’s 43mm. The HDC-SD5 is also saddled with an optical zoom that tops out at 10x vs. the HDC-SD1’s 12x optical zoom capacity. The HDC-SD5 has a focal length of 3.0mm – 30mm (42.9mm – 429mm when converted to a 35mm camera), and an f-stop range of 1.8 - 2.8mm. A side mounted flash is located to the left of the lens. Due to its placement, the flash could produce uneven lighting whereas a top-mounted flash offers a more balanced spread of light. As far as looks go, the HDC-SD5 is virtually identical to Sony’s HDR-CX7. The HDR-CX7 has a 10x optical zoom lens with a 37mm filter diameter and flash mounted to its left side, just like the HDC-SD5. The HDR-CX7 has met its AVCHD adversary, and their architectural parallels abound. The Right Side The HDC-SD5 is by far one of the most comfortable camcorders you will ever hold. While Sony aimed for sleek, shiny lines with the HDR-CX7, Panasonic chose to place ergonomics at the forefront. The HDC-SD5 features an arched bump that conforms to the natural curve of the palm of the hand, and outfitted the right side with a textured, sweat resistant plastic. Built within this bump is a massive hard plastic port cover housing the HDMI and USB terminals. Though the port cover is made of a rugged, durable material, it is anchored by a flimsy plastic strip connected via a series of tiny Phillips head screws. If you give it a decent yank—which of course we did—the plastic strip will slip out of the first screw, causing the plastic to overlap. When this happens, the cover will never close fully again—unless you remove the Phillips head screw and re-bolt. The HDC-SD5’s hand strap is thin, yet constructed of a velvety material that feels comfortable when pressed against the skin. Panasonic also added approximately 40% more material to the surface area of their hand strap, doing away with the HDC-SD1’s rigid, uninviting strip of firm, cheap plastic. Though the HDR-CX7 is blessed with Sony’s luxuriously padded and breathable hand strap, the HDC-SD5 comes in a close second. The Back The HDC-SD5’s backside is trimmer than the rotund mass characterized by the HDC-SD1. While the back of HDR-CX7 resembles a miniature house with chimney, the HDC-SD5 flaunts a narrow, petit frame. After seeing the HDC-SD5 up close, Panasonic’s “world’s smallest AVCHD camcorder” claim achieved ultimate validity. The only downside is that the rear controls of the HDC-SD5 are clustered tightly compared to the HDC-SD1 and HDR-CX7. Like the HDC-SD1, the HDC-SD5 features a big old mode dial slapped smack dab in the middle. A tiny nub of plastic sits to the right—this is the joystick. The HDC-SD5’s joystick appears to have had its voluminous plastic head chopped off in order to save space and weight. The result is a finicky, miniscule little control stick that is more prone to inadvertent menu selections. Panasonic should have transferred over the HDC-SD1’s joystick. Beneath the mode dial is a grouping of three buttons—LCD open, menu, and trash. Above the mode dial is the pre-record button. Due to the HDC-SD5’s compact size, it’s easy to reach these controls with the thumb, yet it would be easy to accidentally press the delete button when attempting to access the menu button. The Left Side The left side of the HDC-SD5 is all 2.7” wide LCD screen. There are no external controls. In order to flip the LCD screen open, you must press the LCD open button in back. The screen hesitates a bit, but if you lightly shake the camcorder, the LCD screen pops right out. Within the LCD cavity you’ll find the disc copy button, auto/manual/manual focus switch, power LCD extra button, and a rectangular port cover containing the component and AV out jacks. There are no controls embedded within the LCD panel—no zoom or record start/stop. The HDR-CX7 features the aforementioned controls embedded within its LCD panel plus a home menu button. In addition, Sony’s LCD cavity layout is organized and concise and features a sliding Memory Stick slot door rather than a flimsy cover. We have to hand it to the HDR-CX7 on this one. The Top The HDC-SD5 is relatively barren on top. Here you’ll find the 2 channel built-in stereo microphone, playback speaker, zoom toggle, and photo capture button. Those who don’t have doll hands will most certainly obscure the mic and playback speaker. With the HDC-SD5, Panasonic chose to revamp the zoom lever found on the HDC-SD1 in exchange for a thick, rectangular zoom slider. Though we have grilled zoom sliders in the past for their shaky, awkward handling, the HDC-SD5’s zoom slider is smooth, responsive, and big. The HDR-CX7 features a zoom lever as well, and although it performs well, the HDC-SD5’s slider will undoubtedly charm you with its tamed, manageable power. The HDR-CX7 does, however, sport a hot shoe. Even though it only supports Sony products, the HDC-SD5 is devoid of any shoe, hot or cold. The Bottom You were wondering where Panasonic hid the battery, weren’t you? Just like the HDC-SD1, the HDC-SD5 features a hinged plastic door that flips out a full 180 degrees revealing the enclosed VW-VBG130-K battery pack. Only the HDC-SD5’s SD/SDHC card slot bunks right next to the battery while the HDC-SD1 features a separate SD/SDHC card slot located within its LCD cavity. This means you can’t change the battery or memory card while the HDC-SD5 is mounted to a tripod. Even the HDR-CX7 has a hinged Memory Stick door that can be accessed from the left side only. Negative points for Panasonic.
