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This guy paid a pretty hefty price for not wearing any gear and pulling of donuts in the sand close to a road. Idiot.
4 Oct 2019
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The pilot is attempting a crash landing without gear and succeeds.
3 Apr 2006
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It's still summer and this short episode Robert demonstrates a few exercises you can use on your vacation using nothing but 2 chairs. More exercise tips at: *******www.fusionfitnesstv****
16 Jul 2009
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These guys forgot to bring their brains with them when they got up on the bike to ride. Kids, never ride like this.
29 Nov 2019
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Volkswagen Direct shift with no gear Funny Exclusive Commercial
14 May 2008
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this tutorial shows you the jabb and cross combo which are essential in boxing, kickboxing and muay thai boxing.
28 Jan 2010
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A clip of Dan Osman as he polishes off a free-soloing climb (no gear/equipment) up a vertical face. He died on November 23, 1998 attempting a "rope jumping" (free fall) stunt at Yosemite National Park. It was a 1000 foot drop, but the rope failed him. It was supposed to be his last rope jump before retiring. More info available at wikipedia.
19 Jul 2008
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Operators talk about the D7Es smooth steering and ability to work in tight spaces. The D7E has no gears to shift, so operators can focus on the task and the jobsite for improved productivity.
28 Apr 2009
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Jamaican Comedy: Four year old Tina scolds a Jamaican man as he climbs a pear (avacado) tree barefooted; patois. Barefoot tree climbing is a part of the Jamaican culture and is not only done by the adults but by the children as well; no gear is used.
4 Oct 2009
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On 2/23/11, I decided to make another attempt at the monster of all climbs: Fargo Street in Los Angeles. It's 33% grade makes it one of the 3 steepest streets in the US! I had doubts since I couldn't seem to get more than about 300 of the 530 total feet. That last half is a killer and it's where most fail. But at the age of 55, I knew it was pretty much knew it was now or never for me!<br><br /> So with my friend Steve's encouragement, I set out to conquer Fargo...on ONE wheel! No gears, no clipless, no extra wheel and handle bars. It would be 1:1 fixed all the way up baby! I had come close in mid/late 2009 when I tried it last, but I lost momentum and fell off. I mounted again and finished, and although it wasn't a successful climb, I was proud of my "almost" attempt.<br><br /> <img src="*******ll.broadbandsports****/images/Untitled.thumbnail_6.jpg" alt="NEW RECORD CLIMB at Famous Fargo street...on a MOUNTAIN UNICYCLE!" title="NEW RECORD CLIMB at Famous Fargo street...on a MOUNTAIN UNICYCLE!" width="150" height="90" alt="NEW RECORD CLIMB at Famous Fargo street...on a MOUNTAIN UNICYCLE!"/><br><br>
6 Mar 2011
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This is a mod tool for Gears of War Judgement. This tool allows you to mod your weapons ammo and may more for the Xbox 360. This works on retail Xbox 360s, no need for a jtag or RGH. To download Gears of War Judgement Mod tool, visit following web site. *******gears-of-war-judgement-mod.blogspot****/ How to use: 1. Move your gamer profile to a usb stick with no gears data on it. Load the chapter you want to play. Let it save the checkpoint then quit out. This way you only have one checkpoint in the gearsCheckpoint file. 2. Open the usb stick in horizon. 3. Extract just the gearsCheckpoint save to a folder. Make a backup in case something happens. 4. Open up the mod tool. Load your save and select gearsCheckpoint 0 which should be the only one with any characters listed. 5. Edit the amount of grenades or whatever. 6. Select Quick fix in horizon and point it to your modified save. This will rehash and resign the file. 7. Inject onto your usb stick and confirm your gamer profile. 8. Choose your usb stick as the storage device when you load up gears and click continue. Extra Tags: Gears Of War (Video Game),Video Game (Industry),Gears Of War (series),Day,Montage,Life,Left,Industry (Quotation Subject),Bad,Team,Mod,Fortress,First,Tf2,Day Life,Montage (filmmaking),Team Fortress 2 (Video Game),Valve,L4d,School,Life (soundtrack),Zombie,Steam,Day Part,First Day,Steam (software),Hl2,Mother's,Bad Day,Spy,Gears Of War (Video Game),Gears Of War (series),Video Game (Industry),Day,Contest,Montage,Entry,Industry (Quotation Subject),Life,Contest Entry,Bad
11 Apr 2013
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