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Dos de cada 3 estadunidenses consideran que su presidente no merece el Nobel de la Paz, reveló una encuesta. Barack Obama mantiene invasiones en Irak y Afganistán, no cumplió con cerrar Guantánamo y mantuvo el bloqueo a Cuba, entre otras políticas.TeleSUR
12 Dec 2009
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Al recibir en Oslo el Premio Nobel de la Paz 2009, el presidente estadunidense, Barack Obama, polémico por su envío de 30 mil soldados a la invasión en Afganistán, dijo que resulta imposible erradicar conflictos violentos y habló del concepto de "guerra justa". TeleSUR
12 Dec 2009
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US President Barack Obama deliver his accceptance speech of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in Norway. Part 1 of 4. Full text: *******nobelpeaceprize****/en_GB/laureates/laureates-2009/presentation-2009/ Original source: www.nobelpeaceprize**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Dec 2009
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The Script performs The man who can't be moved on Nobel peace concert 2008
12 Mar 2010
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Martti Ahtisaari - 2008 Nobel Laureate speaks at Augsburg
15 Mar 2010
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In a move many say will strain relations between Norway and China, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.
9 Oct 2010
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Nobel Van Lines performs International Moving.
27 Oct 2010
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Transcript by Newsy BY UNA LU You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Forget the Nobel. China has created its own peace award - “the Confucius Peace Prize.” It has already proposed potential recipients -- Bill Gates, the Panchen Lama, and Jimmy Carter are all possible first winners. It will award the prize on Thursday — exactly one day before the Nobel Committee honors imprisoned Chinese human-rights activist Liu Xiaobo. The chairman of the Confucius Peace Prize Committee tells Taiwanese Cti TV, this prize was born to protest the Nobel Committee’s injustice. Note how he trips up on the wording of the award. The chairman of the Confucius Peace Prize Committee, Tan: “To ease the tension between the mainland and Taiwan and improve world peace, that’s why Lien Chan, the honorary chairman of the KMT Party is awarding the Confucius Nobel... I mean, the Confucius Peace Prize.” Reporter: “The committee was established in December. It’s too new to have an office. It only emphasis its close relationship with Chinese Culture Department officers.” So why are Chinese officials so angry about the Nobel committee awarding the peace prize to Liu Xiaobo? Here are four main reasons released by China’s state-run Xinhua: “By ‘enshrining' Liu Xiaobo, it intended to shame China … to subvert the current Chinese political system … to interfere in the domestic affairs of those countries that do not follow the Western model … to change China's path of development.” The furious Chinese Government not only launched its own peace prize, it is also openly boycotting the Nobel Peace Prize. This year 68 countries were invited to the ceremony, but under pressure from China, 19 countries will not attend. India’s NDTV uses the term -- “China bully” -- to describe that government’s approach. Reporter: “The 19 countries who are not going to go are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba...” Political analyst: “For a group of 19 or 20, you can’t be antagonizing countries across the globe. (FLASH) India as a democracy, perhaps, has a greater responsibility to honor dissidents rather than isolate dissidents.” But Nobel Institute director Geir Luderstad tells Hong Kong-based Apple Daily, the Chinese government is initiating a series of counterattacks, which are unprecedented in the Nobel’s 109 year history. Geir Luderstad: “Explicitly contacting other embassies to make the ambassadors or make the countries stay away, this is unprecedented, and encouraging a demonstration against the laureate is also unprecedented.” Reporter: “Luderstad says some Chinese residents in Oslo called him to express support for awarding Liu Xiaobo - but they have to protest because they have no choice.” Critics say this has been a busy month for China’s PR machine. The Chinese government is also monitoring all internal media exposure about the Nobel Prize. Here is Next TV’s observation: Reporter: “China Daily, People Daily, Wen Wei, all mainstream media outlets didn’t report the news. The most popular website in China – BeiDu is blocked. The only related article was Chinese Foreign Ministry’s remonstration.” CNN reporter: “So when the announcement was made from Oslo that Liu Xiaobo had won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, CNN broadcast that live into Mainland China but we went to black. We were being censored by government officials.” Friday will mark only the second time in history of the prize that neither the laureate nor a representative could be present to accept the award. The only other time was when German journalist and pacifist Carl von Ossietzky, who was locked up in a Nazi concentration camp, could not travel to Oslo for his prize ceremony in 1936. Get multisource video news analysis from Newsy
10 Dec 2010
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Planafdrukken Plannen afdrukken kan een omslachtige en tijdrovende bezigheid zijn. Tijd is geld, ook voor u! Dankzij onze ervaring kan De Nobele u een oplossing aanbieden voor uw probleem. Naast een onberispelijke kwaliteit garanderen wij een snelle en correcte service. Huis-aan-huis leveringen, elke dag van de week, maken onze service compleet. Wij zorgen immers voor het afdrukken, vouwen, het bijhouden van papier- en inktvoorraden en ga zo maar door. Kortom, indien u een specialist zoek in planafdrukken, dan is De Nobele uw eerste keuze!
