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*******Leila-Nouvelle-Star.skyrock****/ *******Leila-Videos.skyrock****/ Leïla - Prime 6 Novelle Star - Think D'Aretha Franklin
24 May 2009
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The all-new five-issue prequel, Terminator Salvation Graphic Novel is available in the app store now! Explore the series of events since Judgement Day leading up to this summer’s blockbuster assault on the big-screen, Terminator Salvation. Get it now for your iPhone and iPod Touch.
30 May 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helena Fantasy Novel [audio book online] This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters. HELENA and the orchestra of the world of mist for Héléne Grimaud A short time later, the class was over at last. Helena, her head down, was gathering her things together when Sohane came over to her. Are you okay, Helena? Its tough, I know. Im fed up with it. I feel so stupid when it happens, especially in the middle of a class like that. Its so dumb! It doesnt matter. What counts is that we love you and that were on your side. Helena suddenly felt choked up. She wanted so much to cry and let out all the frustration and anxiety simmering inside of her. In spite of the humiliation, in spite of her being so different, her friend was still on her side. And what a friend: brilliant, beautiful, full of mystery and romanticism, talented, and someone who made everything look easy. Why would such an exceptional person be the loyal friend of someone who was crazy and who screamed for no logical reason in the middle of a class? But Helena would never cry in class. It was just what the others wanted to give them more ammunition against her. Dont tell me the show is over, ladies. I really enjoyed todays episode, although it was a little short. Would you mind adding a couple of scenes? It was Costia, Constantine Miref, a friend of Sohane and Helena, fairly slim, very intelligent and cultivated, but with little or no interest in school. I like the pajamas you wore to school today. Do slacks like that come in sizes for one person, Sohane retorted. Actually, Costia look fairly cool swimming in his baggy pants and his XXL tee-shirt, his sneakers without laces, and an MP3 complete with headset, although his intellectuals glasses gave him away. Okay, no comment. Ill wait for you outside unless youre planning on sleeping here. Great. Wait outside. Itll give us a rest, Sohane answered without even looking at him. Fantasy Novel [audio book online]
3 Jun 2009
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Author and actress Harley Jane Kozak stops by to chat with Novel-ula at the Romantic Times convention in Orlando Florida where they talk about Harley's books and life.
4 Jun 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helena Fantasy Novel [audio book online] This is the very unique fiction audio book of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters. HELENA and the orchestra of the world of mist for Héléne Grimaud On the village street leading away from the school, Sohane and Costia walked together. Helena was on the way home, and Sohane was going to join her horse, “Fire”, who was pastured in a field belonging to Costia’s father. “If you want to know if the electricity works, put your tongue on the wire, and if you turn blue, you know it works.”, Costia said amusingly; “Your jokes are a little tiring”, Sohane answered. Aren’t you ever going to grow up?” Costia took the insult in sulky silence. “Helena, how’s your grandfather holding up?, Sohane asked. “He’s okay I guess, but he hardly says a word. He’s like in a state of shock since my parents disappeared. I think he uses all his strength calling people, trying to speed up the search, waiting for them to come back, reacting to the slightest noise, and all that doesn’t leave him with much energy for anything else.” “Still no word from the police, I guess.” “No. They don’t understand it. There’s no sign, no clue that they were kidnapped, and no motive either. They’re starting to wonder if my folks just took off, and that maybe we’re making everything else up. Since I’m a minor, they didn’t have the right to abandon me, but they could have given my grandfather custody of me. I’m just saying what the police think, because I know that that’s impossible. I spoke to them the night before. I went to bed, and during the night, I heard shouting. I went downstairs, and they were gone. All their stuff was still in the house. They couldn’t have left on their own like that. It’s absolutely impossible”, Helena said in total frustration. “I know exactly how you feel. I know your folks. Everyone around here likes them. I’m sure they had some kind of a problem and they can’t get home. There’s got to be an explanation, and things are bound to work out. Anyway, just remember that your parents love you, and that they would never just leave you like that of their own free will. I know it’s hard on your grandfather and on you, and if there’s anything I can do…” “Thanks, Sohane. It’s really nice to know that you’re there?” “Hey, what about me? I’m here too, you know, although maybe you didn’t notice”, complained Costia. “Oh, poor little ignored Constantine”, said Sohane mockingly. “Thanks, Costia. I know you’re both good friends. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Fantasy Novel [audio book online]
4 Jun 2009
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www.fiction-writers-mentor**** provides you with all the information and resources you need to show you how to write a novel.
