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NO CAMERA TRICKS. When I made this video, I was very new to magic; only about 4 months in, so I may be rusty (well, I still am). Magic became an addiction to me, so I tried to learn as much as I could in a short amount of time. I like doing money tricks the most but I can do other tricks as well (although not very good). I hope you enjoy it! Routines: 1. Vanishing nickel and quarter 2. Five $1 bills visually change to five $20 bills ($100 worth) 3. $1 bill change to $5 bill, then to a $10 bill, and then $20 bill. 4. Dime and penny transportation A lot of people seem to want to know how I did some of those tricks. I've also received a lot of private messages about it too and I've read them all but... sorry, I don't reply to most of them. No offense. lol. Well... I'm not going to give you the secret that easily. Are you crazy?! A true magician never reveals his secret, duh? However, it's also true that a magician to magician can help each other out. Therefore, If you really must know some of the tricks I did in the video, you have to make a video response (make sure it's not some crappy quality dark, hard-to-see video) telling a bit about yourself with your name (just your first name is fine), age, country/state and explain why I should teach you -- and most importantly, last but not least, show me your best trick. It should be an actual video RESPONSE - not some video you made years ago. And if I'm impressed and feel you're serious about magic, I will help a fellow magician out. Sound like a hassle? Well, learning the trick takes a lot of time and dedication too, so if you're lazy to make a video, well... you have less chance of finding out the trick from me; you can also just ask someone else instead, which may be better anyway. I think it will be interesting to also see what other starting out magicians have to offer too. Hope to see some cool videos! I'll also accept video responses if it is actually talking about my video (positive or negative). Hell, I will even accept any magic video, like some old cheap grandpa card tricks (lol), as long as if it's an actual response that you made for this video and not something you created years before. To be honest, I took a break from magic. It was just a hobby; it's also a great way to meet new people! (then again, sometimes it has an opposite effect of them freaking out and looking at you like some kind of weirdo) I may start again when I have more time in the summer. I REALLY appreciate all the votes, comments, and people adding this video to their favorites. I didn't think I would get this many views. Thanks to you all! Other key terms: illusion sleight of hand david daniel blaine cyril garcia takayama
19 Jan 2008
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Note: This video is for fun; We dont support natzis No offense to any people of the Judaism Religion :]
1 Feb 2008
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No offense to these guys. Their actually pretty decent guys in their emails but I got to ask...Do you guys ever get one of these stunts to work?
3 Aug 2008
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*IF YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND the stereotypes please watch the video response. Straight outta Weird Al's new album "Straight Outta Lynwood" is Canadian Idiot the music video by Stupid Hat Productions. No offense to any Canadians. This song is just out of good humor. The Canadian people are cool.
1 Dec 2008
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*******www.stevenroddy****/blog Often times when we dream of a BMW, life gives us a Ford (no offense if you have one.) So how do you keep your hopes alive when the reality that you desire consistently falls short of your expectation? I am not saying I have all the answers but I have definitely been through my share of disappointments and hopefully this video will help you in the pursuit of your dreams.
23 Sep 2008
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no offense to italy, italians rule but this video is jkz.
7 Mar 2009
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*******smoke51****/291.html *******greensmokes.blogspot**** The Fifty-One™ e-cigarette is a revolutionary, innovative electronic smoking device which offers the smoking community a healthier smoking alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using advanced technology, the Fifty-One™ e-cig allows for a smoking experience without the flame, ash, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, or horrible and offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. As the Fifty-One™ electronic cigarette is free of tobacco, this product does not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products. With no offensive second-hand smoke, the Fifty-One™ offers a safer, healthier environment to both you and the non-smoking community. Simply put, there is no longer a need for anyone to breathe the unwanted, dangerous second-hand smoke produced by traditional tobacco cigarettes. *******smoke51****/idevaffiliate/idev... -- For the interactive 3D presentation of this video! *******smoke51****/signup-291.html -- To start selling Smoke Fifty-One electronic cigarettes!
25 Mar 2009
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If you are a pothead and you don’t go to a legalization rally today to smoke with a bunch of people who believe in freedom, you truly suck ballz. No offense just had to be said. Exercise your right to peacefully assemble old school style and smoke a blunt or joint in public today. Keep in mind the plant is God’s gift. Viva la Revolution.-Capn
20 Apr 2009
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A little cockpit camera action from an SCCA autocross practice day. No offense to any of my rotary brethern but the flagman sure made me smile. More info on the car can be found at v8rx7forum****
3 May 2009
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Lol,What a shot!!! No offense to Pollock and South African fans.Pollock is a legend but damn this shot is f'in awesome.
