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The Last Story Director Hironobu Sakaguchi tells us how his marriage with legendary compsoser Nobuo Uematsu almost came to an end.
25 Feb 2012
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This is cover I did of the song that plays in Balamb City from Final Fantasy VIII. Subscribe to my channel for more Final Fantasy covers that Im going to do.
6 Nov 2010
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M-1 Selection Asia 16 April 2010 Tokyo
27 Apr 2010
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a tribute to harry potter! clips from harry potter 1-6 song by Nobuo Uematsu woo! please rate and comment!
28 Mar 2009
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Nobuo Uematsu - Liberi Fatali
19 Jul 2009
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Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency talks to Clean Skies News from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen about the agency's current climate goals. Tanaka says he is "cautiously optimistic" that a climate deal will be reached at the end of the talks.
15 Dec 2009
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Final Fantasy 7 movie, featuring a great soundtrack to remark a brilliant game, a must see.
26 Jul 2006
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this is an exercise for school, the point was to practice the raccord of eyes direction and position, this was based on a flash film
9 Nov 2007
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*******animedb****sons**** Trovate TUTTE le puntate complete + FILM 1 e 2! Registratevi trovate tutto in streaming e download!
16 Mar 2011
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Beginning of Fantasy - The Concert Kevin Aprilio playing Those who Fight from FF VII 01 - Liberi Fatali (FF VIII) 02 - MC Introduction [Melissa Karim] 03 - Melodies of Life (FF IX) [Arina Ephipania] 04 - Terra's Theme (FF VI) 05 - Eyes on Me (FF VIII) [Arina Ephipania] 06 - Behind the Door (FF IX) 07 - Tifa's Theme (FF VII Piano Solo) [Jessica Gunawan] 08 - Suteki da ne (FF X) [Sherina] 09 - Aerith's Theme (FF VII) 10 - Tatakau Monotachi (FF VII AC Piano) [Kevin Aprilio] 11 - Chocobo (Brass Section Quintet) 12 - Cloud Smiles (FF VII AC) 13 - 1000 no Kotoba (FF X-2) [Sherina] 14 - J-E-N-O-V-A (FF VII AC) [Wasabi] 15 - Divinity I (FF VII AC) 16 - Final Fantasy (FF Theme) 17 - One Winged Angel (FF VII AC) [Wasabi
6 May 2008
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Final Fantasy VIII - eyes on me (acoustic piano version) performed by me (Xianning)I used my webcam to record eyes on meacoustic yamaha piano to performthe reason is, my electric piano didn't have a high enough emotional range that I wanted to express this eyes on me solo with so I apologize in advance for the ambience. (to hear less ambience simply turn the volume down just a bit, or simply imagine this to be a 1930s vinyl piano recording
11 Apr 2010
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Distant Worlds Concert in Vancouver, BC, Canada July 27, 2011 The quality is not amazing but it was the best I could do without being obvious about video recording. At least the audio was decent.
1 Aug 2011
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To download The Last Story :*******www.thelaststoryfree.blogspot****/ Direct Link :*******lnkgt****/9Qk Mistwalker's latest is a gift to the Wii. The Last Story stars a group of mercenaries that get caught in something much bigger than their normal business for hire missions. With great localization and an innovative fighting mechanic, The Last Story did what most other games on the Wii couldn't: make a good first impression. The Last Story is an RPG brought to you by the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi! It features an amazing story, unforgettable characters, a passionate love story and tons of action. This game is open ended and takes place in a massive castle town. Unlike recent RPG's, this one has interaction with NPC's, lots of side quests and online play!
8 Jun 2012
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