5 Jun 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helena Fantasy Novel [audio book online] This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters. HELENA and the orchestra of the world of mist for Héléne Grimaud Stéphane MEER-April 16th, 2007 English Adaptation (Allan Wenger) Chapter 1 : THE VILLAGE OF BUSSY « Leave me alone ! I can’t help you now ! », Helena shouted. Then, coming to her senses, she looked around her. Her entire tenth grade class, as if frozen in place, was staring at her in utter amazement and consternation. The first to laugh, as usual, was Marc : Uh oh, she’s gone bananas again!” Vincent laughed sarcastically. Lussier, Fréau, that’s enough now!, said Mrs. Fringer, the stern physics and chemistry teacher, determined not to allow chaos to reign in her classroom. “Helena Canta, what’s the matter with you this time? Speechless at first, she is suddenly overcome with emotion. How could she explain this strange “other world” and her seemingly real hallucinations? How could she explain the prophecy, the black fortress, the burning cross, the world of mist and the voices that kept asking her for help? “The voice of the stone will destroy his power”…”The voice of the stone will destroy his power.”…those words that she heard non-stop both day and night. Where did they come from? How could she explain what she couldn’t understand herself? “They’re right. I must be crazy”, she thought. Ever since her parents disappeared, nothing seemed to be going right. Life had been so simple, and now, everything was so hard. Anxiety had invaded her inner being, taking control of her life. “Where did my parents go?” Why did they leave me without even a word ? How can I live the normal kind of life I used to live when everything has changed?” “Miss Canta, I asked you a question. Can you hear me, or do I have to use sign language?”, the teacher said scoldingly, closing her eyes to better reflect her anger. Barely taller than five feet, Mrs. Fringer was nevertheless not one to allow herself to be interrupted without counter attacking. She had a strong and nervous nature. Frustrated by the fact that she had never had children of her own, her students were all her surrogate offspring. And she was proud of her position as a chemistry and physics teacher. Helena hated being embarrassed and having everyone stare at her, and the feeling of being humiliated and laughed at by her classmates. “I…I’m sorry. Please excuse me.” May I continue my class now, or do I have to ask you to leave the room?” “No, I’ll be okay.” “Fine. Now, who can tell me the impedance I have to put in parallel to Z2 to balance the circuit? Lussier, you’re so clever…” Fantasy Novel [audio book online]
10 Jun 2009
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It is a complete set of Sherlock Holmes Novels By Arthur Conan Doyle. About the author: Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930) was a British author most noted for his stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are generally considered a major innovation in the field of crime fiction, and for the adventures of Professor Challenger. He was a prolific writer whose other works include science fiction stories, historical novels, plays and romances, poetry, and non-fiction. The item includes the following Novels: 1. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes: In The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes we read the last twelve stories Conan Doyle was to write about Holmes and Watson. They reflect the disillusioned world of the 1920s in which they were written, and he can be seen to take advantage of new, more open conventions in fiction. Suicide as a murder weapon and homosexual incest are some of the psychological tragedies whose consequences are unraveled by the mind of Holmes before the eyes of Watson. That said, the collection also includes some of the best turns of wit in the series, and indeed in the whole of English literature. 2. His Last Bow: Dr Watson once again opens his portfolio to reveal eight strange cases solved by the keen intellect of the master detective. They range from murdering and kidnapping to theft and treachery - though on one occasion it is Holmes and Watson who commit the crime of burglary. 3. The Valley of Fear: John Douglas is a man with a past. Sherlock Holmes is the famous detective who finds puzzle-solving elementary. When Holmes and his faithful friend Watson are summoned to the country to investigate Douglas's murder, it begins to look as though the past might finally have caught up with him New, innovative activities specifically tailored to support the KS3 Framework for Teaching English and help students to fulfill the Framework objectives. Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis, and the structure of play scripts, and act as a springboard for personal writing. 4. The Return of Sherlock Holmes: After Sherlock Holmes's apparently fatal encounter with the sinister Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, the great detective reappears, to the delight of the faithful Dr Watson in The Adventure of the Empty House. This is the second of three volumes of The Complete Sherlock Holmes reproduced from original copies of The Strand Magazine. 