2 May 2012
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In 1991, two of rock legends Paul Rodgers and Kenney Jones decided to create the powerful unit known as "The Law". They produced their only album "The Law" in 1991. It features notable appearances by David Gilmour, Bryan Adams and Chris Rea. *** "Stone" lyrics: Tangled dream and endless highways Bang the drum in a foreign land Sometimes I wonder what I'm chasing When all I need is the touch of your hand I've got no fixed abode I'm out of my own Babe it gets so cold Without your love I'm just a stone Without your love I'm just a stone We all laugh and the jokes get wilder Staying up, staying out Drinking till you fade away in to the morning And the strangest cold eats deeper still I've got no fixed abode I'm out of my own Babe it gets so cold Without your love I'm just a stone Without your love I'm just a stone Without your sweet kiss I'm gone forever Without your touch I've no control Without your love I'm just a looser Without your love I'm just a stone Babe I'm just a stone without your love It gets so cold Just a stone
29 Mar 2010
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To some people, we had no control of where and to whom we were born, but, it is believed, that in time we do control what we do with our lives. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 May 2010
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HONOR!!! I went down to Floor Partners in Design and they had a ton of nice samples. My wife wasn't able to go because of her work schedule, but Theril allowed me to take several of the samples home to show her. My wife and I agreed upon a selection, but there was only one problem, that particular wood was not in stock and had to be ordered from the manufacturer. We were originally told the shipment would be in the next three weeks and after about two weeks the shipment was pushed back another two weeks. Well, since we were dealing with a bit of a deadline because family was coming into town we expressed our frustrations with Theril. He was very cooperative despite not having any control over manufacturer deliveries. He recommended and we agreed to take a look and other comparable samples that he could stock sooner and he delivered those samples to us at our home that day. One sample, in particular, was very much like the one we originally picked, but was just slightly more expensive. Theril said he would honor the price of original flooring (this was at his own expense) even though he had no control over manufacturer deliveries. He was able to install the next week! PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP!!! On behalf of the entire Fort Worth Zoo, I appreciate the professional relationship Floor Partners in Designs staff exhibited. Sincerely, Glenn R. Chief Engineer WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE YOU!!! Mr. Williams and Kristen, Well once again Pink was a major success and because of your hard work, kindness and time it looked “GREAT!” Mr. Williams, thank you for delivery and pickup up for us. And Kristen your help via phone calls was top notched. We are blessed to have you and Floor Partners on our team! GREAT JOB!! Hi Kristen, Just wanted to tell you that the carpet is beautiful! The men with Floor Partners in Design did a wonderful job putting it in and it’s just gorgeous. They did a great job of putting my sewing room carpet in too. Plus, the carpet cleaning man came about 4ish and cleaned it! NOTICE: The rater of this business is real. This positive testimonial review for Floor Partners in Design in Haltom City TX may be modified to qualify as unique content within the review space provided herein. Call Floor Partners in Design at 817-735-8500 for more FIVE STAR****Business Reviews and Ratings. Floor Partners in Design located in Haltom City Texas specializes in furnishing the right floor for your needs from concept to installation. We want your floor to be a better quality product and outlast in beauty and function from lesser quality goods. Our knowledgeable sales staff and licensed interior designers will work with you to create the best looking and functional floor tailored to your budget. A few examples of Residential and Commercial/ Contract products offered: • Carpet and Carpet Tile • Custom & Specialty Fiber Rugs • Hand scraped Hardwoods and Exotic Woods • Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain & Glass tile • Cork, Cork-Rubber, Rubber • Linoleum and vinyl (sheet, tile & planks) Call us to schedule your on-site appointment or to tour our showroom 817-735-8500
8 Oct 2010
