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Important Nutritional Facts and Key Tips to Help Us Eat Smarter National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the American Dietetic Association. The campaign is designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and develop sound eating and physical activity habits. As many people know, March is National Nutrition Month. However, we do not have to panic about making dramatic changes in our eating habits. There are four ways that we can incorporate small changes in our diet that can have big health payoffs, says Julie Upton, registered dietitian and health communications expert specializing in nutrition, fitness and wellness. Upton says, Start everyday with a wholesome breakfast. I like whole grain cereals, like oatmeal or a whole grain flaked cereal with skim milk and a piece of fruit or 100 percent juice. A meal like this will help keep you satisfied for 2 to 4 hours, so you will be less likely to overeat later. For your hearts sake, get more whole and enriched grains and omega3 fatty acids. You have probably heard the recommendations for omega3 fatty acids from fish. The AHA recommends at least 2 servings per week. Gortons makes it easy to include seafood in a healthy diet with its Shrimp Temptations and Grilled Fillets. Their Shrimp Temptations are premium shrimp simmered in 2 creamy sauces, Scampi and Lemon Butter. They are also great as a stand alone meal or the perfect addition to pasta, rice, or vegetables. Each serving has less than 150 calories, and zero grams of trans fat. Their Grilled Fillets and Salmon are flame grilled in eight delicious flavors. At just 100 calories and zero grams of trans fat, they are great with any salad or side dish. Additionally, as a complex carbohydrate, rice is the foundation for healthier eating, and it partners well with other healthy foods like lean proteins, vegetables and beans. In fact, research conducted at Iowa State University shows that people who eat rice have healthier diets. Enriched rice is low in calories, fat-free and has plenty of iron and folic acid, which is important for women and children and helps protect the heart. Brown rice is a whole grain with extra fiber and trace minerals like copper and selenium. Also, many of us eat more meals away from home than we do at home. So, we need to know how to navigate menus to choose healthier options. To help, T.G.I. Fridays resturaunts is taking the leadership role in portion control with their Right Portion, Right Price menu. Guests have a variety of low fat and low carb choices, either in a normal size entree or a smaller portion entree at a lower price. For example, their Dragonfire chicken has fewer than 500 calories and less than 10 grams of fat per serving; it is one of a variety of Better For You items on their menu. Also, recently they have announced plans for their restaurants to go trans fat free. Upton says, By incorporating these four small changes in your diet, you and your family will reap big health payoffs.
6 Mar 2007
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The economy never loses money on main activities. You can save money and be healthier learning more about nutrition and food characteristics.
29 Mar 2007
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Bayer HealthCare Announces the Bayer Nutritional ScienceTM Line The youngest Baby Boomers are turning 43 this year, and the oldest, 61. So, it’s no surprise that their primary focus is on staying healthy. In fact, a recent survey found that a distinct set of this “forever young” generation expects more when it comes to their well-being. They’ve been dubbed “Generation V” because they define themselves by their ability to remain vital and active in order to continue to pursue all the things they enjoy. Gen V’ers are taking proactive measures to maintain their health and vitality -- and that includes taking nutritional supplements to address particular health concerns. A new line of nutritional supplements, especially designed for these vital Boomers supports all areas of particular concern, including heart, mind, joint and eye health, as well as a daily multivitamin to support body and cell health. This footage is free for unrestricted use. Broadcasters: please courtesy Bayer.
10 Apr 2007
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Mach3Multisport and Hammer Nutrition bring you Endurance Nutrition, the indispensable guide to fueling your body for peak athletic performance.
11 Jul 2007
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5 Oct 2007
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Nutrition Realm is the quintessential guide for all things health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. We connect our readers to a diverse selection of products, services, and ideas that will help them live a healthy lifestyle that won’t break the bank. Our goal is simple: provide everyday solutions to everyday issues that all people face regarding their health and wellness.
Top 10 Healthy Cooking Tips Nutrition by Natalie Here are 10 simple tips that you can use in the kitchen to make more healthy foods; lose the calories and fat, not the taste. By replacing unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives in a recipe, you can cook healthy food, reduce fat, increase nutrients, lower calories and improve your diet.
20 Oct 2007
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Nutrition Health Secret - Water Water is the super nutrient which allow all of the processes of nutrition to work. Without enough water your health instantly decreases. Water affects hunger, abortion of nutrients, digestions, elimination and the function of enzymes. Water can help you lose weight by curbing your appetite and hunger.
24 Oct 2007
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Nutrition by Natalie Whole Foods, Health and Weight Loss How whole foods can help your health and help you lose weight. Processed foods like fast food can make you fat and cause health problems. A whole foods diet will ensure you get the nutrition you need.
30 Oct 2007
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What's a whole food vs. a processed food? Nutrition by Natalie explains. Whole foods can help your health and help you lose weight. Processed foods like fast food can make you fat and cause health problems. A whole foods diet will ensure you get the nutrition you need.
30 Oct 2007
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Diabetes and Sugar Clinical Nutrition w/ Dr. Bellonzi Information about diabetes; prevention, management, treatment, cures, diet and care. Diabetes can be managed naturally without medications or drugs.
31 Oct 2007
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Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Nutrition by Natalie 11 simple changes you can make to your diet and life style to loss weight and improve your Health. Some simply nutrition changes can make a big difference.
7 Nov 2007
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Do Artificial Sweeteners Make People Fat? – Clinical Nutrition Aspartame, Sucralose, NutraSweet, Splenda are put in diet soda and other products. Studies have show that these chemical substances are not necessarily safe and can actually keep people hungry. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi B.S.,D.C.,C.C.N., C.S.C.S., A.C.S.M. H/FI Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He has been in practice for over 12 years. He received his Doctorate from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1991. Since 1998, Dr. Bellonzi has practiced in the Austin area. He works with athletes at every level to provide sports conditioning and rehabilitation. Visit Dr. Bellonzi's website at *******www.bewellrx**** *******www.austinwellnessinstitute**** This video was produced by Psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth ***********/psychetruth © Copyright 2007 Austin Wellness Institute. All Rights Reserved.
20 Dec 2007
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