5. The Hound of The Baskervilles: In one of Doyle's most eerie and accomplished stories, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve the case of the demonic creature roaming the moors near the Baskerville estate.In one of Doyle's most eerie and accomplished stories, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve the case of the demonic creature roaming the moors near the Baskerville estate. Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson confront one of their most difficult cases ever: is there truly a curse on the old Baskerville estate? Is there truly a ghostly beast lurking on the dark, eerie moors? A masterful concoction of plot and mood, this story is guaranteed to give you the shivers. 6. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: It is overshadowed by the event with which they close - the meeting of the great detective and Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime. Their struggle, seemingly to the death, was to leave many readers desolate at the loss of Holmes, but was also to lead to his immortality as a literary figure. Containing a fascinating variety of stories, from narratives by Holmes himself to a meeting with his brilliant brother and the climactic and seemingly fatal meeting between Holmes and the criminal mastermind Moriarity, this volume sealed Holmes' immortality as a literary figure. 7. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The adventures of this sharp, witty and moody detective and his loveable pedantic and faithful friend Dr. Watson are a perennial source of inspiration to lovers of crime fiction. Sherlock Homes is a predecessor of a long line of amateur detectives, one who has elevated criminal investigation to a fine art. ....
5 Nov 2009
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Eric Barnes is the writer of the novel Shimmer (July 2009, Unbridled Books). He is talking here about stories, drafts and the process of writing. www.ericbarnes****.
20 Jun 2009
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*******www.fiction-writers-mentor**** provides you with tips, tricks and techniques to help you write a compelling novel and become a published author
23 Jun 2009
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*******www.fiction-writers-mentor**** provides you with a complete set of information to help you write and publish a novel, and includes many novel writing tips and tricks
26 Jun 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helenaFantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.HELENAand the Orchestra of the World of MistHelena : "Sohane! Sohane! I don't believe it!"Helena went running into her friend's arms.Sohane: "Ouch, not so hard. I'm a little sore, so take it easy."Helena : "You can't imagine how glad I am to see you!"Constantine : (complainingly) "As usual, I'm cellophane around here! Don't worry, I'm used to it."Helena : "Incredible! You're here too, Constantine!"She grabbed him around the neck.Constantine : "You didn't think we were going to let you have fun all by yourself? We may not be musicians, but as far as equestrian choreography's concerned, we're pretty hard to beat."Sohane: (looking mockingly at Costia) "Although some dances were less graceful than others."Helena : (overjoyed) "I cant believe it! I can't believe you're here with me! I thought I was all alone, and suddenly, you two appear! It's amazing! I'm so happy! This is fantastic!"Sohane put her arms around Helena.Sohane: "Helena dear, don't you know how much we adore you and how wonderful we think you are. We'll always be with you."Constantine : (to Sohane)"And we'll always be there for her too!"Helena : (with tears in her eyes)"I'm so lucky to have friends like you."Constantine : "I couldn't agree with you more. We are pretty classy friends."Costia took a friendly punch on the shoulder from Sohane, whose left arm was wrapped around Helena.Helena : (more serious)"They told me that my parents had been kidnapped. It seems they're prisoners of a certain Marx Igor and a Queen Teresa. Do you anything about it?"Sohane: "Yes, they told us. Apparently, Teresa's soldiers captured the musicians so that Marx Igor could turn them into their phantom slaves. They're alive, but we don't know if they can be turned back into their human form."Constantine : "That's because we haven't been able to get any of the prisoners back. In fact, there are more of them now."Helena : "Is there anyone around you who knows about magic spells?"Sohane: "Not really. We heard about some sort of prophecy, but nobody knows anything else about it. It's just a rumor, I guess."Constantine : (mysteriously) "The rumor says that a cauldron filled with a boiling elixir, and seven drops of spit from a toad in heat, a lock of blonde hair from a virgin, at midnight during a full moon..."Sohane: (furious) "Stop that!!! Why do you always have to turn everything into a joke!? We can't talk about anything serious when you're around! You're such a drag!"Constantine : (crushed) "Okay, you're right. You were just saying, 'We don't know anything about anything..."Sohane: (pouting) "Pff!".....