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Maya 3D _ animated Logo CreationOf all the 3D software Maya is certainly one that have made it's mark one the industry. Used to create animated movies like toys stories and various others it's a useful tool for anyone int then graphics industry. My goal is to provide a few useful tutorial of how with the Maya software. First off we will design our own 3D logo with the help of vue7 a Maya plug-in. To contact kelly visit www.noglokel****. To view my exercise training videos visit www.splaxon****
6 Jul 2009
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Hell Training _ PT-2 Full body workout for the days that you feel like hell. High intensity training is extremely difficult but highly productive resulting in excellent muscle growth. Full body hight intensity training are even more difficult but just as effective. Our goal is to train the legs the Barbell squats, Dumbbell squats, and leg extension then move over to the chest with Incline dumbbell press, flat dumbbell press and decline dumbbell press. For all questions visit www.noglokel****. For more training videos visit www.splaxon****
8 Sep 2010
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Johnson FX 20 _ Integrating LON and BacNet Johnson AX Programming – FX 20 Programming PT-1 Integrating the Johnson FX 20 and 40 with the Delta BacNet Controllers using the Johnson FX work bench is our aim in this tutorial. Although various vender's provide software and hardware for HVAC controls, these tutorial will be based on the FX 20 controller provided by Johnson controls and the Software that resides in those controllers or can be purchased separately, FX workbench. The goal or this tutorial is to provide step by step engineering of different jobs, to make the user proficient enough to design, engineer and complete simple and complex HVAC control jobs by the end of these classes. This is a Tridium based software, that can integrate with BacNet, LON and N2 Drivers. To contact Kelly for more information or questions visit www.noglokel****. For information on my physical training videos visit www.splaxon****
10 Jul 2009
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Places to See in NYC_ East side Vacationing in NYC Must see places for those vacationing in NYC. Are you planning to go on Vacation to NYC sometime soon... If so these we will be discussing a few of the must see spots to visit in NYC. Today we take a look at the lovely east side with the river and the beautiful walk/run/bike path. For more video from noglokel see www.noglokel****
22 Jul 2009
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GYM DAY 'ARMS' TRAILER coming soon a full 45 minutes training clip on training arms featuring Di-money. We will be doing a full bicep and triceps workout and making full use of the break time. The video will contain at least 3 biceps exercise and 2 triceps exercise along with exercises for the back and chest. Superset and compound will be demonstrated watch it soon on for free www.noglokel****.
8 Aug 2009
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The Photo Shoot Trailer August 24-2009 I worked with Photographer Mike and Super Model Irit on their last photo shoot. Mike has been shooting for over 20 years and it seem that the 3 of use flow very well together during the shoot. Watch the full lengh clp with Kelly Irit and mike on www.noglokel**** as he follow the full photo shoot.
29 Aug 2009
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A Walk through NYC ‘Time Square’ -Trailer NYC, the City that never sleeps with plenty to see and do is a must see for those visiting NYC. Watch kelly on www.noglokel**** as he takes a walk through NYC time square.
6 Sep 2009
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The operating room is one of the most important places in a hospital facility; the reheat helps with humidity and general temperature control which can be a life or death matter. The reheat is down and it must be fixed, watch kelly on www.noglokel**** as he attempts to diagnose and correct the problems of the broken reheat valve.
5 Nov 2009
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I like to Train legs with stacking sets because it increases the intensity of the workout for me and gives better results. Watch ‘The Body building show’ on www.noglokel**** as kelly talks shows how he trains his legs with squats, dumbbell squats and leg extensions. Sets, Repetitions, Super sets, stacking sets and even how to progress as a body builder are all subjects discussed.
14 Feb 2012
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Each body part should be worked with at least 3 different exercises to get best results. Watch Kelly on www.noglokel**** as he works chest with Bench press, Decline Bench press, and Incline press.
21 Jul 2011
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Today I will be including straight bar curls in my arms routine. I am going to do super set the Olympic bar curls with lying triceps extension. I will also include dumbbell curls in this arms routing and work on the abs in between. Watch kelly as he shares his arms workout routine on www.noglokel****.
19 Sep 2009
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Our goal is to teach the basics of HVAC controls to the very advance. You will not need much in the beginning but in later classed a PC and Access to the Digital Direct Control (DDC) we will be using will be needed to complete these courses. Watch Kelly on www.noglokel**** as he teaches HVAC online.
21 Sep 2009
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Today we be training the upper back, lower back and mid back. We will be doing Dumbbell Rows,Dead lifts, and Shrugs for the back. We will also be doing crunches between sets to keep the abs in shape. Watch kelly as he shares his back workout routine on www.noglokel****.
10 Oct 2009
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Our goal is to teach the basics of HVAC controls to the very advance. You will not need much in the beginning but in later classed a PC and Access to the Digital Direct Control (DDC) we will be using will be needed to complete these courses. In this class we will discuss the players needed to complete a basic control job and waly you through a new controls job. Watch Kelly on www.noglokel**** as he teaches HVAC online.
11 Oct 2009
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This is my 3D mountain video on www.noglokel****, I wanted to creat a mountain and just pan arount with some animated skies….
24 Oct 2009
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The Beautiful 3D Mountain View This 3D mountain View was is an animated 3D Video Clip on www.noglokel****. We can see the beautiful 3D Mountain View with animated atmosphere in this video.
1 Nov 2009
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