3 Jan 2011
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*** EXPOSED *** " WHY/HOW Sonia Gandhi nominated for Nobel Peace Prize..!! ????" -> **** Thumbs UP/Down - SHARE via Twitter, Orkut, Facebook & Comments Please **** 1. WHY Gandhi never got Nobel "Peace" Prize..?? Is there any reason other than to please British..? Is there any one done more on peaceful struggle than Gandhi..? Any one changed 20th century the way Gandhi did..? 50+ African, Asian and Latin American countries got inspiration from Gandhi & thrown away their colonial masters, thus he in fact shaped current World order with out raising arms. 2. Why Mandela did not get Nobel "Peace" Prize during 27 years in solitary Imprisonment (1962- 1990)..? Remember Liu Xiaobo is in Chinese Prison from 2009 only and got Nobel "Peace" Prize in 2010, after just ONE year in Prison. Mandela did not get Nobel "Peace" Prize during his 27 (1962- 1990) years in Prison. 3. Aung San Suu Kyi was in Burmese Prison from 1989 got Nobel "Peace" Prize award during her Imprisonment or House arrest. In fact Aung San Suu Kyi got Nobel "Peace" Prize in 1991 after just TWO years in Prison. In fact it's the same period Mandela got released. 4. Dalai lama got Nobel "Peace" Prize in 1989 while he was in exile and dining with Hollywood stars. 1989 is the year while Mandela completed his 26th year in Prison, still no Nobel Prize. 5. Why did Nelson Mandela did not receive Nobel "Peace" Prize even after 27 years imprisonment..? He got this so called "Greatest" Peace Prize in 1993 ONLY after his release from jail, because Norwegian Nobel Committee don't want to antagonise South African Apartheid rulers or their British Masters by giving Nobel prize while he was in Jail. Also don't want to encourage South Africans to get freedom from Apartheid rulers. Only Conclusion I could make from these facts are, If the struggle is against Chinese/Burmese (Non-European) oppression one or Two year in Prison is good enough to get Nobel Prize. But if it's against British/European rule you may not get it even if you are "the inventor" of "the Peaceful struggle" in the case of Gandhi. Even 27 years in Prison may not be enough to get Norwegian Nobel Committee's attention in Mandela's case.
12 Jan 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – MODELS OF SUCCESS Selma Lagerlöf of Sweden – First Female Nobel Laureate in Literature (In Swedish). Episode: 1735, Air Date: 15 June 2011.
15 Aug 2011
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BY CAMILLE MAESTRACCI You might not have heard of him, and he just received one of the most important awards on Earth. Here’s the grand announcement. “The Nobel prize in literature for 2011 is awarded the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer, because through his condensed lucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality” Tomas Tranströmer isn’t well known. The Guardian says that’s the problem with the Nobel Prizes: there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the winner. “Journalists hate the Nobel because it's such an unknown quantity: there's no shortlist, so no way of knowing whether you're going to be confronted with a winner about whom you know very little.” Still, the 80-year-old poet is Sweden’s most-translated author and he’s won numerous awards, like the prestigious Griffin poetry prize in 2007. American poet Robert Haas pays him a lifetime achievement tribute at that award ceremony. Here’s the video. “Choosing this year’s recipient of the award wasn’t very hard. I don’t think there is a working poet alive who reads poetry and translation who doesn’t think that Tomas Tranströmer is one of the master, perhaps the master of the art alive at this moment” Tranströmer’s work is well known in the Arabic world. Interestingly enough, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram says he beat out Syrian poet Adonis, who helped pave his path to success there. “Quite a remarkable surprise awaits poetry lovers... [with Transtromer] coming ahead of, among other nominees, the poet Adonis. The surprise is that Adonis helped to introduce Transtromer to the Arabic reader, accompanying him on his readings across the Arab World.” But not everyone’s sitting easy with the win -- a blogger from the New York Review of Books -- says that the judges could read Swedish might have influenced the judges’ decision. And it calls into question how the Prize is judged. “Eighteen (or sixteen) Swedish nationals will have a certain credibility when weighing up works of Swedish literature, but what group could ever really get its mind round the infinitely varied work of scores of different traditions. And why should we ask them to do that?” That’s not the only controversy this year’s Nobel Prize brewed up -- While waiting for the name of the winner, some media got confused by a hoax announcing Serbian novelist Sebrica Cosic was awarded the Nobel Prize. This would’ve been a disaster, writes The Economist: “Someone went to the time and effort to fake a page which was then linked to the rest of the real Nobel website. … If Mr Cosic had indeed won, the fallout would have been positively nuclear. … [Cosic is] known as the intellectual godfather of the Serbian nationalism which played such a decisive role, not just in the destruction of Yugoslavia but in the military drive to create a greater Serbia from its ashes”
10 Oct 2011
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