(to Helena) "Helena, have you been outside yet? Let's go and have a look."Helena : "Good idea."Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books] Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Jul 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helenaFantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.HELENAand the Orchestra of the World of MistA few minutes later, two separate groups were forming. The first, coming from the underground, getting ready to go back to the cathedral, and the second, consisting of Sohane, Constantine, Helena and Florianne coming from the cavern leading to the stable.Outside, it was almost as if they were in the Bussy countryside, if it weren't for the violet colored sky and the varied shades of red and bluish gray. To the east, everything seemed darkened. The yellow color of autumn leaves gave way to dark shapes hidden by clouds of mist and fog. The trees and the ferns seemed to progressively disappear only to be replaced, in the distance, by a local species of dark bramble bushes, with long, sharp thorns that created a very hostile and natural form of barbed wire.The exit to the cavern was located to the southwest, in a wooded area that one had to cross to reach the main east-west area where the fighting took place.Constantine : "Am I dreaming or did I just come out with girls only?"(flirtingly, turning to Florianne) "Hello, I'm Constantine, but you can call me, Costia."Sohane: (upset) "Do I have to remind you that we're on patrol here, and that we're supposed to keep our eyes open?!"Constantine : "That's just it. I opened my eyes, and hmmmm, I saw a dream walking...Florianne, right?"Florianne : (dryly) "Yes, I'm Florianne, but I've heard all about you, so for now, let's stick to the mission. Okay?"Constantine (showing off) "No sweat, baby. You've got me here to protect you. Stay close to me, and you'll be fine."Florianne : (bursting out laughing) "Pff..."Sohane : (sarcastically) "Cool. It's good to know we're really safe. That's for sure!"As they walked, Helena asked question after question about the kidnapping of her parents, about black fortress, the ghosts, the captured musicians, Marx Igor's spells, his recent alliance with Teresa Wagner, his breeding and training of dragons, his mercenaries, and so on.She also wanted to hear about the attack of the horsemen and the wolves, and how they had succeeded in destabilizing such a powerful army by dispersing them and by launching numerous lightning like attacks, retaining the advantage of terrain and speed. Helena wasn't interested in military strategy, but she was amazed by the courage and fidelity of the horses and the wolves. They had attacked armed soldiers and monsters ten times their size. And yet, they wreaked havoc in their lines and forced the terrible queen to retreat. Who knows how many human lives they had saved today? She hoped that one day, humans would realize the debt they owed these animals and that they would learn to respect them.They left the wooded area and turned onto the road leading to the cathedral, on the left. The word, "road", was hardly exact. The queen's army and its dragons had transformed it into a huge path of broken and trampled on tree branches. The earth had been turned into a five meter wide stretch of black mud, with deep imprints of giant hooked paws.On the left, the path widened even more towards the combat zones. There was burning vegetation all over, as well as dead soldiers lying on the ground, trampled, burned or totally crushed.Helena tried as hard as she could not to look at these combat atrocities...Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books] Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jul 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helenaFantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.HELENAand the Orchestra of the World of MistInstead turned her eyes to the forest on the opposite side of the path, to the north. Suddenly, she seemed to discern a shape in the distance, following them. It was a shadow that appeared and disappeared intermittently; movements totally familiar to her."Ama!!", she cried, as she ran towards him."Wait for us! It's too dangerous! Don't go alone!, Constantine shouted.Helena was already in the greenery. Behind the first thicket, she came to a small clearing, where she was overcome with shock!During this time, the team led by Youssef and Alicia reached the cathedral, via the underground passage.It took half an hour in a smoke filled atmosphere with almost no air to breathe to release the trap door mechanism. Their coats were covered with dust, and the smoke emanating from the burnt wood filled their lungs, their clothing, their hair and their perspiration.In the main room, they were busy wrapping the burnt corpses of Michel Rombleau and Jacques Chatelier, in order to retain the memory of them when they were alive, and the brilliant power of the former's