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1 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy The mother of all breast cancer charities -- The Susan G. Komen foundation -- is the top matriarch in the fundraising world, but the organization is now taking legal action against smaller charities for copyright violations. Komen wants to protect its pink logo and “For the Cure” slogan against what some call “pinkwashing” -- when smaller charities use the logo and slogan for their own cancer fundraisers. “Mush for a Cure” and “Kites for a Cure” are just two charities who were asked to change their names -- or face legal action. (Video: KSDK) The organization has come under fire for using administrative funds -- money donated for cancer research -- to pay for legal fees. NBC hears both sides of the story: SUE PROM (Mush For a Cure): “We’re all supposed to be fighting against breast cancer. And here, another organization opposed to breast cancer will cost us all the money we want to give to the cause.” KATRINA MCGHEE (Susan G. Komen): “If we have been overzealous in our quest to protect our name or the names that our donors come up with, its because we feel such a huge responsibility to the Komen family and donors who volunteer so hard in our mission.” Komen isn’t getting much sympathy from the media -- being called a "trademark bully.” A writer for Statesman Journal uses a few “pink washes” of her own to deliver a firey response: “It has left a taste far less satisfying than Yoplait yogurt [one of the Komen foundation's sponsors] in many a mouth and has many people promising that they won't walk in a race, donate to the charity or buy its endorsed products again. On social media sites such as Facebook and in online forums, the foundation has been getting its pink eye bruised black.” And Ron Coleman, a copyright lawyer, wonders how to pick sides in this charity battle. On his blog, he asks: “Is trademark bullying ok if you’re on the side of the angels?" Even the biggest supporters of Susan G. Komen are peeved pink. Funnyman Stephen Colbert -- who plays a large hand in New York City’s Komen race every year burned his proverbial bra in sarcastic support of the foundation that spends donor money to sue other groups: “If they don’t own the phrase, ‘for the cure’ then people might donate the money thinking its going to an organization dedicated to curing cancer, when instead... its wasted on organizations dedicated... to curing cancer.” But a marketing professor tells a newspaper in Peoria, Illinois -- where the Komen sisters were born -- he defends the foundation. He reminds readers... it may be charity, but they’ve got a business to run. “Organizations invest huge amounts of time and money into establishing their brand and must protect it... Organizations owe it to their customers to protect their brand in order to avoid confusion with other organizations over which they have no control.” Finally, a writer for Tech Dirt offers his simple solution to the fundraising powerhouse. To deal with the other charities WITHOUT acting like a legal bully -- just license the mark, but -- at no cost. “SGK's claim, of course, is that it doesn't want the phrase to get sullied by unscrupulous organizations, but that doesn't mean it needs to pull out the legal guns when a legitimate charity comes along. Just let them use the damn phrase, and let everyone help raise money for charity, rather than legal bills.” The Huffington Post reports Komen has already filed legal paperwork against more than 100 smaller charities. So what do you think? Does the Susan G. Komen foundation, alone, hold the pink power? Or have they turned into a branding bully? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
28 Jan 2011
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When was the last time you played a swimming game -- with no controller? The answer is never, and never. Swim against the world record holder on Kinect, or drown trying.
3 Feb 2011
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*******uselectionnews**** Herman Cain might be considered a long-shot candidate when it comes to the field of likely 2012 Republican Presidential hopefuls, but he says that won’t stop him, pointing to former President Bill Clinton and current President Barack Obama as “longshot candidates” who made it into the Oval Office because of their fresh appeal to a politically weary nation. Unfortunately for Obama, Cain says that the freshness has worn off, and that the Obama administration is in a “free fall” and has no control over the United State’s “state of anxiety”, the initial luster of “Change” has been tarnished by an unhappy populous and broken promises.
