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Santa Claus and Little Sister", an inspirational and captivating novel, take you to a fantastic and exciting journey that you would never forget it. An educational novel about teenager and society problems
28 Sep 2011
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Helen A. Rosburg, award-winning author and talented writer of historical romance novels, vampire novels, poems and so on. Come to our site and check out my beautifully illustrated and interactive ebooks
5 Oct 2011
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"Santa Claus and Little Sister", the most popular novel by Dr. Brian G Snow, a inspirational and captivating novel that is about mental abuse, teenage suicide, girls gang, love, hope, faith and trust. A book that may change your life. It is definitely on your Christmas present list.
12 Nov 2011
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******* Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson Talks Infinity Blade Novel
27 Nov 2011
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A Novel Cuisine
2 Dec 2011
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The author of "Time Trip on a Moebius Strip" discusses his Sci-Fi Mystery novel
30 Dec 2011
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This psychological-survival horror novel centers on the adventures and misadventures of John, who, haunted by the guilt of abandoning his younger brother Michael, embarks on a getaway in the Canadian outdoors in an attempt to reconcile with him. En route, John encounters the Chroma, in the form of a tree with a bloodshadow, which latches onto John’s guilt like a parasite. The Chroma cannot be seen while its bloodshadow is visible; likewise, the bloodshadow cannot be seen while the Chroma is visible. Characterized by such contradictions, the Chroma generates reactive panic...
31 Dec 2011
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******* Passionate as well as extreme, completely fascinating, this novel, based on a true story, will drag you in the alternative LifeStyle universe and let you discover an underworld made of Domination and submission. It will insinuate your mind and catch your breath until the end, pushing the boundaries of your imagination and desires. When Nicole -- your typical next door single mother -- logged into her account that day, she didn't expect things to take that turn. She is approached by the Dark One, someone that everyone in the chat room seems to fear yet don't seem to know much about him. He will gradually take hold of her will, bringing her through intricate paths filled with pain and pleasures, love and anger, slowly building an intense craving in her mind and body. But something that even He couldn't expect happened... Published by My Pouty Lips (*******www.mypoutylips****)
10 Aug 2012
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Japanese singer and song-writer Itsuka, from the band Unnatural, discusses and reviews the free iphone app emobo. This app is designed to allow anyone anywhere to read and write cell phone novels. Thousands of cell phone novels are available instantly and Itsuka talks about how when you write cell phone novels, your story is sent to thousands instantly as well. Honest review of a product by Itsuka for this free iphone app.
12 Nov 2012
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During Mexico’s War of Reform in 1860, Conservative Gen. Miguel Miramón and his army was responsible for some heinous crimes, many of them against innocent citizens. After the war, he escaped from Mexico aboard a French naval vessel as the war ended. Now, Miramón is about to return with his French backers. Many Mexican residents seek revenge against Miramón for what he did to their families. Thirty-two-year-old Alonso Torres is one of them. His father, Major Eugenio Torres, was killed in a massacre, and Alonso vows to avenge his father’s death. Alonso has joined the mission of General Zaragoza as an undercover operative and works with Fernando Vargas and his sons to either capture or kill Miramón. Paloma Vargas is unaware that her family’s stagecoach business is the cover for a Mexican spy network. The only girl in the family, she becomes suspicious when her four brothers mount up and leave town with Torres. Paloma follows them and finds herself suddenly committed as a guerilla fighter. She becomes a force to be reckoned with, and the colonel who heads the French contre-guérilla forces is outraged when he learns the person causing him major problems is a woman. He orders his men to find out who she is and to capture or kill her at any cost. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.trafford****/Products/SKU-000584226/Cinco-de-Mayo-the-Novel.aspx
7 Dec 2012
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Who is D. A. Metrov, author of steampunk-fantasy novels? Watch this short introductory video. Learn more at: *******lightmasters****
1 Feb 2013
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Who is D. A. Metrov, author of steampunk-fantasy novels? Watch this short introductory video. Learn more at: *******lightmasters****
2 Feb 2013
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This is the first book trailer for my new novel, 'Yellow Fever (Or Why American Men Have Better Sex in Canada)', available in Kindle eBook or paperback. Find out more at gannonvries dot com
27 Jun 2013
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Wendy Williams dishes the hottest gossip on her talk show. But she's been heating things up off-camera too! The TV host can now add "romance novelist" to her resume! Wendy broke the news on Thursday, tweeting, "Wendy's sexy new romance novel, Hold Me in Contempt hits stores April 1st!" So is Hold Me in Contempt set to be the new Fifty Shades of Grey? According to Harper Collins, the new romance writer is bringing on the heat in her first ever, no-holds barred, down and dirty romance novel.
4 Jan 2014
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If you are an avid Tamil book reader, then you have reached the right place!!! We have published 800+ Tamil books written by 80+ famous Tamil authors. We are adding 100 new Tamil books every month. Read your favourite novels across genres like Family, Detective, Super-natural thrillers, Social, Children and many more. Our collection of Tamil books includes few rarest collection of books written in 1950s.
3 Mar 2017
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This is a horror fiction novel written by Azhar Sabri, published by Blue Rose Publishers in February 2017, a story of three school boys who are coming back from a friend’s birthday party at night. They saw a girl who is waiting for help due to over fueling of her car. They were a little drunk and raped her in the chronic mansion. Later they came to know that she was their classmate. They thought that she will complain against them; so, they killed her and what happened afterward…
6 Mar 2017
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