trombone playing and the musical exclamation points of the latter's kettledrums. They were so much more than the two lifeless masses lying on the ground.The next task was to put out the fires and then, to ventilate the room by opening what was possible to open. It was the only way to stop the gasping for breath and the coughing. As the smoke began to die down, they discovered something enormous, which seemed to have always been there, and yet appeared to them for the first time! Speechless, they all stopped dead in their tracks in the face of this incredible revelation!At the same moment, in the forest, Helena was looking at something that filled her with emotion. Not only was Ama, the wolf there, but behind him, was an entire pack of wolves and wolf cubs...his family!The lively and excited young cubs wanted to come closer and play with the new arrival, but a big, totally white wolf, with his tail raised as a sign of dominance, turned his head in their direction, howling and showing his claws at the same time. The youngsters did an about face and stayed in the rear of the pack, their ears perked up as a sign of intense curiosity.Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books] Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jul 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helenaFantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.HELENAand the Orchestra of the World of MistAbout ten minutes later, the entire inscription was visible.Youssef : "'ISTIUS IMPERIUM PETRAE VOCE EVULTUM ERIT'. Anyone have a clue?"Alexander : "'Imperium' looks like 'imperial', 'Voce' means 'voice' in Italian..."Nama : "Imperial voice? 'Petrae' comes from the verb 'petrified'. So, 'petrified imperial voice'?""Constantine : (from a distance) "Imperium doesn't mean imperial. It means power!"Constantine, Sohane, Helena and Florianne had just arrived at the cathedral and were heading towards the others.Constantine : "IMPERIUM means power, PETRAE doesn't mean petrified. It means stone. VOCE is the voice, and ISTIUS means malicious or evil. It's Latin, so the verb is at the end of the sentence. EVULTUM is a past participle which must mean "destroy", if I remember right. ERIT is "go" in the future tense, so EVULTUM ERIT must mean, "going to destroy", I think."Florianne : "This time, you really impress me! You know Latin?"Sohane : "Actually, behind all that macho stuff, lies a real intellectual. He even reads books."Youssef : "So to sum up, what does it all say? 'The evil one will destroy the stone with his voice'? That's a little like the soprano who shatters glass with her high notes."Constantine : (serious)"Let me think. ISTIUS goes with IMPERIUM, so that makes, 'the evil thunder'. PETRAE VOCE is the subject of the verb, EVULTUM ERIT. So now I've got, 'The voice of the stone will destroy his evil power.'...or something like that."Sohane : (pensive)" 'The voice of the stone will destroy his power' that sounds right."Youssef : "If we tell the others about this message, they might be able to give us a clue."Florianne : (skeptical)"But an inscription in Latin must go back to ancient history. I can't see what good it could it do us today?"Alicia : "Unless it's the prophecy!"Florianne : "Prophecy? What prophecy?"Youssef : "There's a rumor that a prophecy exists that can bring balance back to the world. It's possible that these words were hidden so as to prevent us from using them against our enemies."Alexander : "But if it's going to help us, we have to understand what it's trying to say. 'The voice of the stone will destroy his power' is a little abstract, wouldn't you say?"Eric : "Hey, maybe it's Mick Jagger! The voice of the "Rolling Stone!"Alexander : (sarcastically)"Very if a medieval prophecy could talk to a twentieth century English rock group! If you have any other bright ideas, don't hesitate to waste even more of our time!"Eric : "Wow, you can't even joke around with you guys anymore!"Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books] Distributed by Tubemogul.
3 Jul 2009
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Novell today announced a comprehensive program and group of technologies that for the first time enable Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to rapidly build, update, configure and go to market with fully supported software and virtual appliances. The SUSE® Appliance Program is the only offering that enables ISVs to customize a fully supported, mission-critical operating system and then build and test a complete software stack, making Novell the only vendor to provide a complete, end-to-end appliance solution for ISVs. Built on top of the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, the SUSE Appliance Program will transform the way ISVs package and distribute their software offerings, enabling them to quickly deliver existing applications to physical, virtual and cloud computing environments, reduce sales cycles and pursue new market opportunities. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/novell/37877/
29 Jul 2009
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