19 Dec 2009
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The Best Grip Aids Available!!! Now that you’ve been spared the disappointment of not getting what you thought you paid for, can I ask what it is you’re actually looking for? If you thinking “weightlifting straps and/or weightlifting hooks moron!” No offense taken! In fact I salute you as a fellow resistance fighter who’s definitely not going to the gym for yoga classes! No I’d guess you’ve been engaging in some serious weight banging to have gotten to the point of grip failure. And no self respecting lifter is going to let a little grip slip keep them from getting Bigger and Stronger! You won’t and I didn’t. Well for the most part anyway. You see, long before I invented the Haulin’ Hooks brand of lifting hooks, the only grip help to be found in the Iron game was common weightlifting straps. You know, those cute little nooses you slip your hands into and yes while I admit they did do the job (as long as you held tight) I never quite got used to having my wrist strangled until my hands “tapped out”, forcing me to hurl the load into the rack before I dropped it! Not only that but the tedious, time consuming strap-n-wrap added way too much time to my fast paced Bodybuilder workouts. Needless to say those weightlifting straps kept me searching for better. And before long better came the padded weightlifting straps, which cured the wrist choke, but still took too long to wrap for my tastes. The next advancement in the weightlifting wrist strap category was the “griping pad” type which I confess was faster to use but still didn’t allow me to train beyond hand failure without dropping the load. This is what eventually got me looking into those “new” weightlifting hooks a dude was telling me about. These hooks seemed good in theory so I coughed up the loot and bought myself a set. The first thing I noticed was the fact that (to my amazement) they had ZERO wrist padding! Not only that but I couldn’t tighten them down on my wrist! It only got better from there as I soon found the “one size fits all” hook placement had the bar hanging 2” below my freaking palm! I actually had to grip the bar more tightly anyway since the hooks at that point were useless! All in all this was probably a good thing because as I was to find out in time, weightlifting hooks couldn’t hold squat anyhow due to the same dysfunctional design flaw all common hooks share. That was and is the fact that the hooks don’t hug the bar (because they are miss-shaped) and the load actually spins off when it is lifted off the ground. What that means is that you better never lose focus of your grip, believe me I know from experience that going past the point of hand failure with a pair of those on is like getting too far from the restroom after being at an “all you can eat” restaurant. It is only a matter of time before the load hits the floor and boy will you be embarrassed (or worse injured) I actually did that with a barbell using a pair of those “single hook” types on several occasions and it wasn’t pretty. After careful inspection as to why the weight dropped off the bar I came to the same conclusion I had when pondering the double hook and trough style weightlifting hooks. The damn things were not properly engineered, nor could they be positioned correctly in the palm of the hand for maximum control and safety. By that point in my bodybuilding career I’d had enough. My competitive nature kicked in and I figured if they couldn’t get a “hold-on” right, that by God I would! My uncompromising new grip aid would first of all need to be plush and comfortable on the wrists. It also had to have a torque down Velcro wrist wrap that could be pulled tight enough to never slide down the hands and wrists regardless of the weight being pulled. And why not give lifters the best of both worlds with a first ever “Dual attachment” option. Powerlifters prefer a conventional Strap-n-wrap and a rapidly attaching hook for the Bodybuilders! In designing these we also had to ha...
20 May 2010
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Après Life in the Woods, nous souhaitons confronter de nouveau l’Homme avec la nature en passant de l’élément minéral à l’eau. La petitesse du corps humain est confrontée à l’infini de l’horizon sur un bord de mer en Méditerranée. Au son des vagues qui viennent lécher le bord de la plage, s’oppose le rythme brut du pas humain. Huit pas sont nécessaires pour prendre toute la mesure de l’horizon dans le viseur. Comme dans Life in the Woods, l’Homme est constamment rejeté à son point de départ comme pour ré expérimenter la parabole du roseau pascalien, écrasé par l’univers qui le dépasse. Même en se dédoublant, l’homme ne parvient pas à prendre la bonne mesure de l’espace qui l’entoure. Au contraire, le dédoublement perturbe la marche et les deux hommes se cognent et reculent vers leur point de départ, sans parvenir à traverser l’écran. Ne parvenant pas à dominer cet espace, l’artiste performer se met à le perturber. Il saute et fait trembler l’image verticalement, il court, défiant le bit de la marche initiatrice, il disparaît de l’écran, le rattrape, fait du sur place, trouvant ainsi, finalement, une flopée de solutions pour prendre sa revanche sur l’horizontalité devenue techniquement une succession de verticalités. Nous ne retrouverons plus durant la seconde partie de la vidéo le cadrage horizontal hérité de la peinture flamande de paysage ou de Poussin. Lorsque pour finir le cadrage horizontal refait surface, l’artiste lutte contre une force invisible pour se déplacer comme si le paysage et lui étaient entrés en conflit, conflit dont l’issue, n’en déplaise à Pascal, nous semble inéluctable. After Life in the Woods, we wish to confront again Man to nature but with the water element this time. The smallness of human body is confronted to the infinite horizon of a Mediterranean coast. To the sound of waves on the beach respond the raw rhythm of a human pace. Eight steps are necessary to take the whole measure of the horizon in the viewfinder. As in Life in the Woods, the man is constantly rejected to his starting point so as to experiment again the parable of Pascal’s reed, crushed by the universe overwhelming him. Even by splitting in two, the man can’t take the good measure of space around him. On the contrary, the splitting disturbs the walk and the two men bump each other and step back to their initial point, without succeeding to cross the screen. Being unable to dominate this space, the performer begins to disturb it. He jumps and makes the image shimmer vertically, he runs, defying the initial bit, he disappears from the screen, catches it up, stands still, finding thus many solutions to take his revenge on horizontality that has become technically a succession of verticalities. We won’t find again, in the second part of the video, the horizontal framing inherited by the Flemish painting or from Poussin. When at last this framing comes back, the artist struggles against an invisible strength as if he and the landscape had begun a conflict which outcome, no offense to Pascal, is inevitable.
10 Jan 2011
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