11 Mar 2011
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BY MARIA LOPEZ Anchor: Christina Hartman You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. In post-Mubarak Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has gained influence and seems to have developed a closer relationship with the military council ruling the country. Analysts say the recent rise of the Islamist group worries secular activists who started the revolution. One Egyptian television producer expresses his concerns about to The New York Times. “We are all worried, the young people have no control of the revolution anymore. It was evident in the last few weeks when you saw a lot of bearded people taking charge. The youth are gone.” And according to reports -- freedom of expression is being taken away as well. The military council last week endorsed a plan to outlaw demonstrations. And CNN reports Egyptian soldiers detained and abused civilians involved in the revolt. RAMY ESAM, REVOLUTIONARY MUSICIAN: "The torture took four hours, they removed my clothes. They used sticks, metal rods, wires, ropes, hoses, whips. There was also electrocution. There was an officer who would purposely jump in the air and land on my face with his legs." CNN REPORTER: “Esam was one of scores of male protesters detained during this crackdown by security forces on Tahrir Square on March 9th. Troops also arrested at least 17 women who were kept for days at a military detainment center.” And according to The Telegraph, the world shouldn’t be surprised. “In a thoughtful report, the International Crisis Group observed that ‘the role of Islamist activists grew as the confrontation became more violent and as one moved away from Cairo; in the [Nile] Delta in particular, their deep roots and the secular opposition’s relative weakness gave them a leading part.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders announced they will seek only a third of the seats in parliament and won’t run a candidate to replace Hosni Mubarak as President, they do expect to have a big say in Egypt’s future. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for updates in your feed. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy.
5 Apr 2011
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BY JJ BAILEY AND CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy The Oracle of Omaha has just lost his chief disciple. Warren Buffet’s number one lieutenant -- David Sokol -- has resigned amidst a brewing controversy. Fox Business has the back story. “Deeper down, six paragraphs in- you know Warren Buffett just announced that Berkshire is going to buy the company Lubrizol, which is a specialty chemicals company, for $9 billion that’s a big purchase, that Dave Sokol had brought him the idea in January to do this, and then he, meaning, Warren, later learned- he’s written all this in the press release- that Dave Sokol owned shares in Lubirzol.” Sokol was widely considered a top candidate to succeed Buffett. Both men insist the resignation is unrelated to the Lubrizol controversy -- and there was nothing illegal about the stock purchase. Sokol defended himself on CNBC Thursday morning. “The reality is I have no control over a deal ever happening. And so to -- I mean, the alternative would be for me to only invest family assets and if I think there's a good deal for Berkshire not give it to them. That to me makes no sense. It's ultimately their decision. And if I see a company that I think is interesting and potentially undervalued, to not mention it to Warren to me seems in inappropriate.” Okay, so it might not be ILLEGAL - writes The New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin - but he’s facing a serious perception problem. And at the very least - Sorkin suggests - it was poor judgement. “I have met Mr. Sokol before … and take his word that he thought he had acted completely appropriately. But the facts paint an unattractive picture... [E]ven though he had no control of Mr. Buffett’s ultimate decision, he was one of only a select few who were in a position to influence such a transaction.” The transaction is widely expected to be heavily scrutinized by the SEC. And Neal Lipschutz, managing editor of Dow Jones Newswires, says, no matter how much Buffett and Sokol try to clear the air in the press, the cloud will remain. “It’s almost as if Mr. Buffett is trying to close the book on this, which will be difficult by saying, I’ve basically said everything I know here, I’ve held nothing back, so if anyone asks me again about this, I’ll just refer to this letter. In the real world, it won’t be that simple. There will be lots of questions asked about-- what can be characterized minimally as a set of very unusual circumstances.” (Video Source: Wall Street Journal) To a panel on Fox Business though - it also raises questions about Buffett himself - as well as the industry. HOST 1: “You can't be squeaky clean and that big because you can't keep control of what that many people are doing. Maybe that's the story here.” HOST 2: “Maybe he should keep control. I mean, what are the internal controls here to stop executives dealing in any kind of stock?” (FLASH) HOST 3: “There's insider activity happening every day on Wall Street and this is another example of it. I think most people out there actually say and realize, look, the insiders are getting it better than we are.” Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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